What Is A True Prophet? 
A Teaching For Those Walking In Obedience Before YAHUVEH and Who Are Being Attacked For Doing It!
Prophets Are Now in Battle...

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Dearest Family,

I have felt the heat of this battle in ways that make me understand why the Elijah of Old was taken away in the Chariots of Fire and the Whirlwind! This Elijah of New (because that's my last name the Lord calls me this) I myself have asked YAHUSHUA (Jesus) recently, Taxi Please. OK not in those exact words but means the same thing. Thank you Brother for letting me know I am not the only one that feels the heat of this battle. Lately I have been contemplating what the word prophet means, call it my own pity party, don't worry no one attends it but myself.  :-)   

P is for PERSECUTION, PAIN, PRAISE, which is the only way into YAHUSHUA's PRESENCE! 

John 15:20  Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. 

Matthew 5:11-12  Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. 

Psalms 100:4  Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. 

R is for REJECTION, RIDICULE, RIOT, which all of us experience as we wait for the RAPTURE when YAHUSHUA, Jesus Christ will RETURN again! REPENT is the outcry of a true Prophet for only with REPENTANCE can the wrath of God be stopped. 

O is for OUTCAST, OUTCOME, OVER which we long for this persecution to be OVER, it will be when YAHUSHUA, Jesus Christ comes again, or OUR job is finished and we go home to Heaven. 

P is for PRAYER, PERSEVERANCE, which is where the deliverance is.

H is for HATRED when others don't understand we are a blessing, not a curse! HEARING for we have to HEAR the voice of God speaking clearly! H is for HOT for it's that WHITE HOT ANOINTING that comes from the HOLY SPIRIT who is our HERO and its because of YAHUSHUA's HONOR we warn the people and pass on YAHUSHUA's Blessings or Curses! For we are only his mouthpiece. The words are not ours but the HOLY SPIRIT's! The gifts are from HEAVEN, H is for HONOR which we will never have in this world! Especially in our own HOME!

John 4:44  For YAHUSHUA himself testified, that a prophet hath no honor in his own country. 

John 15:18  If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. 

Scriputures say that the disciple is not greater than the Master.

Matthew 10:24  The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord.  

E is for the ENEMIES that ENCIRCLE us with EVIL and try to END our lives. E is for EVENTUALLY this too shall pass when the battle is hot we need ENDURANCE against the EVIL ones! For what is prophesied will EVENTUALLY come to pass! E is for our EARS which we ask YAHUSHUA to anoint so we can only hear with His EARS. E is for EYES which we ask YAHUSHUA to let us see with HIS EYES and not the worlds EYES!

Hebrews 10:26-27  For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. 

T is for TEARS, TROUBLE, TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, TIMING, TERROR, TRINITY who we worship and obey and strive to obey as we are TESTED and put through TESTS but not all of the sheep have to pass the same TESTS. For with TREMBLING we must TEST the spirit that speaks to see if this is really God speaking, before we speak HIS Words to the world! For we are speaking forth in his Name and YAHUVEH can't Lie!

S is for SAVIOR, SALVATION, SOULS, SERVANT, SUFFERING, SAINT, which is why we continue to take up this cross and follow after YAHUSHUA Messiah, JESUS CHRIST, who is the greatest PROPHET, SERVANT of ALL and Almighty God we SERVE now and forever more! YAHUSHUA's Child, Warrior, Prophet, and Bride.

Take each of those letters and it spells PROPHETS! That is what a true PROPHET of YAHUSHUA's goes through for YAHUVEH's Praise, Honor and Glory!

YAHUSHUA once told me words I have never forgotten "Yours is a Lonely Ministry." Only another prophet who hears the same Masters voice will understand your pain and then because they themselves have been so wounded it's hard for them to trust someone else, though we are supposed to be on the same side. Even the ones that should be joined together, supporting one another, which is one of the mandates of YAHUSHUA I have been given, to gather in the 500,000 Prophetic Warriors around the world together and when we shout in one accord it will be as if the walls of Jericho falls, and Goliath hits the ground! 

It's not me doing the choosing the Holy Spirit already has tested, and trained these warriors, they wait and know not what they wait for. I don't even understand fully the two dreams I have been given back to back Jan. 21, 1997. I only know the Holy Spirit is the one that knows who is fit for this army of YAHUVEH to march against the enemy of our soul and who is strong enough to stand when the battle is over.

Troops do not consist of one person so somehow we must gather together and trust one another so when we are attacked we can bind up one another's wounds!

We can support the other prophets under attack. I just came out of a heated battle and YAHUSHUA vindicated me and said for me NOT to defend myself for I was being accused unjustly and lied about. But I received the word "Stand still and know that I am YAHUVEH and I will use other prophets to vindicate you." The Battle is the Lord YAHUSHUA's, NOT mine! 

At least seven strong prophecies came forth and blessed me and strengthened and encouraged me, vindicating me of the enemies lies! But three that I thought were prophets turned out to be false prophets and the three that I trusted turned out to be enemies and a power pull took place. Even a false prophecy that threatened my life which a false prophet spoke saying, judgment would come for there was NO Holy Spirit in me or this ministry and I prophesy falsely. Beware prophets of the spirits of jealousy and covetness for it strikes when you least expect the attack. 

All prophets will eventually experience these attacks, especially when we get in any position of leadership. But here is a teaching Mighty Prophets of YAHUSHUA for much good came during this Holy week, which also for a week I was attacked started heavy during the time YAHUSHUA was crucified. The enemy was attacking hard. YAHUSHUA showed me in a small group of 12. I had asked for discernment on my son's dream and all HELL broke loose because satan didn't want me to get the meaning which now my son has had a 2nd dream of how soon YAHUSHUA is coming and what will happen! 

So satan got the eyes off of the dream and caused first one to object to the way YAHUSHUA has me minister at the internet site, then another enemy he brought in, and then someone who satan raised up unrepentantly. Praise YAHUSHUA my entire email list wasn't on this list. Over 1,000 would have been involved in this war with words! 

Here is what was shown to me in a teaching.

When you're in a war what do you want the troops to do? For I had to experience all three of these things so I know what I prefer! You're in the midst of a heated battle, the weapons are being fired at you point blank! That means the only thing the enemy sees is YOU! Now INCOMING Missiles, Would you..... 

1. Pray that the troops you have been given to defend you will shoot the missile out of the air before it HITS YOU, using the Gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT to blast the weapons from the air before it strikes YOU the target! Covering you so the enemy can't see you but see the one sent to HELP you! Now the enemy has a harder time for they see MORE than ONE target and the more YAHUSHUA calls in the troops to cover you, the harder the enemy has to find its target! The weapon keeps getting blasted out of the air by the ones sent in to protect and shield you! Prophets raise up and Prophesies speaking forth Judgment to the ones that continued to attack me! In the Name of YAHUSHUA they warned them to repent or YAHUSHUA spoke out the curses that would come upon these being USED by satan to destroy this ministry and this minister! This teaching is for ALL prophets that are being persecuted for speaking forth and doing YAHUSHUA's will! 

YAHUSHUA does NOT waste anything and may this anointed teaching bless and encourage you as it does me! This teaching encourages me with the very words of YAHUSHUA to hang in there. He is vindicating me as the blazing noon day sun and all would see it and it would bring YAHUSHUA the Glory! (Six prophets arose and covered this frail body that week) by giving forth strong prophecies of YAHUSHUA! They made the enemy retreat and run in seven different directions! THANK YOU YAHUSHUA ,THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT! The three used by satan were OUT NUMBERED for they no longer could zero in on destroying me with their words but instead now YAHUSHUA was firing HIS words through HIS prophets back at them! A FAR SUPERIOR WEAPON THAT NEVER MISSES ITS TARGETS!

When the three people, one false prophet and one I thought was a friend, another I thought I could trust but the pride I was accused of was the beam in there own eyes! One ran for cover and never heard from that sister again. What my enemies need to know is they are in danger for they did NOT attack this Apostle/Prophet/Pastor but instead they attacked the one that this ministry belongs too, the one that anoints me, the one that sends me forth to do HIS will and speak HIS words YAHUSHUA is HIS Name! No longer the mute tortured sacrificial lamb, that was for ONE time! 

Now he is a LION from the Tribe of JUDAH and ALMIGHTY WARRIOR! These 3 stuck a finger in YAHUVEH's eye as I was attacked! For I don't write the prophecies ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH speaks them and all you or I do is listen to what he says and speak it forth! Beware anyone that dares touch YAHUVEH's anointed or do HIS prophets HARM! But dear ones in these end times YAHUSHUA has told me although this ministry is a lonely one, WE NEED EACH OTHER! The LONE RANGERS will find it hard to live and continue speaking forth. The attacks of the enemy should NOT be allowed to ZERO in on ONE of your Prophet Brothers or Sisters! When you're attacked unjustly email me and I will cover you in prayer, and speak forth any words that the Holy Spirit gives me to encourage and strengthen you in the Name of YAHUSHUA, and cause the enemy to FLEE in YAHUSHUA's Name! Even the Lone Ranger had TONTO and I am willing to be your Tonto as YAHUSHUA directs! 

For I saw the way the others covered me EXCEPT for the five and except for the two that interceded in PRAYER secretly giving me strength! Some of the rest I didn't feel the protection, nor did the Holy Spirit use them to stop attacks. One brother, JR, interceded and prayed for me most of the night doing battle with satan in my behalf, for I was too weak to fight him alone. I didn't ask Jeff to do this, the Holy Spirit told him I needed HELP and COVERING and ENCOURAGEMENT. He wrote me and offered to call but I received the email too late for the call. The ones that prayed and publicly spoke forth the prayers. Two Sisters did this. They blessed me and in the end it was the prayers that finally ended this battle! 

The storm ended.

Here are the other ways you will see some behave when a prophet is attacked. Tell me, would you prefer the way YAHUSHUA handled it for me which is No. 1 above or the below choices?

No. 2 - Pray that the troops you have been given to defend you will shoot the missile out of the air before it HITS YOU! using the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to blast the weapons from the air before it strikes YOU the target! Covering you so the enemy can't see you but see the one sent to HELP you! 

No. 3 - Do you want the troops to not do ANYTHING and just see how you defend yourself? 

No. 4 - Do you want the troops to desert you? Go to the enemies side? Or stay Uninvolved? In fear for they might get attacked? YAHUSHUA calls them COWARDS! 

No. 5 - Do you want the troops to be like Job's comforters and say " Oh well maybe you did something to deserve this for remember all have sinned and fell short of YAHUVEH's Glory!" and let the Missiles HIT YOU! Just in case you deserve it! 

No. 6 - Do you want the troops to say, "Now Elisabeth, YAHUSHUA stood before his accusers and did NOT say a word in His defense you should be like him and be a lamb that is mute and just realize we all get hurt and we must just let the enemy say or do whatever they want. You know it is NOT true and that's all that matters! In plain words SUFFER IN SILENCE! BITE THE BULLET! 

This is my response I believe YAHUSHUA has given me. I am not a Savior, YAHUSHUA has never told his prophetic warriors to suffer in silence! Tell that to Elijah of Old, or Moses, or Jeremiah, or Deborah, or Nehemiah, the list goes on! YAHUSHUA told me the new prophets that he is raising up are called PROPHETIC WARRIORS! These are the ones the Holy Spirit will lead me too and I am anointed to mentor them under the anointing of the Holy Spirit! encouraging them, loving them, going into battle with them! Teaching Them! Mothering Them! Supporting them!

Prophets we need to get together and support one another even financially when possible! No prophet should be without a home or food or love! YAHUSHUA is putting a new mandate on this ministry and I ask that you pray for this for the finances and the discernment who to help, and that is a support group for the prophetic warriors around the world! I am just getting this revelation as I write this so I am speaking forth what the Holy Spirit is telling me! Please pray I can hear clearly what YAHUSHUA is saying! Please pray for the finances to cover such a venture in YAHUSHUA! Please pray only the true prophetic warriors of the Lord will be included in this support group. Is this the 500,000 Prophetic Warriors YAHUSHUA has given me the mandate to gather together by using this internet, Yes I think so!

Please Pray and email me for I am totally amazed as this vision is given to me as I only I meant to reply to a brother. Prophets are NOW in battle and all this has come forth! In ending what kind of Prophet are you? What kind of Warrior are you? Can I trust you in the midst of a heated battle to blast the weapon from the air before it strikes the target? No most of you don't know who Rev. Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah is so don't take that word literally but put yourself in the position of covering one you do know the spirit of what kind of troop will you be? Coward or Hero? We need to be one another's prayer covering. The true end time Prophetic Warriors need to get to know one another and help one another. We should be the family when our Blood family deserts us! 

We should be one another's prayer covering and also a physical covering, emotional covering, when they attack one of us the enemy should know they will not only encounter one but many will attack them back! Forgive me if I haven't said this plainly enough, get back with me if you want to know more about what YAHUSHUA is showing me as I write this. Thank you Thomas for your Word for the hour and time I needed to hear it! Not your words but words of the Holy Spirit! If anyone needs a prayer covering or someone to bind up your wounds or needs someone to blast the enemies weapons out of the air in the name of YAHUSHUA ! You can reach me below you can also read what Spirit speaks forth out of me by reading the 18 prophesies given in 1 yr. 1 yet to be posted will be added which the Holy Spirit gave me at this time of battle! 

Keep speaking forth Brother Thomas I love you in YAHUSHUA! By the way, please pray for the land that will be given to us as a love gift or cheap for the Lord has just showed me the prophetic warriors will be living together gathered together in a community surrounded by a wall. Can you imagine eventually 500,000 Prophetic warriors with their families living as a community in one land! It won't be in America for it may start out here but in my dream it was French speaking and I told Nikomia my soon coming partner, when he was worried, I would be returning to America, and voicing concern at a cafe, and I turned to him and said these exact words "America no longer has anything for me" there was a finality in my voice and relief on his face.

Please pray for this group of prophetic warriors on the wall that is what I have been seeing and not understanding until today. Yes, the government will be taking names like Thomas said, but whom do we have to fear when Almighty God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and HOLY SPIRIT is on our side! Hell is the only one that has anything to fear from us. If anyone wants to help me fulfill this vision then email me or go to. For YAHUSHUA has just given me a new revelation that is making satan tremble and all our enemies he is using! So beware any enemies speaking out against this revelation for no devil, demon, man, woman, can stop what YAHUSHUA is about to do! For anyone to try they will lose!  

Here is a prophecy sent to me be another brother:

Hello Fellow Prophets,
I have it, by my spirit man, that the hatred of the Prophets has begun in a way that you should start to feel it after your own spirit man, as I am feeling it after my own spirit man, also. The receiving of the opposite, to the ways of God and His elect Prophets, is (hot) enough to feel, not just the noticing after the natural, any longer. The heat is very hot at the home-front for many Prophets. The spouses are, and will turn on you and leave you, (Prophet of God), for you are not the person you were before the Call of God on your life for this Time. 

The Call has made you so "aware", that you now know too much hidden knowledge (Knowledge in the darkness of man) for human comfort. How much more uncomfortable for the one you are married to, if these (you are married to) are not given to God as they ought. It makes no difference if they be saved or not, they will turn and curse you, for they are not given in a "complete Way" to the Lord God, as they ought. If it is hot at the home-front, (attacks), where love should reign, how much more will it (the heat) be to those that have the vested interest in the natural things of the world? Be ready fellow Prophets, for the attacks are going to be very real and are now, very real to some. These are to test you in your Stand and in your Call.

Only God, by the Holy Spirit, will preserve you in all that is coming on you. I can feel it, by my spirit man, that the enemies to God, hates us (Prophets) with the passion of satan. These will be those you least expect. Wives, husbands, children, neighbors, fellow church goers, teachers and ministers and pastors, and undiscerning false prophets of the Word. The Police will be informed of you and your name will be on the books of the Government. You will be known, feared, and made separate. Only another Prophet will be your friend, and only those that Love God as He Loves them, will endure the Words that pour forth out of the Prophet's mouth.

For they shall not be burned by them (these words) as the others (that do not believe) will be. The time of the Prophet is here, and the trying of your trained spirit man is here. Go forth in His Victory, and know that you know, you are in His Order. Nothing else should matter to you, Mr. Prophet, for this is what you were Called to do. Great is our reward, if we will stay the course, No Matter What. Though these others might pray a perverse prayer to God of Heaven, that we be taken out early, this prayer will come back on the person that prays such a thing, and they will be the ones taken out early. Let the Prophets not move into fleshly emotions that separate them from God. Let the Prophets speak no more than three warnings, after that the Judgment. Let the Judgment be after the Leading of the Spirit in the Prophets, for they are Lead by the Holy Spirit to speak the Things of God.

April 1998.

Prophet Sherrie Elijah

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5