Anointed In Hawaii

In 1995 I ministered under the greatest Anointing of my life thus far. I was ministering to people in Hawaii under the power of the Holy Ghost. People were falling under the Holy Spirit's power. I then went and touched another prophet, I later learned his name was Mike, and I was thrown across the room, a large room! I landed on my back, no one caught me! Those there said that I laid there and prophesied and ministered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit for two and a half hours! That is not counting the hour or more of ministering afterwards. The anointing literally was BURNT into my flesh!

Let me explain. Although I don't claim to understand, I am going by the little I know, and what others told me that day.

The Holy Spirit said to the men, Mike and John, the two prophets covering me, that this anointing would have killed this vessel if he had not poured his strength into me. They were laying hands on my cheek, and forehead, one at my right side, and the other at the top of my head! They started praying a DOUBLE portion anointing on me of Elijah, but when they did, the Holy Spirit said,

"NO, she has that already, pray a TRIPLE portion anointing of ELIJAH!"

So they did! This was what was burnt into my flesh with the White Hot Anointing of the Holy Ghost! Without it would my flesh have lived? Well, YAHUSHUA is God so it's hard to believe I could have died, and yet why did He warn the prophets to pray for my life? Anyone have any explanation? I would like to understand better.

I cannot remember what took place those hours, for it had nothing to do with my flesh, only the Holy Spirit within me! My health was not that strong when I came to Hawaii, that's why I went there, to get well. But now this anointing was taking over the flesh, and NEVER did again. After I recovered from this, was I exhausted! Not until I returned from Hawaii! Going 24 hours. Oh, to have that energy again!

Back to where I was. People, I am told, were standing over my body and the anointing was causing them to be filled with the Holy Spirit and they were falling under the Power of the Holy Spirit! Miracles were happening! People received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and anointing to go forth as Mighty Warriors for YAHUSHUA!

Oh, what a awesome day that was! I had a vision as YAHUSHUA held my hands up in the air and there was a ROD in my hands, and that when the ROD was used I saw Satan topple from his old throne in Hell! Like an earthquake had shaken Hell! YAHUSHUA laughed at the devil and he quickly picked himself up and sat down on his ugly old throne again. But for a brief moment the devil was knocked off! [Read about the Locker 827 dream in which this ROD is spoken of here.

One woman told the people that she had seen four angels standing guard all around me! One on each side of me!

When I arose from the floor, people were saying, "Look at her face!" I thought surely it must be my makeup, maybe it was smeared or something worse, but instead they all were coming and touching my face! They were Praising YAHUSHUA for what they were seeing, and the way He was speaking and delivering!

The heat on my face was unlike anything I have felt and the people were amazed, for the anointing had left a glow on me unlike anything they had seen. I just kept ministering to the people under the Power of the Holy Ghost. One by one they were ministered to until I was too weak to stand. The anointing drains you! Your flesh just can't take that kind of Fire of the Holy Ghost for long!

The last one was a man named Frank. I didn't know him. I knew no one there except the one that brought me to this celebration. For you see, these people had fasted and prayed for me to come to Hawaii although I didn't know it. This was the first time I was in Maui, Hawaii.

That's what the Holy Spirit had me do when I walked in, to Bless all those that Blessed me in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH'S name (he used the name he knew, Jesus Christ)! That's how all this started. I still marvel at the goodness of YAHUSHUA.

Then this man named Frank approached me and said he was a Buddhist and a leader in the Buddhist Church that lead people to Buddha. He said he wanted to meet 'Jeusus' [YAHUSHUA], for HIS wife had brought him there to meet me. I am nobody and still can't understand any of this. Anyway, he said he saw all that had happened here and said he wanted to accept 'Jesus' [YAHUSHUA] as LORD and Savior! The people were shouting with Joy! For he said he knew, "Buddha couldn't do what Jesus [YAHUSHUA] did that day!" HE said these exact words!

Then I had the greatest privilege of my life leading this Man to YAHUSHUA in prayer! Is there any greater joy than leading a soul to YAHUSHUA? Showing him the way of Salvation, and Frank rebuked satan, and Buddha! What a day of rejoicing that was! When I prayed and barely touched him, the Power of the Holy Ghost came upon him, knocking him to the floor. YES, there is a genuine moving of the Holy Sprit that does this! Just because there is a counterfeit that the devil used to mock the Holy Spirit, don't think there isn't a real touch of YAHUSHUA! You cannot stand in the presence of Almighty God! And when he touches you, the flesh must fall! Again don't just assume when you see this it's all Godly.

In MANY churches, especially those with the laughing revival, it is DANGEROUS! Let NO man lay hands on you suddenly the word of YAHUVEH states!

Back to where I was speaking :). Brother, Sister, Hear me, this man was just a plain kind of homely man, but as I prayed the anointing that changed my face, changed HIS and he fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and prophecy came forth, saying that he would be leading MANY others to YAHUSHUA OUT of the Buddhist temples! And when he got up off the floor, the people and I were amazed because HIS FACE had changed to a RADIANCE and he was no longer homely, but HANDSOME! Oh, dear YAHUSHUA, be with Frank and his wife as I write this! Anoint HIM once again for your Glory! Protect your Child!

I know this sounds incredible. And MUCH more happened, even the ROD that was placed in my hands in the Spiritual realm. I don't feel free to go into this too much right now, but for years the LORD has taught me much about a ROD he has given me in the spiritual realm. I have even been to school in my dreams, levels 1-12, learning to USE it. This Rod was given to me in the Spiritual realm in 1987! And August 27, 1998 is the anniversary of that day! I knew I had to be careful who I spoke this to, for there was danger in telling the wrong person. That is what I used to think, but NOW I have it confirmed in the multitude of prophets and I no longer fear the wolves who have been devouring YAHUSHUA's Sheep and Lambs, His precious Bride, His precious Children and Warriors!

Watch out wolves, the ROD, which I admit is a spiritual weapon, is going to beat you off YAHUSHUA's Sheep! Your masks will be ripped off, for you appear to be a sheep and yet are ravenous WOLVES out to devour, maim, KILL, and lead astray YAHUSHUA's flock! I have the anointing to expose you! And Vengeance is mine sayeth YAHUVEH in his Word that cannot lie! HE will repay you for you have tried to steal HIS flock! And when you couldn't, evil wolves in sheep's clothing, some disguised as pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers, and evangelists! BEWARE the ROD from Heaven will STOP YOU! We all have Spiritual weapons, pray and see what you have been given. For our weapons are NOT carnal but Spiritual! He has also given me a Mighty double-edged Sword!

I went to the bathroom, barely able to stand, and looked in the mirror to see what the people had seen, Brothers and Sisters let the Holy Spirit bare witness to what I am saying, I did NOT recognize my reflection! My face was so GLOWING and my eyes so BRIGHT and a different color of my white skin than I can't describe! I never would say this for I don't call myself beautiful. Hear me, I am NOT beautiful! I never claimed to be. Beauty is NOT that which is outside but is inside! The Holy Spirit had done something so strong that it shined in my face. Was this the Shikinah Glory like Moses experienced? I don't know, but I will say it's NOT for MY glory but for YAHUSHUA's!

For it was NOT my reflection looking back in the mirror but SOMEHOW the HOLY SPIRIT had TRANSFORMED my face! Anyone I touched the rest of the day, and even when I went to Church that night, fell UNDER THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST! Just hugging one woman in Church in front of the podium before Church started, I felt led to say "Be ye filled with the NEW WINE!" and this stranger collapsed under the Anointing, and stayed there at least 20 minutes AFTER Church started! The Pastor was filled with jealousy for he knew the people saw what had happened. He was NOT pleased for she lay there while he Preached!

One person said, "Sherrie. Pastor is NOT happy. You shouldn't have done that!" I said, "But I didn't do anything! Tell it to GOD! This is NOT my power but the HOLY SPIRIT'S Power!"

Leaders of the Church were taking me from one person to another to minister to the people! The Pastor ignored me. Trying to think of his name, but can't remember right now. Again I think this is the closest thing to Happiness I have ever known. To be used in such a be a blessing to YAHUSHUA and HIS people! NOT worldly happiness or joy that is so fleeting and fragile, but the JOY of the LORD, of knowing we have been used in such a way NO ONE can deny. YAHUSHUA RULES AND REIGNS, HEALS AND DELIVERS and pours out HIS anointing in ways NOT commonly seen.

If anyone else has experienced this, PLEASE e-mail me! We will post it as the Holy Sprit confirms it in our spirits.

The next day, as a minister and his wife came to my hotel, we were to leave and minister more. I was putting my makeup on and well, here is the strangest thing of all. My FLESH was as if it was peeling off from being BURNT yet there was NO PAIN! I have witnesses to this if ever you want to put this in writing, I couldn't cover with makeup where this was happening! The Anointing had BURNT my SKIN!

NOT as a sun burn, NO different! NO PAIN! And this lasted for three days! I was so grateful for makeup again after that. :) The anointing had burned my Flesh where the two prophets had been touching my face as they prayed! Strange as it sounds and YAHUSHUA will confirm this as you read it.

Well, now you either think I am insane, or the Holy Spirit has witnessed to you that He really had put a STRONG anointing on me that day. Never has it happened again. But this is just a small sample of the miracles yet to come as is stated in Joel 2 In the end times I will pour out my spirit! READ it!

It is NOT because of who we are! Only that we are willingly vessels to be used by YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH and the RUACH HA KODESH to their Praise, Honor and Glory, proving OUR Almighty God is still the same yesterday, today and forever!

I know it is prophesied that one day even my shadow, and others ministering by the Holy Spirit for the Praise, Honor, and Glory of YAHUSHUA Messiah will be anointed, like YAHUVEH did with Paul and the people were healed! I am NOT suffering delusions of grandeur. This truly did happen and MORE as YAHUSHUA is my Witness and please, Holy Spirit confirm in HIS Spirit what I have spoken is the TRUTH to the GLORY of YAHUSHUA!

I look forward to ministering again in Hawaii for there are many faithful, anointed Soldiers for YAHUSHUA! If any of you are reading this, I have never known such a blessing nor anointing as that short time in Hawaii. When I return as the YAHUSHUA ordained, He said I will be going back with a greater anointing and testimony! Again, NOT because of who I am but because of who YAHUSHUA is! Next time as YAHUSHUA has instructed there will be a mighty tent revival to the islands! Aloha Beloved in Hawaii!

Well, I never dreamed I would tell anyone this, but whenever I say I won't that is when the Holy Spirit says, "Speak it NOW!"

One day I believe, as the finances are there, I will return to Hawaii. I left MANY warriors that were raised up that day for YAHUSHUA. My friends, in many ways I feel I left my Heart in Maui!

IF anyone knows Helen, I only know first names, or Meleona, please email me. Oh how I dearly love my Brothers and Sisters! Please agree that I will be returning shortly to minister there once again. I know I had to leave, what I thought would be my home on earth, for if I did NOT I would not have been used to do what I am doing now on this computer, and meeting all of you.

All of this I have spoken as I remembered it. Much more took place, many miracles but that is for another time as the Holy Spirit permits.

August 27, 1998 is the third year anniversary of that blessed day! I welcome your comments or explanations to what I don't understand myself. IF you have a prophecy for me or message please e-mail me at

Much love in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH,
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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