December 4th, 2001

After waiting in the Manila International Airport for 5 days, every attempt to depart for Los Angeles has been blocked by bizzare circumstances, including my e-ticket reservations literally disappearing from the airlines computer system. I have rescheduled my return for the next available flight, which is on January 18, 2002.

On 12/3/01, I was awakened in the airport by 3 angels, who appeared just prior to my airline reservations disappearing. In a half sleep state, I opened my eyes and saw the figures of 3 large beings, the same angels who appeared to me on 10/16/01, the date a 7.4 earthquake shook Joshua Tree, California.

The significance that these same 3 angels would appear again, during the first week of December, indicates that the West Coast of America is more than likely about to be shaken by a major seismic event. The intensity of the wake up calls America is receiving is about to increase dramatically.

Two years ago, our ministry had announced several months in advance that I would be arriving in Los Angeles (from Manila) on the evening of 10/15/99, to intercede for mercy upon the West Coast of America, and that a major seismic event was about to take place. Shortly after I arrived that evening, I fell asleep, and was awakened by 3 angels at exactly 3:00am on 10/16/01. Beging very tired, I closed my eyes and began to drift off again into sleep, but was awakened seconds later by a 7.4 earthquake, which felt like waves of the sea going through our apartment. Several thousand years ago, the Lord sent 3 angels to a little coastal resort area, called Sodom and Gomorah. It was the angel's job to bring out God's people, and their families, before fire and brimstone fell from heaven and destroyed the cities. For those of you who live near modern day Sodom and Gomorah, PEACE to you, for God has not forgotten you! These same 3 angels that visited me in the Philippines, will soon visit you! Not only will you make it out of Sodom and Gomorah, but your families also! (Acts 16:31)

Can judgment be delayed? YES. Never limit the endless love and grace of God, which stretches beyond all time and space into eternity, and can turn an entire world upside down, just that ONE soul might be saved. YES. Judgment can be delayed. YES. Cities and nations can be saved. YES. War can be held back, and the clock of judgment once again stopped.


The key to God's time clock is Israel.

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