Donna's Email To Elisabeth
and Elisabeth's Response

Oh, thank you for surrendering your precious life to the Lord's leading. Thank you for being the voice and heart for the Bride in these last days appointed to pray to Jehovah God as our representative concerning the Bride's desire for Yahshua's soon return!!! Praise God, we as the Redeemed Children of Yahshua embrace your beautiful anointed prayer unto our Groom. Your heart deeply reveals the Bride's longings for Jesus' soon return, we the Bride of Christ are so blessed!!!! Halleluah!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing what's truly in the hearts of us who desire Yahshua's soon return at His call for His saved ones!!! WE, the Bride of Christ truly await for our Groom, for Christ Himself has put in our hearts!!!!! "even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly"!!!!

Thank you for being our representative, Sherrie, as you continue to speak forth the Bride's longings for our Groom and His soon return. Oh, how we adore our Jesus. True expression of our hearts was so eloquently prayed on behalf of the Bride through you!!! Praise God. All honor and Glory unto Him and His precious Might Name!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!


Beloved in YAHUSHUA,

You stirred up the anointing in me so much and the love for my brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA as I read your beautiful email. I am told by the Ruach ha Kodesh to post your email as well as this email as a open letter to the People so they also can be blessed. I will also share in the newest revelation given to me on first day of Sukkot and it deals with the catching away that we call the rapture.

Oh how I rejoiced at your email. Thank you for your kind words. I had tears streaming down my cheeks as I read it, and my husband saw it and hugged me and said to me "You see other people think your special also." Putting the prayer up that brought forth that vision was humbling because you can hear the tears in my voice, and nothing has effected me like that prayer and vision, other than the vision I had and the song 'Citizen in Hell'.

As I listened to, 'The Bride Waits' message again for Sukkot, my heart beat so hard and fast, and tears were in my eyes, I felt what it must feel like for a bride to be left standing at an altar waiting for her beloved and her beloved didn't come. I never know when I receive an email and if it will be a person sending their blessings or curses. When I read your email my husband and I just rejoiced for your words brought forth such JOY. Thank You!

YAHUSHUA will bless you for you taking the time to bless this soldier of the Cross of YAHUSHUA. I am the FIRST to admit I have NO idea why Daddy YAHUVEH would choose me to lift up the list of the invisible Bride, or see this vision, or for the HOLY SPIRIT to give me the words to this anointed prayer. Believe me I am NO BODY special, I am like Paul and only can boast in my weakness not my strengths. When YAHUSHUA uses me he proves he can use anyone to speak forth his words, anyone that is a willing and clean vessel or does there best to be a clean vessel and allows YAHUSHUA to clean the vessel whatever way is necessary.

If you listen to this message in real audio you will see I had to pray in the Heavenly tongues to be able to pray like this and to receive this vision. I seldom pray without praying in Heavenly Tongues, for by myself and without the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT I wouldn't even be able to say an anointed prayer.

I want to share with you what YAHUVEH told me on the first day of Sukkot Sept 22, 2002. I saw how so many of YAHUSHUA's children our brothers and sisters were being pre occupied with guessing the date WHEN YAHUSHUA would be returning for HIS Bride. Many people wrote me and were so sad that YAHUSHUA didn't come on Sukkot, or Rosh Hashanah and of course Yom Kippur. Many even thought they mathematically had this time figured out. I know I was given a prophecy where YAHUSHUA said "What if Rosh HaShanah is the day I return?" audible words given to me spoken by YAHUSHUA.

I only know what YAHUSHUA told me and nothing else I don't claim to understand each message, I am just the receiver like the microphone in a telephone. YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA speaks forth their messages and I listen and speak them forth as they are received.

I now have the mandate to share newest revelation given to me on this Sukkot. I was shown a vision of people expecting a very special beloved visitor ,they cleaned the house, fixed themselves up , awoke early and constantly kept their eyes on the door or window looking for that beloved visitor to arrive, keeping the lights on in the dark. Still waiting , hour after hour, then the hour grew so late, first concern, where was the beloved visitor? Then sadness and grief realizing their beloved wasn't coming on that day they worked so hard to be ready for. While praying ,the person questioned YAHUVEH "why didn't my beloved come"?

Then our Daddy YAHUVEH said "because you had the wrong day, it doesn't mean YAHUSHUA isn't coming , it just means be prepared at ALL times for you only know your beloved YAHUSHUA is coming, you do not know what hour or what Sabbath he will come back on. JUST be prepared, keep your vessels clean, keep oil brightly burning in your lamps so all can see YAHUSHUA'S light shining brightly in you. Don't hide your light under a basket. Keep extra Oil in your lanterns , overflowing with the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT, overflowing with your faith that YAHUSHUA loves you and will come and catch you away, but it will be like an elopement and the Bride will be waiting but no warning will be given to those NOT invited to the wedding.

Just OCCUPY until YAHUSHUA comes, and keep bringing souls to YAHUSHUA, doing his work while you wait. Stay alert and awake don't fall asleep like so many have done, don't let the devil steal your faith. Satan rejoices to see US built up thinking our beloved YAHUSHUA IS COMING TODAY, only to get let down, time after time.

People who are setting dates through math calculations or bible codes or other ways are only hurting the body of Christ. I have been given the Prophetic words he will return on the True Sabbath, but which one? YAHUSHUA will return in the midnight hour, but which hour? He will return to catch HIS Bride away TWICE "first one rapture then another for those that I love"audible words given to me by YAHUSHUA. Many prophets have discerned different things the above words could mean. I am only the messenger and repeat what I know one day I will stand before YAHUSHUA and be held accountable for what I said and didn't say. I am held responsible to speak forth the messages given to me to share with my beloved brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA.

Other audible words given to me I don't even claim to understand all pertain to the catching away, the rapture. "Gift of healing , sound of Trumpet"and another audible word is "In four seasons you will know"

Thank you beloved Sister Donna, for not stoning this messenger. YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA will bless you today for writing that email that reminds me despite the fact I would lose a popularity contest for the words spoken brings forth multitudes of attacks and enemies that seek my destruction. The HOLY SPIRIT our RUACH ha KODESH sends those that bless me and not curse me like you and others I am blessed to call partners .

I love you Sister Donna! Please email me back and tell me more about yourself and any prayer needs. Please help me to get these prophetic messages to other parts of the body of YAHUSHUA. One day Sister we shall meet in Heaven if not on earth and there we shall hug one another, OH what a day of rejoicing that will be, for YAHUSHUA has promised me that I will meet each person this ministry was used as a blessing too. I saw a vision of a line where I couldn't see the end in Heaven and one by one the people came and thanked me and hugged me. OH truly that will be the greatest treasure of all! For like YAHUSHUA said to the one leper that came back to thank him after he was used to heal Ten lepers, "didn't I heal ten lepers why are you the only one to return"Only one out of ten help support this ministry, or encourage us in anyway.

You are one of YAHUSHUA's children that came back to say THANK YOU and I can feel YAHUSHUA's love through you and Donna ,I just want to say THANK YOU to not only YOU but ALL those mighty warriors of YAHUSHUA who come back to encourage and support this minister and ministry for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Praise , honor, and Glory! For we don't do this for any other reason but to GLORIFY Daddy GOD YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! We reach out to encourage, warn, bind up the wounds, pray, speak forth YAHUSHUA'S messages, with a burden to reach the lost souls who are in need of a Saviour and yet don't know how to find YAHUSHUA we do this out of gratitude and love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and for the love of his people.

I am going to post your letter not that I be lifted up but so others can see how much it means to a brother or sister when encouragement and kind words are sent. YAHUSHUA used you to give me a BIG hug! Thank you!

I also need to thank everyone for praying for this ministry, and minister, and thanking my Beautiful Sisters and Brothers in YAHUSHUA for their faithful love and support they have shown US . I have a new computer thanks to the goodness of YAHUSHUA and the financial burden is lifting . PRAISE YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA!

I do ask though that YAHUSHUA's intercessory prayer warriors will arise and protect US with your prayers now as Halloween is quickly approaching. IF you only knew the physical as well as supernatural attacks that we have been getting the victory over, as those practicing occult are trying to silence this sister of yours permanently! What those who are practicing this evil needs to know, they attack NOT a mere woman , but their attacks only boomerang back upon themselves as it hits my Ephesians 6 shield of faith as well as the FULL armor of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. During one of these recent attacks the Ruach ha Kodesh gave me this vision and Daddy YAHUVEH spoke these words to me.

I saw a vision of my enemies who seek my death and destruction lined up against a executioner wall. They were in the scope of a rifle but it was held by NO man or woman but by YAHUVEH himself! YAHUVEH spoke to me and said "Those that bless you will be blessed, those that curse you will be cursed, your enemies are my enemies, those that seek your destruction I, YAHUVEH will destroy, those that send curses at you , their curses shall fly back into the evil ones own faces, and the evil ones shall fall like dominoes toppling over one another. I, YAHUVEH will send one calamity after another until either they REPENT and TURN AWAY from this evil , or they will fall into hell and eventually into the Lake of Fire"!

I want to share with you PRAISE REPORTS for at last after all these 27 years nearly (Oct. 3) I am seeing the bread cast upon the waters returning to me after many days.

We are seeing such miracle reports from those that support this ministry. A main partner who faithfully loves and supports this ministry, is a Dr. and she saw her number of patients jump so high she had to take a vacation from the work load just recently! I would mention names but I have a greater desire to protect them from the evil ones. Another faithful supporter who is a blessed brother in Mass. is so blessed by miracle finances he even paid our last months rent as a gift. He wrote and said "What is the amount of your rent? I wrote back and told him, wondering why he was asking. This brother then said "We want to pay your rent as the HOLY SPIRIT laid it upon our hearts to help you in this way, to help lift the financial burdens off this ministry because we have recently been so blessed financially with a financial miracle (he never explained how nor did I ask) that we were able to pay ALL of our outstanding debts off except for the mortgage. We know it is because we have been blessing this ministry and we want to share with you our financial blessing!"

What a day of rejoicing that was for our rent is hefty , yet we must go where YAHUSHUA sends us, and he tells us where to live, to reach the people in that area to be a witness for YAHUSHUA!

Another dear beloved Sister in Canada, sends us surprise boxes full of surprises in the postal mail. She says every time she blesses us she is blessed. This precious Sister sends personal items she feels led of YAHUSHUA to send , sometimes just for me to remind me, YAHUSHUA remembers I am still a woman and I enjoy my make up, and she sends me perfume body sprays, I love anything perfumed! Including bubble baths etc. as well as cards many times with cash. My Canadian Sister sends practical things such as towels, curtains, even a long silk night robe for me. My Sister in YAHUSHUA also every week sends us phone cards to help us with the cost of the long distance phone bills. For privacy reasons due to traveling and never staying in one place very long we call the people, we don't give the phone no. to anyone and we call many people as the Ruach leads us to minister to YAHUSHUA's people. The Ruach ha Kodesh has led others to send us phone cards or they send the Pin numbers in the email, this is a blessing so we can reach even more people to minister too.

As Apostles we move alot and I mean alot! Already we are packing our bags after nearly 3 months in this location. Another Sister in Washington surprised us with a 120 min phone card and sent us a box she called a care package, to prove she cares about our physical needs. The box contained canned goods, and non perishable foods, as well as even Perfume for me and a red purse, I wrote her back and told her "How did you know I was out of perfume and my favorite color is RED"? YAHUSHUA knew! He gives us the desires of our hearts.

There are more Praise reports of those that love this ministry and see it as a value to the Kingdom of Heaven they are raising up but I won't take up your time recording it here, I know this there deeds are recorded in Heaven. I know that Each person knows who they are, and if it wasn't for the danger of the evil ones that watch every step of this minister I would record the names and give the details of the miracles we received as the people listened to the Ruach ha Kodesh and help work with us as they are partners with us in this ministry.

This ministry is NOT tax exempt and so anyone that helps us financially knows it is NOT because of a financial reward from the government. The people know their rewards will be much greater for their rewards come directly from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

Dearest Beloved of YAHUSHUA, this is just a small sample of the goodness of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! When a minister receives loving support with encouraging words it is like soothing salve of balm of Gilead to our mind, body , spirit and soul.

My husband and I send our love and appreciate you so much! Please keep this ministry and ministers in your prayers and we shall do the same. Please know this there is a special blessing to those that bless this ministry we lift up the names in prayer of those that encourage us in any way. We love you! Most of all YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA loves you!

Apostles Niko and Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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