This is written to explain why Sherrie Elijah is now going by the name of Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah. Elisabeth is the name actually given to her at birth.

At last I understand why YAHUVEH insists that my name is Elisabeth. Thank you brother for being used to convict me when I don't use that name in ministering.  Do you know when YAHUVEH speaks to me lately I hear him call to me and say " Elisabeth come here!"  then I approach his throne, without of course seeing his face, falling on my knees, but recognizing my Daddy YAHUVEH'S voice.  He allowed me and humored me to even say Sherrie at times, but lately he is not doing this anymore. Things have gotten quite serious.

I am grateful YAHUSHUA has not allowed me to travel far from his path.  I desire to obey YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA in all ways!  Below is the message a prophet named David wrote and the message I wrote him back, and I left the beautiful prophecy you sent me because I want you to know it was NOT you that wrote that, it is truly YAHUVEH that speaks forth anyway.

Please tell me if you get a witness to the below being a revelation of why I am called Elisabeth by Daddy YAHUVEH.  I got tears in my eyes as I read the below. This man is very dear to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA!   

Below is David's e-mail. Even Nikomia, was introduced to me with the name "Elisabeth, I have indeed ordained for you a Christian husband and his name is Nikomia, a living prophet of GOD."

Maybe I had to get that into my head before he comes! It took a brother from Hong Kong to make me understand the importance of this. Tell me if you get a witness to this being truth. I must confess if I heard the word Elisabeth, I would write Sherrie, thinking it wasn't important.

I repent for doing this before you and all of Heaven and YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! I ask forgiveness for what I thought was not important. I realize after reading this, and being convicted by you for YEARS now, Elisabeth is my name, YAHUVEH had that evil mother of mine name me, and even a legal changing of taking my middle name, doesn't impress YAHUVEH.  Tell me what you discern.

Dearest Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah,

I was reading Prophecy 16 in your homepage as I came across the following paragraph:

"Come back! Oh warriors who I have anointed to Speak forth with a loud voice and boldness! Allow this one who I have Anointed to be like a mother to the young prophets! The abused Prophets!

I have called Sherrie to nurture, encourage, bind up your wounds, teach, love, and war in your behalf as mother lion wars for her cubs in danger!"

You are surely described by Father YAHUVEH as a mother to the young prophets. 

These prophets are anointed to speak forth with a loud voice (like John the Baptist who is also described by Father YAHUVEH in one of your prophecies as one who speak forth boldly with a loud voice to prepare the way of our Savior YAHUSHUA).  In this sense, you are playing the role of Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.  But now, you are the mother of many John-the-Baptist-like warriors and young prophets. 

In fact, I think it is YAHUVEH who named you Elisabeth and He just put it in the mind of your mother to name you Elisabeth.

So these are what you are doing to the young prophets as a mother: "as you will be nurtured!"  (you nurture them) "to bind up your wounds" (you heal them) "let her minister unto you my love And comfort. My truth." (you nurture them with the love, comfort and truth of YAHUVEH)

So, you are not only calling them to assemble on the wall, you are also giving them life for they are all being ravishly hurt and damaged by the enemies.  I am one of them.

I am writing this email to express my gratitude to what you have done for the Great God I AM.  You know.  I am healed and I can feel the love, comfort and truth of my Father YAHUVEH.  Now, I am starting to speak forth boldly with a loud voice before my own kind.  Can't you see that.  You are really Elisabeth, the mother of a lot of John the Baptists.  There is no more Mary now on Earth for we only have one Savior YAHUSHUA.  But we do need a Elisabeth, for there are many John the Baptists waiting in line to be born.

Although I have not met you yet in person, I love you dearly and I can feel your love for me and for our Great God I AM.  I feel like you have been my sister for a long, long time.

Your brother in YAHUSHUA

Dearest Brother David,

I write with trembling hands, for at last NOW I understand why Daddy YAHUVEH insisted I minister under the name of Elisabeth! For He said to me whoever I am used to bring to YAHUSHUA it will be like a chain reaction and they in turn will be anointed to bring others into the Kingdom of Heaven ! I have seen this again and again. I am so humbled, and so honored, and I have tears in my eyes for what you write, I get a witness to it.

This explains why I am being given the mandate to call forth the 144,000 with the Clarion call! The 144,000 will do even greater then what John the Baptist did, for they will warn NOT to take the mark of the beast !

Oh David, I love you and your wife, though I don't yet know her, I do realize since she is your wife she is so very special ! Tell her YAHUVEH has hand chosen her to be your wife and help mate. Tell her that she will share in your rewards also as she helps you to bring millions to YAHUSHUA through translating these prophecies.

I can't get over your on the other side of the world practically and yet so close in the Ruach Ha Kodesh.

You also have the anointing of John the Baptist ! You are indeed hearing Daddy YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA speaking plus other Holy men of YAHUVEH praying ! I rejoice to hear of your gift of healing. You truly are one of the anointed hidden ones ! what a honor to meet you David!

YAHUSHUA let me get away with the name of Sherrie, but YAHUVEH insists I call myself Elisabeth and now I understand why. 

I have another prophet brother who lives in England, that rebukes me when I sign my name Sherrie, for he was given the mandate to address me as Elisabeth.

At last the pain of that name is removed because of the revelation given to you. I am going to pray on this and see if I should not share this with others who have wondered why YAHUVEH would insist I take back my birth name instead of my middle name. At last I have peace in this. Thank you for sharing this with me! Oh the healing that has come forth when you did .

All we are doing now is working on the graphics to the prophecies. These are the FIRST ones I ask you to translate. Please start at the newest and work your way down to the first.

Please make sure the name of YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH is written in them instead of JESUS for the anointing power is in the sacred names above. For a time JESUS allowed us to work miracles in that name, but that is because we didn't know his true name held such meaning and anointing. YAHUSHUA means YAHUVEH saves!  No wonder the Jews are forbidden to say the sacred names by the rabbi's.

I will keep in touch. Much love and blessings to you and your family. Also for the anointing of Elijah and to pray that we see the mantle fall.

I am only the messenger many times his words have more then one meaning. I am discerning the same anointing on Elisha we shall also have as his anointed hidden ones ! I don't know what he means to watch for it. Please share with me if you get the revelation.

I also shall learn from you Brother David, for the words given to you are real, and by helping me to get these prophecies into your languages Oh how greatly will you be used of YAHUSHUA, as well as blessed.

Much love to you, your wife, and family,

Elisabeth Elijah and son.

P.S. Please call me Elisabeth for now on. I am going to do what I never thought I would, take that name and TRY and drop the name of Sherrie. Maybe even changing it back to the original again. Thank you for helping me to obey this mandate of YAHUVEH ! In the prophecies where I have said the name Sherrie, Please change to Elisabeth as you translate. Can you do that ? I got away with it when I thought as a child, and YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH allowed it, but things have changed drastically and he has gotten tougher on his kids, for the time is short indeed to accomplish that which we must.



Firstly, you are not alone and you will never be alone. God has not forsaken you and I will not forsake you. God would say to you right now:
MY rod and My staff they shall comfort you, surely goodness and mercy shall follow Elisabeth and her son all the days of your life

And you shall indeed dwell in the house of the Lord forever, No not doubt little one, comfort my special one, your son,
For he is precious in My sight, despite his disobedience and his struggling -
I will always love him.

Behold My righteous right arm is raised up against the man who opposes you.

Do not raise your hand against him in word or deed or prayer, for behold the day of the Lord is at hand.

Watch and see what I will do.
Rest a while, do not struggle or fight Me, just rest in My arms for I am with you.
Did I not say that there would be wars and rumors of wars, do not let your heart be troubled.
Cannot I protect you in the midst of turmoil, amidst danger my Hand will protect you.

Did you not see, My people emerge from the towers, can I not do anything?
Trust and see that I am God.

The time is coming near when many hearts will grow cold, their love for Me will grow weak.
Do not be troubled, you must keep your eyes on Me. And you will see the salvation of the Lord.
Test that Word, I really got a witness on the bit for your son.
Love you lots,

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