Dearest Reverend Elisabeth,

Praise the Lord!!!  I am Glenda  the young lady that you ministered to in February of this year.  Let me brief you on who I am.  You and your brother which is Pastor called me in Mississippi after the email you received from me about the man that God wanted to marry me but he disobeyed God and chose to marry a much young  lady.  You prophesied to me saying from God that I would meet the Bone of My Bones and Flesh of My Flesh this year before the summer was in.  You also proceed to say from God that I had to give this other man back to God before He could send me this man of God.  You spoke that this man was strong, wisdom, power, a John the Baptist type preacher is a traveling man whom would be my umbrella and how he would love me, and also how handsome he was.  You even said how the white sits over his head, but not meaning physically, but supernaturally.

I wasn't ready for anything in May or June, I asked God to help me truly get over my hurt and not to let me dwell in the past.  So I knew that I was the one holding up God because I didn't want to bring anyone in my pain.  Just last week September 13, 2002, I was visiting a friend and her husband is a Pastor, who were having a conference.  I went the first two night because my pastor (Apostle) spoke, but for Wednesday and Thursday night I didn't go.  I decided to go on Friday night, the guest Pastor was young about 36-40 years of age who was preaching.  At one while my mind began to wonder is he married, but then I rebuke my mind, and tried to focus on the word.  There was something in me never before pulling inside me, it was like I could hear and feel what was going to come out of his spirit at times.  

At the end of the service my sister began to complain and say, "Let's leave after the offering", but God said NO, I will miss something if I didn't stay.  Service was over and my sister decided to walk in the pulpit to speak to the pastor of the church whom we knew, so I proceeded to follow her likewise.  When I  got to the man of God, I reached my hands out to him and it was then that he began to prophesy to me, he wouldn't let my hand go.  We were standing in the pulpit and he at first was at a lost of words because he was trying to find what to say, but he said something that startled me.

He said I know that God has already told you, my heart jumped because deep in my spirit I was saying is he the one and I got frighten because I felt like he wanted to say, "God has told you that I'm the one."  He proceed to talk about the anointing and ministry that God had in me, but he never released my hand.  He also was so warm and gentle that I could feel his heart as he was talking to me.  He told me that he suppose to have come up to me in the service as he was prophesying to others, but he never told me why he didn't.  We stood there about 15 minute just talking and laughing.  I ministered to him after he had ministered to me, all of a sudden he broke out in a praise with dancing, and so did I.  I hug him and said to him spontaneously, "I Love You"!  It was a stillness then I smiled and walked away because the bystanders were watching and wondering what was going on.

It didn't hit me until 30 minutes later that I felt unusual and I felt this man's heart in my heart, I felt a strong presence of him.  I awaked at 3:00 a.m. and my heart was pulled so heavy.  I asked God what is this, why am I feeling like this.  I have never with any man felt a longing and his spirit is so strong with me, that I can't get him off my mind.  I woke up last night and I felt the love so strong, and he is a strong prophet and very straight forward.  My friend that married the pastor of the church, I called her because I needed someone to talk too, and her husband told her that God showed him from the pulpit as we were talking that he were husband and wife, but he did talk to the pastor but would not reveal to his wife what was said about me, but told her just wait and see.

Reverend Elisabeth,  I don't know if he is truly the one maybe because I am afraid.  I was just boasting and saying I am so glad I am not married as of yet and single, so I can travel and do as I please.  He walked over by me in church and said, "You are glad that you are single and not married, but in a matter of six to seven months you will be married."  He stood by me and I was thinking, he is not talking to me.  But he said I know that I am right and you don't have to say Amen!

My heart is eager to know if this is of God.   have seen so many ministers that marry the wrong people in my church and now they are separated. I know that the counterfeits comes as well, but I don't believe that he is a counterfeit.  I have been hurt so in the past, that I just want what God wants for me.

What I am asking for is please intercede with me that God will show me the truth and if this is the one, please let him get in touch with me.  I can't describe how I feel at the moment. 

You gave me your telephone number but it is no longer in use.  You told me to call you to let you know.  God showed you to me in a dream two days ago, and I knew that you were the one I needed to talked to about this, no one else understands. I thank God for you.

By the way, congratulations on your marriage, may you endure the tests of time!!

In Christ Always,

Minister Glenda J.


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