Are Women Called to Preach or Be An Apostle?

This Ministry Is Anointed With
Like Never Before Even To Reach The Masses For Me, Thus Saith YAHUVEH!

Another brother who is a pastor and an apostle with a church in Florida said "Enemies beware!! Elisabeth is anointed with the Liquid Fire Anointing!! You've been warned! The Wrath of God YAHUVEH or the merciful Blood of YAHUSHUA. It's your choice."

April 19, 2001
To Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah,

While I was driving in the car yesterday, YAHUVEH began speaking to me about you. The things I heard I wanted to be sure of. And make sure that I heard the Ruach Ha Kodesh right. So I did not want to write to you until I was sure. YAHUVEH led me to your website, and he instructed me to read your experience in Hawaii. That confirmed some things that YAHUSHUA shared with me earlier. So now I can release the word of YAHUVEH to you. Knowing that I heard the Ruach Ha Kodesh right. Amen.

First of all I would like to ask your forgiveness for dumping all my burdens, and hurts on you. I was not aware that you were fighting a Goliath yourself. (The Person with Court Case). Sorry that I was not sensitive to your needs.

I never meant to place unnecessary burdens on you. Knowing that you are facing a great trial with Family matters. YAHUVEH will prevail in this matter. His will be done.

April 19, 2001
Today YAHUVEH was speaking to me about you. YAHUVEH shared with me that there is an elevation in his Spirit that he is going to bring you into, because of your faithfulness. But YAHUVEH showed me a sea of opposition. He showed me religious spirits raising their ugly heads against his Spirit in his handmaiden, up ahead. Many will not believe the Ministry that YAHUVEH has given to you. This will be a devicive tactic of satan to try to stop you.

This strategy is to try to steal those that YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA is leading in your direction for salvation, deliverance, comfort, love, and restoration.

YAHUVEH showed me by his Spirit as you illuminate more in the Apostolic anointing, pastors, and spiritual Leaders will stand against what you believe. They will stand against the Christ in you in a strong way. With their chest pushed out, and talking out against the work that you are trying to build for YAHUVEH. They are going to go into their arsenal of apologetics, and theology, and will use the written word to accuse, and to prove you wrong, and to prove that women cannot be Apostles. This attack will come about in a new way. For a new strategy is at the table of the evil one, YAHUVEH saith. This will also come about because of jealousy. Start praying against this evil strategy. YAHUVEH shares that this spirit comes to violate his laws. These men will not prevail with the weapons that satan has placed in their hands to fight against you.

There are psychic probes that are trying their utmost to get inside information about your camp. Use what I taught you to combat these forces, YAHUVEH saith! They are trying to find ways to devise plans against thee, and my work. They will try to defeat the child of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. But YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA has you in their hands. You are covered.

YAHUVEH shares that he is going to have you put some guards, and restraint around yourself. He is not going to allow you to be too trusting with some that appear to be of YAHUVEH, or act like the real thing. For in this satan has devised traps, and hurts, and attacks to destroy what YAHUVEH is building up. YAHUVEH will anoint you to discern people even in a different way, Thus saith YAHUVEH. He wants you to be careful because of the sensitivity of the love that he has given to you. Let no one use you, nor take willful advantage of you, thus saith YAHUVEH. YAHUVEH was sharing with me today that you must guard the anointing. Don't allow those with swine natures to pull from the anointing that he has given to you. Guard it because it is very precious, and it's going to grow on you up ahead. For the strong anointing that YAHUVEH is building in you is for the greater works, and it is also for the raising of the dead.

The power of YAHUVEH is going to be so strong on your life that you are not going to even know yourself, thus saith YAHUVEH of hosts. YAHUVEH shared that he is going to give you a dose of joy you have never known. This is up ahead. Praise YAHUVEH.

YAHUVEH shared with me on yesterday that the level of anointing you been operating under will increase. Yea they will come as an increase in the anointing of the Holy Ghost upon your life. This is my End Time anointing that I am increasing in your life, saith YAHUVEH. For my Honor, and Glory, yea for my service, saith YAHUVEH of Hosts.

The fire of my Spirit shall burn within you, and upon you in a different way. For soon you shall Minister with a LIQUID FIRE ANOINTING, like never before even to reach the masses for me, YAHUVEH saith. My LIQUID FIRE, will burn your very being. But it must be so. For these are the greater works that I am preparing my people for. You have been in preparation, and up ahead you will walk in this new anointing, thus saith YAHUVEH. For this anointing is pure, clean, and unadulterated, thus saith YAHUVEH. With this anointing, saith YAHUVEH. You will receive visitations from Heaven. You will live in the earth, but you will visit heaven, and heaven will visit you, YAHUVEH saith!

Those that will walk with you in those days will have to live clean lives before me. Because of the anointing on your life. They will have to walk in the Spirit before me, thus saith YAHUVEH. For I have chosen you and separated you unto my self saith YAHUVEH. You will not share the table of another.

You will sit at my table and partake of my heavenly blessings, thus saith YAHUVEH. In that day I will dress you, I will promote you, I will establish, and extend your borders saith YAHUVEH. For you must reach the lost for me, thus saith YAHUVEH, at all cost. I will be with you. I will carry you. I will comfort and encourage thee. I will clear the path for thee. I will lead and guide you in the way you should go. You will not be alone.

You shall begin to feel my presence even more up ahead, thus saith YAHUVEH of host. I am making all things new concerning you. Everything that the locust, caterpillar, canker worm, and the palmer worm have stolen will be given back to thee. Worry not I am aware, saith YAHUVEH.

Be careful of distractions. For this will be a weapon that satan will try to use against you. I shall use you to destroy the walls of idolatry in my churches, YAHUVEH saith! I shall send you where there are dried dead bones. My Spirit in you shall cause those dry bones to come alive, thus saith YAHUVEH. Many books you shall write for me, YAHUVEH saith. Let no one cause you to step out ahead of me, or to step out of my timing. You are still in my School of Patience, YAHUVEH saith.

There are enemies near and far that will like to place a dent in the Ministry that I have given unto thee, thus saith YAHUVEH. But I am going to bless thee with more of my Wisdom, YAHUVEH saith! All your needs are met by me, saith YAHUVEH. I shall use you to remove the blight that has laid across the wombs of my young ones in my body, saith YAHUVEH. A blight that has caused miscarriages, barren wombs, and female disorder. My anointed word in your mouth, and mine anointing in your right hand shall bring forth great deliverance's to these areas, saith YAHUVEH. In a greater measure, YAHUVEH saith. Barren wombs shall be healed. Female disorders shall disappear, saith YAHUVEH. Praise YAHUSHUA! YAHUVEH is blessing you for what you have done for his servants. YAHUVEH made a note of your kindness and compassion towards his prophets. You will be blessed in special ways for your kindness.

Please pray about this word for YAHUVEH. I really believe YAHUVEH shared these things with me. If I was not sure I don't think I would have released it. Let me know what you think please. YAHUVEH made this day. Rejoice and be glad. Don't forget to go to the Post Office after 3:00 p.m. Today.

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For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love which ye have shown toward his name in that ye ministered to the saints and do Minister. Hebrews 6:10

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5