Ministry Partners...THANK YOU!

The greatest rewards on earth is knowing you have led souls to Heaven. Just to know that our lives were not a waste for we served YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA with our last breath on earth. We can't take any material possessions with us when we leave earth but we can take the rewards with us that is the souls we led to Heaven or encouraged.

So many of our Partners in this ministry are too shy to do this, so they help us financially so we can do it and they will still share in the rewards by our side in Heaven. What a day of rejoicing that will be, for our Partners will meet every person we were able to be used to be a blessing too.

Our Partners in this Ministry are faithful and true friends.

I feel led to share a new email from a Partner in this Ministry after reading it for those of you who wonder if the trials of being a minister is worth it, let me share this beautiful email that just came in...I can say it has not been easy for 27 years of service ministering to our Brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) but I sure can say letters like this make it all worth it. Sometimes just the words "Thank You" really help you make it through the day.

We are here to serve not only YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA but we are here to serve YOU. Please let us know how we can be of help to you. We love and appreciate all of you. So many souls coming to YAHUSHUA, multitudes of backsliders returning again, healing, deliverance. YES on earth when we serve YAHUSHUA there is no greater reward then this taking souls to Heaven with us. Brother Jack, we look forward to meeting you in Heaven!

We Love and appreciate all of our Partners. My husband Niko and I send our love and blessings. $2,000 has been given thus far to match Brother H. donation of $1,000 and Sister T. has pledged $1,000 in a few weeks. Plus other donations are coming in, but we are still far off from the total with COD charges $10,000.

Please help us get this SHKHINAH GLORY Bus Solar system installed the parts are coming COD. We need this to minister as a traveling sanctuary.

I want to add that our Brother Jack that writes below left the military recently after years of service. Brother Jack, thank you for understanding why I have been led to make this a open letter so others can see what you have written so eloquently.

We really need your prayers of protection and blessings. If you only knew what goes on behind the scenes and the price that is paid to bring you the prophetic words from YAHUVEH, for there are those that want me dead for doing this. I just received a threat in email if I wasn't silent our house would be burned down. We are under instructions to stay hidden unless we are ministering. The anointing grows more each day because we have been obedient.

Our Partners in this Ministry will one day share in every reward in Heaven, for when you help us financially you also minister to the people through us. Partners, we are all in this together!

Love your Sister in YAHUSHUA , Apostle Elisabeth Elijah

* * * * * * *


Hi Sister Elisabeth,

My Dear Friends in God the Father and his son Christ,

I just read about the miracle bus and the last prophesy sent out (#69).

It has caused me to stop and ponder what my life has been like lately. I have strayed from where I should be but am resolved and repented to where I need to be when the Lord calls me into action. Your web site has got me somewhat refocused. I only hope and pray my family doesn't continue to think me crazy - but they do (at least some of them).

The feeling, messages and dreams have all been on me for this recent period and I could not put my finger on it until I saw the three prophesies God has given to you pertaining to missiles, meteors and earthquakes. There is something wrong out there and it is going to get worse. I have been having the urge to get my survival gear together and buy more canned foods.

As a personal note, When I have been in deep spiritual trouble it has been your web site that I have always returned to. I can feel the change coming and firmly believe the changing of the guards is upon us very soon.

Yes, the restrainers may be gone now from our government and I've seen where some groups out there are expecting "messiah" very soon. You know who I am talking about. The year 2003 may be the start of some very hard times. Famine, drought, earthquakes, storms, floods, war, etc. Martial law may be coming very soon.

I just wanted to email you and let you know I was still out here. I will send some $ this payday to help with the miracle bus and help get you on the road. I believe time is of the essence now more than ever.

Keep me in your prayers,

Brother Jack

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