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NOT! This Man, Ernest Mauck, is not one of the two witnesses! June was a difficult month for us due to the fleeces YAHUVEH had us lay down to test this claim. He failed this test. Read about it here. On July 1st, the blessings started pouring forth. 

Elisabeth will post a lengthy message concerning 
this shortly, watch for it here!

---- original posting re: Elijah the Tishbite ---

This man is not the reincarnation of Elijah.

Does anyone really believe Father GOD YAHUVEH would prophecy and call President Bush "Mr. Bush"? This is just one example.

"My sheep will know My voice," the Bible says. Can you honestly hear YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA's voice in his prophecies?

When I prayed whether the one who calls himself "Elijah the Tishbite" was one of the two witnesses, for he said last year he closed up the heavens and in Israel it would not rain. I immediately laid a fleece IF it rained he wasn't one of the two witnesses, and called Prophet Julian in Florida at that time, plus others. We prayed for it to rain and it did and the first sign was immediately it started raining where Brother Julian lived while I was praying! He was shocked, for there was no rain predicted. Then I read, and it can be documented, that it rained so much in Israel that there was a flood and 2 people at least were drowned. I will never forget this for I just asked for a torrential downpour. I pray I didn't cause that flood by not being specific.

In my dream of Elijah the Tishbite, I saw what he looked like before I saw his picture, it is the same man. He was being led to a cave of riches. I wasn't permitted to go in. I had to stay out and he was on the left and I was on the right and I never saw him again. Read the Elijah dream for explanation. I was teaching the children, showing pictures of YAHUSHUA and his suffering and someone that looked like a man of great authority sat behind a desk and watched me in approval. (Father GOD YAHUVEH.) The pictures is this Website.

I have been asked many times, "Is Elijah the Tishbite one of the two witnesses?" From the discernment and fleeces I have laid, I have to say "NO." He is a cute old man that has been led astray and now believes his own publicity. Once a man of poverty who walked the streets of Israel preaching repentance, now others use him for their glory. I mean him no harm, I really believe he is genuinely being deceived by Satan and the exploits of others. I know the fruit of the one exploiting him and who made a name for his ministry and now is growing in fame because he has used this innocent cute old man who I believe loves YAHUSHUA. I pray I discern this correctly and that the love of money and fame hasn't caused that to go luke warm. Why would YAHUVEH call his son Jesus when the Jews even acknowledge his name is YAHUSHUA. Wouldn't one of the two witnesses sent to Israel use the sacred Hebrew name of Jesus which is YAHUSHUA? Why don't his prophecies mention the sacred name of YAHUVEH? Would YAHUVEH just call himself GOD?

I mean this cute old man no harm, but prophets are to judge one another, and what he is saying is no different than others about the evil being done. One difference is when he says he has the power to close up Heaven and cause droughts for Israel, Israel always has droughts and it did rain last year after he proclaimed it would not. Because I have email as far away as Hong Kong asking me this, I am replying now as I believe directed under the unction of the Ruach ha Kodesh.

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


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