Adam & Kathrynyah exchanging vows


We rejoice and proclaim to all the world this news update.

Wedding Bells
YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH has joined two Ministers of the Aleph and Tav AlmightyWind Ministries hearts together as one in perfect unity, to love, honor, cherish, one another as YAHUSHUA loves HIS Bride. Going to the chapel, and were gonna get la
You may kiss the bride YAHUSHUA used this Ministry to bring you together 3 years ago when you both joined us for Passover in Anchorage Alaska. This is when your eyes first met, and yet you did not know your destiny would be together as husband and wife.
...And they lived happily ever after...   For all the good times to come

This is no ordinary Day YAHUVEH chose, he honors this Ministry because it is also the 21st birthday since this Ministry began.