APRIL 4, 2013
April 4th is also the 19 year anniversary that Amightywind Ministry has been on the internet.

April 10, 2014
Amightywind Ministry is 26 years old on April 10!
This is when YAH'S Ministry was birthed through Elisabeth.

Read Prophetic Word Given on April 10, 2002 regarding the Birth of Amightywind Ministry.

April 4th is my Beloved Elisabeth's 25th Birthday again, and April 10 is Amightywind Ministry's 26th Birthday.
This is the day that YAH'S Ministry was birthed through Elisabeth. So the Ministry is 26 years old and has been on the internet for 19 years. YAH makes a big deal out of this because no matter how hard or how many lies the enemy says about this Ministry, they will NEVER be able to stop what YAHUVEH has started.

Click Here for Birthday Prophetic Word given to Elisabeth

This Ministry is reaching MILLIONS of souls for YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!
Updated March 29, 2013


I know this is the same card I have put up the last 5 years but the words are still true to this day. What else can I say except that everything you are going through now will soon be but a forgotten memory when YAHUSHUA is by your side. Thank You Honey for everything you go through and yet you remain true to your 1st Love YAHUSHUA. You truly shall be blessed in Heaven and I know you will say that everything you have gone through has been worth it when you see all the souls that this Ministry has touched because of your obedience. You are truly loved not only by me and the YDS's but by countless others you don't even know.


Hi Everyone,
WOW, it is Amightywinds Birthday again as well as my Beloved Wife and Soulmate Elisabeth's. I want to take this opportunity to Thank my Beloved Wife for all she has put up with during our marriage, especially me. She is truly an angel. Now please remember when I was led to this ministry I was a fisherman from Northern Minnesota living in the woods. I was lucky if I saw a woman once a month up there. Then the next thing I know I am married to my Beloved. So, she has put up with alot and she has taught me alot about her as a woman. I have learned all about make-up and what the difference is between eye brows and eye lashes and I even know what an eye brow pencil is used for. I have learned very well that a happy wife is a happy husband.

I want to Thank my beloved for her obedience to our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH our Precious IMMAYAH and our Beloved Messiah YAHUSHUA. If she was not obedient this Ministry never would of been birthed 25 years ago. Because of her obedience there will be millions of souls in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you Honey for all you have suffered through and all your sacrifices and tears you have shed. You truly are my inspiration on this earth. You have taught me what it means to Love YAHUVEH , YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH above all else.

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met and your spirit is even more beautiful. You truly love YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and MOMMA IMMAYAH more than anyone including me or anything and that is the way it should be. Your dedication and desire to obey and please YAHUSHUA is always the most important thing in your life. I have seen you so many times receive a word from YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA and your flesh struggles so much with the word but you always speak what you are told, no matter what the consequences. I am amazed at the love you have for the lost and hurting souls in this world. You always put yourself and your needs last and put others needs before yours but we need to work on this together, OK.

I respect you very much and respect the anointing within you even more. I love your sense of humor and how you make me cringe sometimes with the things you say. Thank You Honey for everything you do and just being you. I truly am the most blessed man on this earth to have a soulmate like you. Happy Birthday Honey, I pray this is your best birthday yet. I LOVE YOU.

Your Husband and Soulmate

Well, that started out to everyone and ended up to my Beloved. I would also like to add that this is the 9th year anniversary on April 5th when YAHUSHUA spoke audibly to Elisabeth and awoke her with the words...


This is from Prophecy 76

Re-read all the Prophecies and you will see for many years I have called Elisabeth MY Elijah of New. Yes, her legal maiden name is Elijah, but that is not the reason I have done this. She only recently learned the reason and it is more than sending her to the widows of Zarephath to test them. And they know it not for their famine has not yet come, it is not just this reason as stated in many of the prophecies I have spoken through her. I audibly spoke to her on Passover, April 5 (one day after her birthday) and told her, awakening her with the words she did not understand and only through this message will understand more fully "You are MY Ringmaiden."

Verily I say unto her and you with spiritual ears to hear and listen. I, YAHUSHUA call her MY Elijah of New and reveal these secret revelations given to her straight from Heaven to be a blessing unto her as well as the true Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Just as Elijah of Old knew when to expect YAHUVEH's horse drawn Chariot of Fire to catch him away to Heaven and he knew the exact time and day and was prepared and warned Elisha in advance to watch him. Elijah of Old is the shadow of what will happen with the Bride, so why would I do any less for the Bride of YAHUSHUA?

I will first send Archangel Michael to come and clear the path for the Angel Gabriel to come to tell her. I have told her and her husband to wait for the birth of the announcement of the date YAHUSHUA will come for HIS Bride, then one of her mandates will be as MY Ringmaiden to ring this news around the world to all the Elite called the Beloved Bride of YAHUSHUA. Beloved ask yourself this question, and again read Matthew 25:6-7 and hear it now with Holy ears for it says, "And at Midnight a cry was heard, see the Bridegroom is coming, go out to meet him. Then all the maidens raised up to trim their lamps." Verily I say unto you, someone was chosen to be that messenger to ring forth that cry that the entire Bride of YAHUSHUA will hear. And I have chosen this Ringmaiden to have this honor.

End of Prophecy 76

Because of the mercy of YAHUVEH, it will be 3 years since HE showed Elisabeth in a dream and spoke to her about the future. This lasted all night on her birthday as well as on the anniversary of the Ringmaiden, April 5th. Three years ago YAHUVEH sealed what she saw and said it is not to be thought about or released until HE speaks it forth again. This is Prophecy 78 and it is getting real close to being released but this world will regret the day it is loosed.

Thank you for praying for the anointing to get stronger in all of us. This Ministry is more blessed than we ever dared dream possible. We have the greatest family on the face of this earth and we Thank you all for your prayers, love and support especially YAHUSHUA's Demon Stompers. We could NOT DO what we are doing without you. We are reaching millions of souls around this world for YAHUSHUA's Glory and that is why we are all here. So many people have tried to destroy this Ministry and our family, and yet we are only more anointed and blessed as time goes on.

All for the Praise, Honor and Glory of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH SHKHINYAH GLORY!