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December 18, 1999

Today I received a new mandate to add to this ministry another branch to the Alpha & Omega Almightywind Holy Ghost Fire Ministries. New birth of "ALPHA & OMEGA BONE OF MY BONES MINISTRY." This came about with an email from our Brother in YAHUSHUA, Tom. He wrote me an email requesting prayer for his Mate. Under the anointing, a very strong anointing I found myself writing him a prayer. After that I immediately received another email from a single Pastor from Ottawa Canada! I now knew what I heard YAHUVEH say to me long ago had taken place. He was going to use me to encourage and use to bring together YAH'S ordained mates.

If you have the desire for a soulmate be it a husband or a wife, then send me your prayer request. Tell me about yourself, describe yourself, if possible a scanned photo to post if you desire, most important I must have your testimony before I post your prayers. The testimony will be anointed and will draw the right person to read it and pray for you. I ask for prayer intercessors to write me and tell me you will pray for those names listed.

In this wicked world there are many temptations but if YAHUVEH has promised you a mate then know this, there is someone that was created for you when you were created! A majority of marriages are not YAH ORDAINED! They are flesh and not spirit bound together. This is the saddest of marriages. Don't just assume because your both Christians this is your God ordaied mate! Oh how many marriages are miserable because of that presumption. Although they love YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT they are now in marriages that are miserable and a struggle to hold on. For you I pray YAH will anoint you both with HIS love and mercy and extra love and compassion for one another.

YAHUVEH knows what each of us needs and not all need or desire a mate in this world. For them take peace the Lord will not force upon you what you do not desire. If you do not have the desire for a mate the bible says your better off! But if you do then YAH gave you that desire and don't be ashamed of it. Only know YAHUSHUA wants the best for all of those with these desires.

If you have a promise from YAHUVEH to bring you a Mate pray this prayer, it is a "Prayer for 2 Souls to become one in the Name of YAHUSHUA."

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Heavenly Father YAHUVEH, in the name above all names YAHUSHUA we ask you to bring me the right mate! The mate you have ordained for me before this world was formed. The other half of my jigsaw puzzle that fits perfectly joined with me and my personality my likes and my dislikes and most of all, my spiritual walk with you YAHUSHUA and who is filled with the HOLY SPIRIT! I pray will be pleasing to look at but most of all (he or she) will be (Beautiful or Handsome) inwardly! YAHUVEH you say in your word that the reason you created Adam was it is not good that man should be alone. I stand in agreement that I will have my soulmate before next year ends!

I stand in agreement that when our eyes behold one another there will be a supernatural anointing that will come on both of us from the HOLY SPIRIT and we will recognize one another! I pray now that you will release the one who is destined to be my mate and helpmate in life. Send us dreams that will reveal things about each other so when we meet we will know this is the one you YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA using the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT have drawn us together to meet in a certain place, in a certain way! I thank you that I will not settle just for any mate but will be content and have the loyalty to wait for the best in a Holy Spirit filled mate that was ordained for me before this world was founded!

I stand on your promise and wait now to meet the mate I have now called forth in the name of YAHUSHUA and is being released to come and no mountain will stand in our way! No distance will hinder this blessing from coming! I speak this in faith and anointing of the HOLY GHOST! In the name of YAHUSHUA (Jesus)

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There is a "Season" for this prayer to be said and for it to come to pass. Please stay in faith and believe this Prophetess, for I prophesy now "YOUR SOUL MATE IS ON THE WAY!" Let me know when your soulmate gets there! Now that doesn't mean you go looking for (him or her) in fact I learned the hard way YAHUVEH will bring your soulmate to you!

I also learned it may not be someone you would have chosen by I said if you read my testimony you will discover I also know the pain of being the one that chose the worst in a mate! Now we wait for YAHUVEH who knows all things and created all to do what you have prayed for and waited for.

Seek ye first the kingdom of YAHUVEH and all its righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you! Make YAHUSHUA, the desire of your heart and the tnd desire of your heart shall come forth!

These are the words I hear YAHUSHUA tell me by HIS anointing to speak unto you. Pray before you go to sleep, ask the Holy Spirit, to give you a dream of the future and your future mate! He will do it! Cover your dreams in the shed blood of YAHUSHUA! Bind the devil away from your dreams! Have faith! I know it will happen! Remember to ask the HOLY SPIRIT for the name! To show you the face! He will do it! HE is no respecter of persons what YAHUVEH has done for me HE will do for you!

I feel this strongly you shall have what I have spoken under this anointing! Stay far away from anything unholy, keep yourself celibate and pure in thought and deed! Satan will try and tempt you! When the devil does realize it is because he fears you getting your GODLY mate! You are being tested! Hang on tight to your faith and don't let go! Read Bone of My Bones again! Keep claiming that mate and all the qualities of a GODLY pre-ordained soulmate!

Last but not least "Don't settle for a piece of bread when you can have the whole loaf! That means don't settle just for any mate wait for that special one your Daddy GOD YAHUVEH has hand chosen! You have this desire for YAHUSHUA himself has given it to you! Now thank GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the HOLY SPIRIT for answering this prayer before you see it come to pass!

Faith is the Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen! Stay in faith! Stay in hope and you shall behold your promised mate! When (he or she) is sent it will not be too early or too late! Just hang onto that promise and your faith! GOD YAHUVEH will not give you to you a promise and a desire and not fulfil it. You do your part and believe and confess what you desire in faith.

Blessings again to you! In the name of YAHUSHUA! Let me know when what I have prophesied comes to pass! What a heavy anointing on this! Your one of many we will say this prayer for the HOLY SPIRIT just said! Praise the LORD GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the HOLY SPIRIT! This will be done for their glory alone! No man or woman will share in that glory for YAHUVEH shall give you the desire of your heart! Please Heavenly Father you alone are JEHOVAH JIREH our Lord and Provider! Provide for all the financial needs according to your riches in glory I pray! So this person will not have the financial burden as two families become one in the name of YAHUSHUA (Jesus)

Written under the anointing of the HOLY GHOST
Rev. Elisheva Eliyahu Dec. 18, 1999,
8:25 PM

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5