Father YAHUVEH Is Furious Over 
Human Cloning!

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The Human Genome Project...
Begun in 1990, the U.S. Human Genome Project is a 13-year effort coordinated by the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health. The project originally was planned to last 15 years, but effective resource and technological advances have accelerated the expected completion date to 2003. Project goals are to
  • identify all the approximately 30,000 genes in human DNA,
  • determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA,
  • store this information in databases,
  • improve tools for data analysis,
  • transfer related technologies to the private sector, and
  • address the ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) that may arise from the project.  NEVER HAPPEN!
Note: Since this project's main agenda is to 'improve' on Father YAHUVEH's creation (impossible!), this project is unethical and will only be used to further the goals of those who wish to become 'creators' in their own eyes. And what they create will be like Frakenstein's monster! THIS IS AN ABOMINATION!!!

SUBMITTED BY: Finn Eric Flood [Oslo, Norway]

Updated: December 5th. 2001.

A message from the Lord regarding the abomination, the mark of the beast and the Human Genome Project.

While I was in Ethiopia seeking the Lord, I received the following message from the Lord. It was given with a vision on the 24th of August 2001, and with further clarifications on the 28th of August and on the 9th of September.

Updated with messages received on November 14th. and 22nd.

At about 3AM on the 24th of August, while in prayers I received a vision. I was shown some hands in surgical gloves applying some matter from a syringe onto a surface. The matter was unpleasant to look at, but it was alive and moving.. I inquired of the Lord as to what was the meaning of this? I was told that this was "The Great Abomination". that these people were setting them selves up against the Lord by manipulating with His creation.

And I was explained that these people was in fact setting them selves above the Lord by indicating that His creation was not perfect, but that they will correct and perfect it. The Lord says that His creation is perfect, but that the current state of mankind is due to sin!.. Yet, these people does not even approach the issue of sin. I was told that this concerns the Human Genome Mapping Project and that the Lord is furious over this. And that His fury does not stop at those who do the research, but extends to those who undergo the medical procedures that come from this research, and also to those who take the medication that comes from this.

In my mind I still had some questions about this, because I had understood "The Great Abomination" to be the antichrist in the form of a political power opposing God and oppressing God's people, etc.. Therefore I continued to ask the Lord about this.

While I was in the shower and praying in the morning of the 28th of August I received the following word from the Lord: "I am not a political leader, I am the Creator!." And most of the message from the 24th was repeated (except for the vision).

After I came out of the shower I continued to pray about this and I thought the message would be received as controversial so I inquired of the Lord if I was to spread this message around. The answer I received was: "If I give you a lamp, would I want you to hide it under your bed?."

After this I went to the dining room of the hotel I stayed in, to have my breakfast. As I was waiting for my food there was a special report on CNN concerning new prospective benefits from the Human Genome Project. The report showed four siblings in the US, ages 89 to 101 years old and all in good health, physically as well as mentally. These people had agreed to have their genes mapped. And the leading researcher in the interview had great expectations of finding the common denominator (gene) that made them age so well. And this researcher had already found a name for the product (medication) he planned to launch: "The fountain of aging well."

However, I still had questions in my mind regarding the message I had received. I could not quite see how it tied in with "the Mark of the Beast", and I continued asking the Lord about this. While I was in the shower and praying in the morning of the 9th of September I received further explanations as I was shown several things. I was told that there will come a time when this Human Genome Mapping will be made mandatory, and it will become a "tool" used by governments, insurance companies, banks and even as screening for employment purposes, etc. And after the screening, each individual will be required to undergo corrective treatments according to what was found during the screening, before the individual can obtain what they need or want from these institutions, etc.

However, these are not the arguments currently used in support of the Human Genome Mapping Project. It was then shown to me that the arguments (or sales pitch, if you like) currently used in support of this project is largely the same as the devil used when he sold Eve on the idea that eating the fruit was desirable for gaining wisdom (or knowledge) (Genesis 3:1-6), and that this identifies that it comes from the devil.

The seemingly good arguments of today; preventing diseases, reducing the cost of healthcare, etc. has already caused several governments to fall for this old sales pitch. And when the evil one gains full control over the knowledge from this project, it will be used for anything that edifies his goals. Anything like subduing an entire population (or mind control) may be within his reach.

And many will fall in worship of these "perfect bodies" that are being "created" or "perfected".

* On November 14th. in the afternoon, while reading Revelation 13:11-16, I thought to myself that the beast must be strictly figurative. But then
I received the following: "When he gets full insight and control over the Human Genome Project and the genetic makeup, he will make himself some ferocious beasts and he will cause them to speak."

* On November 22nd. at 3:40 AM words came to me. I was reminded of words that God has told us: "He knew us before we where knit in our mother's womb." "He is ever before us and behind us, He knows our path, where we are to go." "All these things were written in God's book." Then I was told that the outcome of these things can be altered and changed by the devil when he gets control over the Human Genome Project.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This message was given to me with a sense of urgency. And for the three nights preceding the initial message (August 21. - 23.), I received the following words: "Are you ready?..." "Are you ready?." "Are you ready?."


In the time since I first posted this message I have received two more messages:

* From the one on November 14th. I understand that this may be going on at more than one level. And I also understand it as a reminder that the devil has never been original in his approach, but always a copy cat.

* The one on November 22nd. I see as speaking directly to the heart of the matter. Indicating how the devil, by: mapping the human genes, copying (cloning), manipulating and altering the genetic makeup; seeks to thwart the divinely planned outcome of what God loves the most; His creation!

Genetic manipulation or alteration is not limited to effect the body's outward appearance only. But may be used to effect any body part or aspect of the person, including personality traits like: the aptitude of the mind/gifting, mental attitude, emotional makeup and hereditary aspects. These changes will also effect the descendents of the person who has submitted him or her self to genetic manipulation or alteration. After the personality or gifting of a person has been changed, the person may not go to the work that God has ordained for him or her, even when called.

When we take these aspects into consideration, it is not hard to imagine why God is furious over this issue.

* Then on November 28th, I saw a picture of the first cloned human embryo in a newspaper (see picture at left). This photo was first released on November 25th. 2001, and will be featured as the opening spread of the January 2002 issue of "Scientific American" magazine.

What I saw in this picture is the same matter and colors as I saw in the vision on August 24th., except the background was white. I didn't describe what I saw in that vision in detail because I did not think the colors was important, but I have learnt from this. But now I also see there is a confirmation in it.

On August 28th. I was told to spread the message. When I first posted this message in September 2001, I did not venture an opinion as to my interpretation of the message. But after contemplating some of the questions I have received regarding interpretation, I decided to offer some insight into my interpretation of the updated part of the message.

However, I still feel it is the job of the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you, for we know that the Holy Spirit speaks and defends the truth. Thus from my own heart I ask you to consider this in prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Finn Eric Flood
Oslo, Norway


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