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Email Objecting To Posting Of Horrific Abortion Picture

Posted 8.20.2005

L.H. in Canada emailed:

I am very saddened that you chose that horrifing picture of a mutilated child, to be seen first as the screen uploaded. I will not be coming back to this site. I am am anti abortion, I do believe that women who do get abortions are murderers. But for you to disgrace and humiliate this child again, by posting this picture, you are doing more harm than good. You should be ashamed of yourselves, its bad enough that the child was murdered, but now the child's memory will be remmembered with disgust. A child should NEVER be remembered in that way.

You could have posted this picture withen a link, and a warning for those of us who view abortion as murder, as you do, and dont need the visual to get the point. I am very disapointed with that poor decision. Should you feel the need to explain your actions, feel free to email me. As I will no longer come to this site, knowing that will be the first image I see.

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