Message From Elisabeth
"Anointing of the Ruach Ha Kodesh"
August 28, 2001

 * * * * * * *

Beloved Family in YAHUSHUA,

I am so tired this early morning, haven't been asleep yet and its 7:00 am. I don't even bother to count the few hours of sleep I am getting anymore. But I am also sending this to Pastor Joshua, from Perth, Australia, and sending my love and blessings in YAHUSHUA to him, for I have been out of contact with him and some of you. I have been traveling and getting relocated, I didn't stay very long in Nova Scotia, Canada, Father YAHUVEH sent me back to U.S. when I least expected it!

A Judge vacationing in Canada saved, and a Canadian lawyer, just to name a few! I was so surprised at the spiritual dry condition in Eastern Canada, as well as Father YAHUVEH’s judgment being poured out, for I read in their newspapers where lead and arsenic found in the water in Sydney is killing the children in Nova Scotia! The Ocean is polluted, small amount of fish in ocean, money is cursed and they wonder why? I have the answer. Don't label your currency LOONIES and TOONIES! Who will take currency seriously with these names? Unemployment high. Canada's air once so pure, now polluted! Coughing and hacking seemed to be everywhere and my friend with me started coughing up blood. Satanists have their 666 numbers all over the place! From Pizza parlors to taxi cabs! I never saw the number 666 so many places, even on license plates.

Father YAHUVEH told me America is likened unto Sodom, but Canada is likened to Gomorrah! He said this AFTER I got to Canada! But someone has to tell these precious people NOT to give up hope for YAHUSHUA Messiah loves them! He will save them! NOT even a Christian radio station could I find when I was there. I was told in Sydney there is none! I also discovered not all Canadians like Americans. in fact some think Americans are wealthy and set out to rip us off financially, NOT all but enough to warn Americans. Check around for prices.

Again I repeat this is NOT all of Canada, for I have met loving, caring those with generous hearts towards not only me but also most of all to YAHUSHUA. I have only found this in Eastern Canada, my experience in Western Canada I didn't find this to be true. I left Nova Scotia, after Father YAHUVEH had me fasting and praying for a 88 year old millionaire man and his wife, and Father YAHUVEH was so angry at this man and his wife for rejecting YAHUSHUA, and after pleading for this man’s soul that recently had open heart surgery, plus a stroke! I met him through the Judge that accepted YAHUSHUA and said the prayer of salvation with me, also a prominent attorney got saved. But this millionaire did NOT want ANY part of YAHUSHUA and laughed when I told him under the anointing that he is bankrupt in Heaven, all his treasures are stored up for others here on earth, and he can't take anything with him when he dies.

This millionaire and his wife didn't care! They both know they will die soon, and said they were concerned who would get their money, and hated thinking the government would take so much in taxes. They told me that. Yet still when I looked at a truck he had for sale, he would NOT budge from the price, and yet what would he do with MORE money? See, the Bible says MAN cannot serve two masters, they will love one or hate the other! His god is MONEY and even knowing he is dying, he was still out to get more! Father YAHUVEH showed me it’s an ADDICTION! He knows I am a minister and you would think he would have wanted the blessing to know he helped a minister but NO way, he was firm, he wanted a set price for the truck, (overpriced for used) and that was it. I know Father YAHUVEH said the truck will never be sold by him, and it was more proof how foolish the rich are who stockpile their treasures of material possessions on earth, not thinking that the real treasures are stored up where neither moth nor rust can corrupt nor thieves break in and steal! This millionaire so proud of his home, with sound proofing inside and an Olympic-size swimming pool, and yet all that wealth and NO air-conditioning in his house, even Nova Scotia has warm enough temperatures to use it, and that day it was HOT in his house MORE then just the anointing! I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel room for the air conditioning. The weather outside seemed to be heating up as I spoke under the anointing. Everyone was feeling the heat inside and outside.

I felt the burden so deeply for his and her soul, knowing and I told them, he would not live long enough for me to see him again when I returned to Nova Scotia he would be in hell if he didn't REPENT and surrender to YAHUSHUA and ask forgiveness, so will she! I PLEADED with tears in my eyes, as Father YAHUVEH gave him and her their last chance, he admitted up to 5 years ago he even was in church every Sunday since a child! Then he said the reason why he decided NOT to believe in YAHUSHUA anymore is because how do you know who is right about who God is? And so much war was done in the name of religions how could there be a God? I told him that is right too many wars in the name of religion, but this is NOT about a religion it is about a relationship with YAHUSHUA! I told him you can't blame Father YAHUVEH for what people do! And he knows the bible so what else could I say as to who Father YAHUVEH is? Besides this was just a POOR EXCUSE for he didn't have any other! He cut me off and said he made up his mind he had other things to do. His eyes had turned black and the demons had won. I can't describe what it was like as I walked out his door. I had been under a heavy anointing for about an hour speaking with him at his house. Money was their god and they had made up their mind. Father YAHUVEH is sending me to the wealthy with a strong message, and anointing, they are bankrupt in Heaven! IF they don't repent they are destined for hell!

If you ever feel the grieving of the HOLY SPIRIT you know what I felt like. Such a weight was on me, that I kept shaking my head NO in disbelief! All night even when no one was looking! This man and woman would die shortly and go to hell! Father YAHUVEH didn't just let me feel it for one or two persons, but the HOLY SPIRIT let me feel what YAHUSHUA feels like when multitudes reject him! The burden of feeling Father YAHUVEH’s grief is unbearable and like the anger of Father YAHUVEH that I have felt at times, so overwhelming, if Father YAHUVEH doesn't lift it, it feels like it will consume your body! I asked for prayer for the grief to be lifted off of me, in the morning I woke up with in my spirit that I had spoken all Father YAHUVEH told me to say, under a heavy anointing, and this man and woman chose damnation over salvation, to serve satan over YAHUSHUA, who am I to stand in their way? For Father YAHUVEH had told me it was there last chance and they made their choice! First Father YAHUVEH grieves then he gets Angry! These two 88 year olds are now REPROBATE (Jer.6 27-29). REJECTED SILVER shall they be called and fit only for the FIRE OF DESTRUCTION! Woe be unto those that this scripture applies to! Father YAHUVEH is not mocked for long!

Someone told me it was reported on the news that people in Nova Scotia saw it, that night while I slept after the millionaires rejected YAHUSHUA, over all the east coast there was seen a HUGE FIREBALL in the sky that exploded! You can read more about it at the site. Not all news stations carried it for the government had no explanation. I know it is the judgment of Father YAHUVEH on the East Coast! That day the temperatures soared to high 90's which is rare! Father YAHUVEH said, "Get out of Canada, and go to * * * * * * * NOW!" Before I had told Him I liked it in Nova Scotia, at least it was an escape from the heat, but Father YAHUVEH sent the heat and told me to GET OUT NOW and that’s when I obeyed. The West has seen the fires burning out of control covering states and still burning! Father YAHUVEH is separating His wheat and burning up the Chaff in the wind! This is the endtime harvest call! Will you help me gather it in? If so, please email or write me.

I came to * * * * * * *, for Father YAHUVEH said he would use me with Linda, as 2 whirlwinds in a big revival in the south, that will reach around the world, in an unusual anointing that I have seen demonstrated already. Father YAHUVEH is in the midst of putting together others in the revival team, but as of yet, all isn't put together. What has taken place mainly is LOTS of prayer and fasting in preparation and another prophet came from the Philippines to help in the preparation praying in this revival fire, along with Apostle Linda!

I write this under the anointing on the 9th day of fasting! Linda and Timothy are fasting with me along with Linda's husband. Today Father YAHUVEH told prophet Susan to start a fast, that we must pray for more time to gather in the harvest so the devil doesn't up the time schedule! We must pray people will repent and fall on their knees and humble themselves so Father YAHUVEH will heal our lands! We must pray and fast that America does NOT turn on Israel or the Jewish people. We must pray that the United Nations doesn't take the side of the Palestinians! Yes NOT all who live in Israel who say they are Jews are Jews, for the Bible says in Revelation some are of the synagogue of satan! But for those that seek after peace, and holiness, and serve Father YAHUVEH but haven't been shown the truth of YAHUSHUA, yet we must pray for mercy on them, they are the remnant that will come to know Him as Messiah. We must pray and fast for those in the White House seeking Father YAHUVEH’s will for America and for the power to change the laws back to laws that are Father YAHUVEH-inspired and have the power to defeat the satanists in the White House!

We fast and pray that the counterfeit revivals out there just heaping riches upon themselves will be exposed! Those relying on the GOLD DUST revivals I want you to know that Father YAHUVEH SAID GOLD DUST and GOLD teeth revivals are HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH! PROMOTERS OF THIS ALCHEMY AND SORCERY AND TRICKERY MOVEMENT ARE DROPPING DOWN DEAD WITH CANCER! RUTH HEFLIN AMONG OTHERS! NEW ARTICLE TO BE FORTHCOMING! WARN THE PEOPLE! THE WAYWARD EVANGELISTS WITH THE NAMES EVERYONE RECOGNIZES ARE LEADING THE BLIND SHEEP ASTRAY! FATHER YAHUVEH IS ANGRY! But not at those who are seeking for the truth, and following YAHUSHUA, and exposing the counterfeits no matter how many million-dollar ministries there are out there lying to the people!

I asked Father YAHUVEH why would he send me to * * * * * * *. He said, "Tell the people I send you to that I have havens around the world, safe pockets for my people! For it will be as if they are in my pockets! And I dare the devil to touch them!" This new anointing hit me when I reached the airport in * * * * * * *, and Linda greeted me with a hug as I got off the plane. Though it was prophesied in June. Here is the first demonstration when Linda and I least expected it.

Father YAHUVEH sent me to a woman to buy some used furniture from an ad in the newspaper. He showed me only one ad we went to her, and she said she was praying for a financial miracle the night before, someone would buy her furniture, but everyone kept saying they would come and then not show up. I said that is because Father YAHUVEH was waiting for me to come. I bought the living room furniture.

Apostle Linda, my dear friend, (very anointed) and I prayed for her and she came under such heavy conviction of the Holy Spirit, for she was backslidden and living a sinful, drunken lifestyle with a man, and though I didn't know this, Father YAHUVEH did, and as we both prayed and touched her shoulder, she was hopping on one foot and another, so fast! As we laid hands on her, for she was getting convicted and the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT was hot! Father YAHUVEH said when we left she was the first we left with the HOLY GHOST RUACH HA KODESH WILD FIRE! I am convinced the reason why the devil sent the natural wild fires that have burned so many states, is because this anointing was spoken and loosed first in the supernatural realm! The devil wants the people to think of destruction of Wild Fires instead of Salvation, healing and deliverance!

You see, it is either conviction, and only repentance, turning away from sin, and getting right with YAHUSHUA our Messiah, that will get judgment off until then one thing after another happened to this woman we prayed for that is backslidden, once lived Holy, showing she was under chastisement. Father YAHUVEH punishes those He loves when we do wrong. And she knew that He did NOT want her living with nor marrying the man she was living with. That man did NOT want YAHUSHUA into his life the way she did. She must choose between YAHUSHUA and this man.

Then for those filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and following YAHUSHUA the anointing is like the 3 Hebrew children in the fiery furnace and they bathe in that fire, for YAHUSHUA, our Messiah, is in it and the HOLY GHOST RUACH HA KODESH WILD FIRE is a BLESSING not like a curse! Father YAHUVEH said his children would be lit with the revival fire that would be a beautiful glow that lights up your face from the inside to the outside! NOT a phony gold dust or gold teeth, which is alchemy and sorcery! But a sign that no one can mimic for Father YAHUVEH alone shines forth in a new radiance and a new anointing comes with it, to reach the unsaved, and NEW gifts of the Holy Spirit will come forth, different to each individual! I saw this happen on Prophet Timothy Snodgrass from the Philippines first! His face just glowed, as we prayed for him! To Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA alone goes all Praise, Honor and Glory!

Then it came on a Sister prophet in Mississippi (Angela) and she just got filled with more HOLY GHOST RUACH HA KODESH WILD FIRE as we spoke on the phone a few days ago, during this fast, she started yelling WHOO HOO or something like that! Awesome to know that Father YAHUVEH didn't even have to have her come so I could lay hands on her; she got it right over the phone! And then Hawaii a prophetess called me (Colleen) and something similar happened and the gifts in her were stirred up! What a honor for it has nothing to do with me, but its a Father YAHUVEH thing Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! I am only the vessel of clay, allowed to be used in this way!

Please pray the NEW anointing of the Precious HOLY SPIRIT our Ruach Ha Kodesh will only get stronger as we go into different nations and states taking this anointing with us. When I heard the news about Joey, I had to withhold my shouts for I live in an apartment but surely some heard anyway! What a blessing Doug and Lisa are for they did what Father YAHUVEH told me to tell them to do, and lead a comatose, severe brain damaged, 20 year old to YAHUSHUA and he raised up like from the dead, to confirm it! This young man I am waiting to speak to in person, for Father YAHUVEH has a mighty calling on his life, and as we get a picture it will be posted with his testimony believing in faith!

I know Australia He is also calling me to, and Pastor Joshua, Father YAHUVEH used to ignite that revival fire desire for Australia burning to see Australia become a safe haven in the times of trouble coming. My son has a love for Australia for many years now, and Steve Irwin is like a hero to him, animal zoologist in Queensland, Australia. My son prays Steve is a Christian and wants me to go there and minister in Revival also.

Victoria City South Australia has also been laid upon my heart, but I don't have the connections there yet, Please pray that Father YAHUVEH will show me where that open door is? I wrote 2 churches but had no reply yet. Everything is in Father YAHUVEH's timing! All I ask for is airfare and safe lodging, and I count it a privilege to be used for YAHUSHUA's glory!

For the past few years I have been in Canada for Rosh Ha Shanah and I thought I would be here in * * * * * * *, for it, even planning a dinner with lamb, rededication service, etc. Small seder to bring in the Jewish new year, NEVER did I think Father YAHUVEH would be sending me to * * * * * * *, what I call truly Sodom! And a city of sin! Flying alone with my son there. Is my insecurity showing? Well, that is a character flaw. I am insecure bet you didn't know that about your sister. I was inviting people for my first dinner in apartment and now…

It turns out I won't be here for Rosh Hashanah! This is the 9th day of the fast, and although it is the anniversary of the dream of the rod, and learning to use the rod, strongest thus far anointing in Hawaii, the Daniel fast was to end at midnight 8/27 but I see no end in site as of yet. I had an unexpected call from * * * * * * *, from another woman apostle I have known for years named Susan. She is having an Eagles Gathering. Her uncle has a radio broadcast and for years she has told me, Sherrie you need to come here and meet with him, he comes from Florida once a year. Others will be there also. I am to meet with especially another prophet Steve, he hasn't been in contact with me for awhile, but he has a ministry in * * * * * * *, usually Father YAHUVEH has him contact me in someway once a year at least. He called me tonight with a message Father YAHUVEH wants me at that meeting and bring the NEW anointing of the HOLY GHOST RUACH HA KODESH WILD FIRE. (Ha ha, as if I could leave it behind, it goes where I go Father YAHUVEH says wherever my feet go its on them! This explains why the prophets for years have seen me in visions standing at the Western wall in Jerusalem, preaching with Fire coming off my heels! At last now I understand.)

And we are going to be praying for a lot of people in the city of sin called * * * * * * *! Plus it was prophesied I would be on the radio and TV. One of those I am gathering with the uncle is on a radio broadcast in Florida. I had a dream in which prophet Steve was showing me an apartment to rent, a very beautiful one (not to say now is the time for that). This was last year I had the dream, while he and I and others ministered. It is NOT my desire to live in * * * * * * *, its hotter there then here! (I am known to be called Father YAHUVEH's 'air conditioner baby'!) The only heat I want is the HOLY GHOST RUACH HA KODESH FIRE! But I will go where Father YAHUVEH is leading, and it was confirmed 3 times tonight I am to go there, though my flesh likes the now familiar surroundings, but the HOLY SPIRIT is moving me to the other side of the boat to fish! I usually travel with my friend Sharon, who helps me with my son, but she is NOT going to be traveling anymore with me, and it will just be my son, and I traveling alone in the natural realm, and I don't like airports they intimidate me, nor making travel arrangements. Please agree that fear will release me. I can't wait till Nikomia comes, the one that is prophesied to be on the way sooner then later! Praise my Heavenly Father! Dec.10 will be 13 years since Father YAHUVEH spelled that name to me!

Well, to make a long story short, Sept.12 to Sept.19 I will be with the apostles gathering in a apostolic meeting, ministering, in * * * * * * * if this is truly Father YAHUVEH’s will, if anyone doesn't have peace on this PLEASE let me know right away, and I shall test the spirit drawing me there further if now is that time. Never been to * * * * * * * before and fought going there when Prophet Susan mentioned it, but today Father YAHUVEH spoke through 3 witnesses I was to go NOW was the time! The money will be sent for airfare, and my son’s lodgings and mine provided for. So you see my plans for a quiet dinner celebrating Rosh Ha Shashanah were MY plans, Father YAHUVEH had others!

I heard from Prophet Gary and WOW am I blessed! He gave me an encouraging word from YAHUSHUA. This makes me very happy, for Gary has been my brother and prophet friend in England for years, and then somehow the devil seemed to divide us communicating, but now Father YAHUVEH has put together what the devil tried to divide. He would call and cover me in prayer as I traveled and his wife Liz would pray also. He calls me Elisabeth, Father YAHUVEH told him to do that, but thank you to those who do NOT call me by my birth name, I prefer Sherrie. The main reason I am sharing Gary's email with you is because I want you to please lift Gary up in prayer, praying in agreement for that financial breakthrough for him, for he is used as a Christian internet provider in England, this is rare, the government among others have tried to shut him down, some even sent viruses to the main frame. Thank you for your prayers of blessings and protection for him and his family. Pray the devil will be forced to give back what was stolen from our Brother Gary. All on this email list are my prayer covering and I ask please say a prayer for him also.

One more thing there is a big building in Mississippi, that has been offered to us, but is now being used for a Hoe Down country dancing, it even has 3 air conditioned rooms, plus kitchen, and bathroom. Pray I will have high uncommon favor with the man owning it, and be able to reach Mississippi in revival there. The only Hoe Down Father YAHUVEH wants to see there is an anointed HOLY GHOST Hoe Down that leads UP! To Heaven! 

I laid a fleece before Father YAHUVEH and it was wherever an air conditioned building (places that need it) is offered, plus airfare, and safe lodgings, then that is where I know I am being led to minister along with other Holy Spirit filled apostles and prophets to help me as together we help to gather in this endtime harvest of souls for the GLORY of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, our Messiah! What job is better then that? I humbly share the Prophets words below, all I can do is Praise my Father YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the precious Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) that anoints Prophet Gary to speak forth the words below that are worth more then silver and gold! Please keep me in your prayers beloved that I will only hear the voice of our Daddy Father YAHUVEH and our beloved Savior YAHUSHUA will lead and guide me under the anointing of the Precious RUACH HA KODESH (Holy Spirit). That people won't hear me or see me when I minister for I will decrease and Father YAHUVEH will increase is my prayer. Again please pray Blessings on Gary and his family below. Gary has been used many times to literally save my life through intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, word of knowledge, and revelation. Father YAHUVEH uses him to prophecy encouraging words below at times also, but don't forget the same Father YAHUVEH that speaks below, I humbly admit has rebuked me also through his words.

* * * * * * * email from Gary * * * * * * *


I am so pleased to hear from you.

Only yesterday the Lord spoke to me and said to make contact with you.

I said but how, He said just get ready to respond.

And here you are alive a well.

Father YAHUVEH is good.

Just getting a word for you as I type....

You are my child and you are mine forever

I am not slack concerning My promises and some say slack

You are the jewel in My crown and I delight in you

Truly goodness and mercy shall follow you every day of your life

And you and your son shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Finally out of Egypt, see there were no giants in the land

I myself had cleared them out, did I not say that I would break the teeth of those that oppose you

I hold My hands out to you now

My provision is for the taking

Hold out your hands to receive a blessing

For it will be poured out to you without measure

Stay where you are and receive what I have for you

For the blessings I have, will overtake you

Wow, I didn't know I was going to get that as I typed

I hope it blesses you, like always test it in the HS

Love you lots

Father YAHUVEH told me to take the boys and Liz away for a week, so I will be back Monday week.

Tell your son I think the world of him and will try to get some new rocks while we are out and about.

There was indeed a big oppression from a client who had another subcontractor try a and steal the business we won. Still need the final breakthrough, but believe Father YAHUVEH has prevailed.

Speak soon eh!

Father YAHUVEH bless you abundantly

Gary, Liz Rob & Chris

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