Do You Want The Liquid Holy Ghost

To Minister In Your Church?

Greetings and Shalom in the name of our Elohim YAHUVEH and our Savior YAHUSHUA Messiah!

This ministry is always ACTIVE behind the scenes! What email I have received is POSITIVE reminding me anything we go through to reach souls for the Kingdom of HEAVEN is worth it!

I needed a rest from battling the hordes of HELL that descended on me, both in spiritual realm and physical realm, and the HOLY SPIRIT has comforted, strengthened and more greatly anointed me and the HOLY SPIRIT never rests! Now lets make up for lost time and REALLY kick the devil and demons butt real hard in the name of YAHUSHUA! By reaching more souls for the KINGDOM of HEAVEN than even before! For the GLORY of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA alone! Let's speak the truth more BOLDLY than before! Louder than before! Do you have something to share with the congregation, then email it to me! Don't think I am too busy to hear from you although I have been hindered while I was traveling by not always responding I do read ALL your email!

For those interested, please email me. I am getting revivals and crusades lined up! IF your interested in this ministry coming to your church get permission from your pastor then email me. IF you are a minister who has ministered in foreign countries in revivals and crusades PLEASE email me! IF you are in the music ministry and can travel please email me! IF you have a radio station you want me to minister on PLEASE email me! Do you have transportation to help get us from one meeting to another? Please email me. The time is so short. We MUST reach souls for YAHUSHUA NOW!!!

Do you want the Liquid Holy Ghost Fire Anointing To Minister In Your Church?

This year I am determined to do more for the KINGDOM of YAHUSHUA than ever before! IF your in the deliverance ministry PLEASE EMAIL ME! Lets kick down the gates of HELL that hold the people captive around this world! In the name of YAHUSHUA MESSIAH, for HIS GLORY ALONE! Let's join hands and anointing of HOLY SPIRIT together! Prophets come forth! I need you!

Can you travel? Do you have the boldness of John the Baptist? This ministry is looking for Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, and Pastors or those who wear no label but minister in the anointing with a burden to bring in the lost sheep, and to encourage, and teach the bride of YAHUSHUA! Prayer warriors WE need you!

Who wants to JOIN in taking this good news Where the HOLY SPIRIT leads! ONLY the BOLD and BRAVE need contact me! Those who are greatly anointed in the name of YAHUSHUA contact me! YAHUSHUA did not send out his disciples one by one but NOW especially we NEED one another! Are you experienced in revivals and crusades? I am assembling teams now and pray are you the one I am waiting for to join with me ? I try to do too much alone and realize I can't do it that way anymore. Like YAHUVEH spoke through me and said "NO MORE LONE RANGERS!" Especially in these end times!

IF you are greatly anointed you will realize you can DO NOTHING nor want to SPEAK anything UNLESS you KNOW the HOLY SPIRIT has anointed you and empowered you and you do NOT rely on your wisdom but on the wisdom of the YAHUSHUA! I am looking especially for Messianic Jews to join with me! Especially when I go to Israel later this year.

Excuse me while I taunt the devil a little...

HEY DEVIL We're backkkkk! in YAHUSHUA's name! and this Ministry is going after the souls for the GLORY of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, and HOLY SPIRIT STRONGER and MORE anointed and determined then before! satan you're gonna pay for trying to muzzle this prophet! In the name of YAHUSHUA! For didn't you read the book devil? THE GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH! We are the CHURCH! WE are the BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA MESSIAH!

I have been through the strongest TEST of my life thus far but without it I wouldn't have a stronger TESTIMONY! There is a forth coming BOOK that will be coming in YAHUVEH's timing! The author who has a book being released in a matter of months YAHUVEH has chosen to write the story behind the scenes of my life and this ministry!

The music ministry will be going forward as YAHUVEH has behind the scenes during the most intense testing of this minister...line up those who will be recording songs given to me for many years! Songs of DELIVERANCE and songs of WARFARE against the devil and SONGS of PRAISE and WORSHIP!

Together my friends we are MEAN (to the works of the devil ) LEAN (eating the meat of the word and drinking the milk! no junk food of this world! or false manifestations! we accept only the TRUTH!) and together we are anointed HOLY GHOST FIGHTING MACHINE!

Now lets CHARGE! at the enemy of our souls together and show everyone there is still LIFE in Amightywind and AlmightyWind! The act of inactivity has been noted and email wondered if all was well...We want to let you KNOW

ALL IS WELL WITH my SOUL AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN this ministry! The devil has tried to knock me down, kick, rejected by those I believed were my friends and YAHUVEH just raised up MORE anointed warriors/friends and partners that prayed me through and one day soon you will KNOW how the devil battled for me to give up and quit this ministry and yet our YAHUSHUA has the VICTORY for His HOLY SPIRIT in me and others working with me is shouting GET LOST DEVIL! YOU HAVE NO CLAIM ON ME NOR THIS MINISTRY!

Behind the scenes the HOLY SPIRIT never stopped ministering to the People! This work still goes on it is ETERNAL for the seed that is planted keeps growing GOOD fruit and GOOD harvests! ONLY for the GLORY of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the HOLY SPIRIT! THANK YOU for all who stand firm with US and Prayed me through the Personal crisis's I have endured and although I staggered still stood firm as so many lifted my hands when I didn't have strength to lift them myself! NO ONE but my most trusted Prayer warriors KNOW what was going on behind the scenes nor the price I pay for the sake of this ministry. ONLY YAHUVEH himself understands and for the sake of reaching even ONE soul I must say in the name of YAHUSHUA it is WORTH IT! What is the price of a soul? It is Priceless!

Satan HATES this ministry for both JEWS and GENTILES are coming to the one and only KING OF KINGS and LORD of LORDS getting saved, delivered, healed for the GLORY of our LORD YAHUSHUA is his name the only Begotten son of YAHUVEH! HE alone is OUR deliverer!

GREAT! will be your reward for praying and supporting this ministry at this time! I have learned MUCH during this time! So have those who have battled in my and this ministries behalf!

YAHUSHUA Bless all who have blessed this ministry and this minister! You have been tested with me and come forth as PURER then GOLD! ALL rewards stored up for me in HEAVEN you shall also share with me! I love you dearly in the name of YAHUSHUA IF your interested in me coming to your country PLEASE email me and lets start making arrangements for Revivals and crusades and those interested in coming with me to minister email me ASAP! NO ONE said following YAHUSHUA would be easy but it is WORTH IT! Please pray blessings around the staff of this ministry the HOLY GHOST site managers! IF you have been gifted in internet site graphics and want to help create beautiful pages as a VOLUNTEER unto YAHUSHUA, please email me ! We are trying to make EVERY page BEAUTIFUL as we are told to entertain as well as inform this end time generation. OUR site manager can always use some help this is a gigantic job!

Come forth please in the name of YAHUSHUA! We are also going to be putting up a prayer board but it will be monitored so the filth of this world doesn't contaminate that which is HOLY! Prayer warriors are needed!

The site manager job is NOT an easy job and they have seen this pastor reel with the blows of the enemy and stagger but it is their commitment to YAHUSHUA and their eyes that behold the GOOD FRUIT that comes forth and they KNOW whatever we go through it is well worth it! GREAT will their reward be in Heaven and in Earth for not forsaking me at a critical time in this ministry. In the end we shout "WE ARE MORE THEN CONQUERORS THROUGH YAHUSHUA OUR LORD!"

My goal now is to be a even worst nightmare for satan and his demonic forces who work through people to discourage, steal, kill, and destroy! But this ministry does NOT belong to anyone but Almighty YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the HOLY Spirit! I shall continue to LIVE and NOT die to declare the works of the LORD YAHUSHUA! who's name means Salvation! Yeshua, YAHUSHUA, Jesus Christ, it is the same Savior we serve and call Savior and Messiah! Come LORD YAHUSHUA come quickly is my prayer your bride longs to behold the love of our life! Until that time we shall occupy until you come doing the work you have laid before us proving the reality that our Messiah still rules and reigns and saves, heals, delivers YOU alone are the MIRACLE worker and without the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT we can do nothing apart from your HOLY SPIRIT! IN bold faith I decree in your name YAHUSHUA that this ministry shall be a greater more powerfully anointed force that will be used as Isaiah 61 declares! Setting the captives FREE in the name of our LORD YAHUSHUA! For the GLORY of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the HOLY SPIRIT! alone!

In deepest Love and appreciation to my Friends of this Ministry

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5