Message From Elisabeth
August 20, 2001

 Greetings beloved family of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus)

So much has happened that I have been unable to tell you about, for I have been traveling, returned from Canada, where I had the awesome privilege of leading a judge to our LORD GOD YAHUSHUA (Jesus) as well as an attorney, who sat there and lifted up the name of JESUS (YAHUSHUA) and prayed the prayer of repentance, while an office of clients sat in waiting room. This Lawyer puts GOD first in his life, and no longer wants to be an attorney!

In Canada, another man, a precious judge, humbly accepted YAHUSHUA (Jesus) as LORD GOD and Savior! I gave him a message though that GOD does NOT want him to stop being a judge, for we NEED GODLY JUDGES that base their decisions on GODLY discernment of right and wrong, based on the word of GOD the Bible! The judge’s wife received a major healing! I now call these precious ones not only my Sister and Brother in the LORD YAHUSHUA, but the judge and his wife are mother and father in the LORD!

Not all was good news in Nova Scotia. I fasted and prayed for a millionaire there who rejected JESUS our YAHUSHUA! He and his wife are 88 years old, and he had open-heart surgery as well as just recovering from a stroke. Both have the spirit of death all over them, and GOD sent me to warn them. Neither is saved, and both are bankrupt in Heaven! Both are on their way to HELL for GODS Spirit will not always strive with man or woman! All their riches on earth will not help them in afterlife. The Millionaire said he went to church everyday up until 5 years ago, but then turned away from JESUS, for he wondered who is GOD? He blamed GOD for the wars done in the name of the LORD JESUS! Foolish man! Don't blame GOD for what man does!

I humbled myself before them both, tearful eyes, under a powerful anointing and spoke for at least an hour, and PLEADED for their souls telling them what they already knew, that they would soon be dying. Mr. Morrisson is concerned about leaving all his estate to the government. He had a truck I was interested in buying but he had a firm price of $4,000 and would NOT come down in the price despite the fact he knew he is dying! This is proof of the insanity of building your riches on earth and not in Heaven, where moth and rust cannot corrupt, nor thieves break in and steal! Nor tax. He has made money and possessions his GOD! As I left I told him that even if GOD would allow me to bring a billion souls to JESUS, it would NOT guarantee me Heaven, nor any other person, for it is NOT by works we are saved less anyone boasts! What guarantees our salvation is working out our own salvation the Bible says with FEAR and Trembling! For all have sinned and fall short of the GLORY of YAHUVEH. But it is our own faith in GOD’S son YAHUSHUA who paid the price at Calvary for our sins.

Love him and confess YAHUSHUA is GOD! It is Jesus (YAHUSHUA's) HOLY PERFECT SINLESS SHED BLOOD THAT WASHES US CLEAN FROM ALL SIN! IF WE LOVE YAHUVEH, AND YAHUSHUA, AND TRY HARD TO OBEY GOD, AND PUT GOD 1st IN OUR LIVES, KNOWING WHEN WE SIN WE HAVE SOMEONE MAKING INTERCESSION FOR US IN HEAVEN! Not purposely disobeying GOD, for the Bible says, "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46). And again, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." (John 14:15).

I am not used to people rejecting JESUS after GOD anoints me and has me fast and pray so intensely. The grieving of the Holy Spirit on me was great! GOD lifted that burden but he let me feel how the HOLY SPIRIT feels NOT when just ONE rejects GODS gift at Calvary. Read all of 1 John 3:16! But the LORD let me feel the anguish when many reject YAHUVEH's only begotten son YAHUSHUA our JESUS! First GOD grieves then he gets angry! When I awoke GOD let me hear about the fireball that was seen in the sky all over the eastern coast, and the temperatures soared to mid-nineties which is VERY rare, and then I was told to LEAVE Canada, return to the U.S. I am in a part of U.S. I have never been in before, but GOD said to start the REVIVAL fires burning and it would not be put out no matter the length of time, nor what the devil or demons or enemies try and do. 

Please pray for this revival! In GOD’S timing I will reveal where that is, right now my enemies don't need to know. It is prophesied that the TV cameras will be donated to us, and we are waiting for a large building, GOD’S hand-chosen to join. Are you interested? If your interested and would like to help, please email me for further details, and if you want to help support the revival in anyway please let me know. More will be revealed in the coming days, for now I and others joining me are on a Daniel 10 day fast, and GOD sent apostle Timothy Snodgrass to help us pray in what is needed for this revival. He came from the Philippines to the state I am now in.

I want to publicly thank my associate minister and very dear brother, friend, and site manager. I leave off his name, for I want to protect him from anyone that seeks to do him harm in the spiritual realm. He intercedes so mightily in my behalf; it is his work you see on this ministry site done under the anointing. I am touch with him daily asking him to post articles, etc.

* * * * * * *

Note from site manager: These sites, and, exist in their current form and minister to those in need of help as well as reaching out to the lost SOLEY because of the anointing and guidance of our precious Heavenly Father, YAHUVEH! My life has changed completely since YAHUVEH called me to administer these sites for Sherrie Elijah, and I do so in complete gratitude and humility for being allowed the privilege to be a part of this ministry.

I encourage you to become a part also, either prayerfully, financially, or both. This ministry is not as those with men’s names attached to them, men who consume the gifts from their followers upon themselves, ministries that will soon FALL! This ministry will not abuse your gifts and trust. We are answerable to our Heavenly Father and do not wish to dishonor Him in any way by misusing what He has given us.


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