Kingdom Dominion Teaching
= Bogus

Our beloved Sister Linda was just warning me of this teaching and asking me what I thought about the Kingdom Dominion teaching. Teaching that everything from the government to the world will be perfected by man before Yahshua returns. They don't believe even in the rapture. 

It was done by an innocent sheep who did not discern the spirit of that ministry who has been forgiven. Yahshua and this ministry has forgiven this little lamb and we ask that the people pray blessings on this little lamb for more discernment. This little lamb is a beloved of not only Yahshua but of this ministry.

Please send this email to ALL our partners and Post it at the site! Thank you another war the Ruach Ha Kodesh is having us to battle in. If this hadn't of happened it might have been put on the back burner. The majority of the churches now are following the lies of Satan in this Kingdom Dominion teaching also called the manifested sons of GOD.

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From: Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah
Date: Thursday, September 26, 2002 5:27:11 AM
To: Linda

Subject: Re: It is like someone knew what we were going to do

Hi Sis

Wow! Last night we spoke on the phone and I said we are NOT a part of the kingdom dominion teaching. I asked you to help me warn the people. For no reason that I knew of the Holy Spirit led me to the injesus site and I was looking at what the site manager posted. I saw Favorites ..and clicked on it. What I saw I couldn't believe! Somehow the devil put up as OUR favorites [a Kingdom Dominion ministry]. Since I didn't know who she is and the link didn't work...I looked in the Dogpile search engine and found out she is part of Kenneth Copeland and they used this ministry to promote their teachings as well as sell all Kenneth Copeland's books and tapes.

I am beyond furious! Please help me to expose these children of Satan. They don't speak of the Yahshua we speak of. They twist the Holy Scriptures.

Please pray the wrath of YAHVEH down on whoever did this.

Much love your Sister in Yahshua


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From: Linda
Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2002
To: Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah
Subject: To Sherri

I have been looking up this new teaching that is sweeping across the WORLD. According to your prophecies and my faith this new teaching is wrong. It is a sure way to let the antichrist do his preparation. We shall wait for the Lord to take us out of here and he will be the one to restore all things in the end. This teaching of Christians taking over for Christ is not sound biblically. We have to hold on to our first love. This teaching is all around us and very close to all of us. We are a witness for Christ, NOT taking over the Government for him, through him or be his instruments do it. He will set things straight because he died a perfect son for all of us and he only will have that Glory. The first Rapture are his original believers, humble and doing his work. There will be a time when this new teaching will try to exterminate us in this new teaching. We will be the old fashioned way. The new anointing will be the work of the antichrist. I truly believe this.

There are many that believe this other teaching that will not come right out and say it and some that do. I wish that it would be exposed but it rides so closely on the back of the Bible most will not hear. And having itching ears will take it and run. There is a lot of pride in this teaching. And pride comes before the fall. in this case the falling away. They are all around you and we must stand fast. They have many names that we cannot recognize right away. They come in HIS name not another's.

I pray that you will see this and know who they are and not let them use you to gain their purpose.

May Our God, Yahshua and the Holy Spirit watch over you with his Angels in charge, forever.

Love from Yahshua (Jesus )and me,