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from Elisabeth...

Please care! If I could get on my knees before each one on this BCC list, I would BEG you to PLEASE care ! Please don't delete this email and forget that I was sent to you today and GOD is having you read this now, to ask you to PLEASE care! This can be stopped if everyone does something! No matter what religion a person is , shouldn't we all care!

I beg you with tears streaming down my face, with a prayer on my lips, YAHUVEH , YAHUSHUA, RUACH HA KODESH, what can WE do to stop this? Who will help US carry this burden to warn others ? We all will be held accountable for ALL our taxes go to keep this happening and I don't care what country you live in ! What will we use for an excuse when we face Father GOD YAHUVEH the GOD of Creation and his son the GOD of Salvation YAHUSHUA! Do you dare take a one minute maybe two minutes and click on the below link to see what brought Sherrie Elijah to tears this early morning? Do you dare also weep with me? and warn others? Anyone can put up a site! Anyone can pray, email others and warn! Anyone can encourage, support others who care enough to warn! The blood is on ALL our hands if we don't do enough! That's all I am going to say, except America is in serious trouble! for they were a nation set apart to be Holy! and America, should be an example of Holiness just like Israel ! and Shame on you Israel! Israel you also do this crime and we call YOU the HOLY LAND! Where is the Holiness in allowing this ? Do YOU wonder why Ha Shem Adonai is ANGRY ? PRINT THAT! SHAME ON YOU ISRAEL! AMERICA! AND ALL NATIONS! WHY HAVE YOU ALLOWED THIS? WHAT IF THIS baby Was YOU? You think you know what aborted babies look like? I call you a coward if you don't take the one minute to look at the below link ! and GOD will judge you if you don't take the time and PRAY and WAR against satan, and WARN others! and look at these pictures! Don't you owe the aborted babies that much???

Ok now I risk losing more financial support and more hate mongers will attack! but it is worth it !for at least this ministry is NOT going to be muzzled nor bribed to keep silent! God has given prophecies concerning this Please site manager if you know where they are at link to this page! NO one can say that they were NOT warned ! A message to the women who have done this there is forgiveness through YAHUSHUA! (Jesus) but turn away from that sin of murder! and repent! and warn others NOT to do this! GOD showed me the sound of crying babies will be heard eternally in Hell millions upon millions ! NO the babes are not there but the sound of the silent screams inside of the womb will be there! only this time GOD will let the woman who does this and does NOT repent and ask forgiveness and warn others NOT to have abortions! They will suffer the cries of the sounds of those babies! One baby gets on your nerves crying imagine MILLIONS of them screaming as they were ripped apart! tortured in ways that NO living human is seldom tortured! Even mass murderers in America the death penalty must look clean and painless! HOW much longer will YAHUVEH allow this world to continue on? Why would he spare America when she could stopped this ! President Bush at least is making an attempt where American money will NOT support doing this in other countries for this the United nations seats were lost, but at least Pres. Bush is commended for doing that much! But MORE must be done if America is to be spared the wrath of GOD like other nations have experienced!

You really think there is NO hell after you see this and say GOD is a GOD of love he wouldn't send anyone to Hell? Oh yeah? well you had better read the Bible again!

Please email me back and tell me ONE thing you did after reading this email! How many really do care? The prayers of the righteous availeth MUCH but how many are really righteous or care? Ezk. 3 17-21 flinging the blood off my hands of this horror for I have delivered this message, what you do with it is up to each of you! How few even those I turn to intercede even CARE! about those I ask for them to intercede for! What will you say if GOD makes you face those faceless babies one day? What will you say when they ask you WHY ? you didn't respond to my plea of help, to their pleas of help! as I am typing this how many murders are being done right now in this world and called LEGAL! GOD bless Scotland for they care enough to forbid Abortion unless it means the mothers would die. So what does the enemy do? send a ship called a KILLING SHIP on the ocean and the women can KILL their babies on the OCEAN since it is NOT on the land! You don't want to know what I pray happens to that ship! and those mothers are NOT ignorant they KNOW what they are doing to board that ship ! GOD is NOT mocked! I would rather live in Scotland right now, for at least they KNOW the sanctity of LIFE even in the wombs! You want to know why Mothers are murdering their children after they are born? Like the mother in Texas in the news last night? The LORD says in his eyes the murders are the same! The women can't discern right from wrong anymore for those that have this spirit of murder upon them!

* * * * * * *
from Jeff...

Greetings again in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I have visited your page. I am sure Erin my wife told you of her findings on the "pill". Since our marriage as we sought God, I was sure God did not want us to take the "pill". I was not sure why, but I believed there was some danger in it. The whole idea of trying to stop the blessing of God and going against the command to be fruitful and multiply bothered me. It seemed to me that it was Satan that wanted us to prevent our children from being born. 

Then after much debate with a certain woman on the subject, I did some research on the web. The findings I found out were very interesting. 

I found out that doctors who prescribe the pill cannot by law say that the pill is not an abortifant or they can be sued and they will loose the suit. You will never hear a doctor when pushed on it say that any so called birth control pill cannot in some instances cause an abortion. I have also found out that the pill, even the safer ones can cause a thinning of the lining of the uterus. So an egg can be fertilized, the baby can start to form, and then it starves to death in the uterus and is aborted. 

My question is this. How many unborn children have died in this way? How many millions upon millions upon millions in the world have been aborted and we did not know about it? Another thing. God is right now trying to get the attention of the world in this area. You heard of the killing of the five innocent children by their mother in the bathtub in Texas? How there is an outcry and outrage and horror in peoples' minds that a mother could do this to her children? 

This is what the Lord says. 

For as much as you have seen it to be ok to kill your children day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, why does this disturb you? Why does this bother you now after all of your murders and killings and preaching in the street the mothers' right to choose. Why does this bother you now you killers and murderers. 

I hear your killing daily in my temple and you never were bothered one bit. And now you look down upon this woman and say she did wrong. And right you are. A woman has a right to choose for herself her own damnation or her own salvation. She can take her own life and suffer the consequences. But never since the foundation of world did I ever give a woman the right to choose to kill or not to kill her own children. And you shall see what shall happen to this woman. Will she automatically be killed herself because of her sin? Nay. The children of your people will defend her and try to get her free on insanity or some other plea. 

But what think you? Do you think she should be sentenced to death? Shall I not sentence to death those who think they can kill their own unborn children and get away with it? Shall I not avenge the unborn blood of the innocent children? Do you think the Lord does not hear or care? 

I say the Lord cares very much! And now you care for these five children that have been killed by their mother. And look at the apathy of the father. How he defends his wife! I tell you that these are a sign unto you. Stop murdering my unborn children and I will cause this blight to be removed from you, or else judgment is sure. What do you think the Lord your God should do? You know. For you are thinking judgment upon this woman that committed this act. So shall I judge you corrupt nation, foolish people. So shall I judge you. Behold my judgment is already upon your schools. And now it shall be upon you households and it is in your cities, until you say the Lord is righteous and we will sin against the innocent no more.

* * * * * * *
from Ashley...

I am only 13 but I know the difference between right and wrong. And abortion is DEFINATELY wrong. The excuse, "Its my body I can do with it what I want", is stupid. If that were the case, suicidal people shouldn't be helped because its their bodies, prostitution should be legal as well as drugs because it their bodies and they can do with it what they want. Right?

Then there's the excuse "its not alive." Ok it has a heartbeat, hands, feet, toes, eyes, so just because you cant touch them and they havent been born yet they're not alive?!?!

As for "Its my decision", yeah it is but it was also your decision to have unprotected sex and obviously that was a wrong decision too.

Rape is very sad! but i dont think abortion is a good decision there either. Its not the babies fault and you can give it up for adoption.

Medical emergency i imagine are very difficult BUT the woman has had her chance at life . the child hasnt.

Abortion doesnt make you "un"pregnant. It makes you the parent of a dead child.

Thanks for your time,

* * * * * * *
from Jenny...

Don't get me started on the abortion issue! It makes me sick. 

How is that people can't understand that life begins at conception? Every child is a gift from God. Some woman wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper about the poor lady in TX who was suffering from post partum depression and how she should have just aborted her kids. Yeah, that is the answer lady. She wished that she could have aborted her own daughters apparently. 

I am so grateful she wasn't my mom. I was very much wanted and loved. My husband and I would love to have a child, but we have many hurdles to get over. People take life so lightly. If it is an inconvenience then just get rid of it. This issue makes me so angry that I don't think I could even talk to the baby killers nicely. I also have a real problem with creating embryos and freezing them- may be we will use them, may be will flush them. That is not the way it is supposed to be! I just peaked at the next page. 

Yeah the pill, IUD are all rotten forms of birth control. They keep the fertilized egg from implanting.

There it is, my opinion.

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