Returning the Love 7 Fold

Written under the anointing of YAHUSHUA

What can I do, what can I say?

I want to return the love that was stolen.

I spend my time, thinking of ways.

You've been through so much, so much pain.

I want to return the love that was stolen.

An pour it over you, like heavenly latter rain.

You spend your life giving, an sacrificing all day.

I want to help you forget the past.

And help to wash it all away.

You’re always thinking of others, and never yourself.

I want to help you forget the past.

It's all about YAHUSHUA's love, to bathe you in his wealth.

Your kindness and love, bring tears to my eyes.

I want to nurture your heart, as you nurture my soul.

How can someone so beautiful, be so wise.

God sent me your way, so to keep me on his path.

I want to nurture your heart, as you nurture my soul.

I send you my love, all that I hath.

My cup runneth over, when I hear your words.

I want you to know, YAHUSHUA says it's O.K.

For me to love you too, as I worship him, all day.

Soon, it will be a distant memory, that shall fade away.

I want you to know, YAHUSHUA says, it's O.K.

That is my prayer, that is what I pray.

It want belong now, soon YAHUSHUA will be back.

I want to fly, like a gathering of eagles.

An meet him in the air.

I can't wait, because you will be there.

I want to fly, like the gathering of eagles.

And there we'll all meet, with no more despair.

Nikomia, the victory, and dear brother Paul.

I want to know their pain also, that brought them this far.

We'll all be up there, with no more scars.

We'll have new, eternal bodies, no sickness or disease.

I want to know their pain also, that brought them this far.

I will write them a poem, may I, please.

What can I pray, what can I say?

I want to bless you, for saving my soul.

A new age false prophet, was leading me astray.

I'll bring a blessing, an annointing of PEACE!

I want to bless you, for saving my soul.

To over throw your past, this is the least that I can do.

I am with you now, as we lay down all alone.

I want to pray, that you find, the bones of your bones.

The victory will come, and it will be so sweet.

You want have to cry anymore, yourself to sleep.

Though YAHUSHUA is with you, to lift you up, and keep you strong.

I want to pray, that you find the one, to keep you from harm.

He'll wrap his arms around you, as you sleep at night.

And when you awake in the morn, he's still holding you tight.

He'll be your eternal soul mate, an oh what a joy.

As you praise YAHUSHUA together with tears, forever you two will soar.


* * * * * * *

Subject: Hi Rev. E. Sherrie Elijah

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 09:28:38 -0500

Late last night when I got from our covenant brothers church. Oh and intercessory prayer and Bible study was unbeleivable last night.But YAHUSHUA instructed me send you this.I hope you like it. I also dropped you a $700.00 Check in the mail on the way to church. Since Bro Paul said I was call to be a partner. Can't wait to see how YAHUSHUA is going to bless me for this.Please, no need to respond. Unless the spirit moves you. Here goes.

[poem at top of page]

Last night a intercessory prayer I felt something break, a release.That's the only way I know how to describe it. Last night we studied Proverbs 10:22, Pslam 115:12-17, Job 8:7(sow in faith) Acts 10:34 God is no respecter of persons. And Mathew 22:29.

The black lady that lead intercessory prayer was in tongues like for an hour. She was speaking to me also from the spirit. It was amazing grace.

See you and bro ***** in my prayers,


* * * * * * *

[answer from Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah]

Blessings to you Brother Kevin ! I am so much in awe and in love with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA more each day though I don't see how this is possible. Kevin, thank you so much for your love offering surely YAHUSHUA will bless it mightly ! I am so very grateful and so deeply touched for combined with your sacrificial gift is a love poem that our Heavenly Father anointed you to write just for me! This must be shared with others ! It is proof how much he loves each child and will go the extra miles to comfort them.

When you said something was released the blessings started flowing forth in a way I have never experenced them before! Yesterday I received a gift that few men would understand but Olga from Canada sent me a big box of cosmetics , 3 bottles of expensive perfumes, not my walgreens brand anymore, everything from eyeshadows in a beautiful case, to lipsticks, to bubble bath and the list goes on ! You see my sister felt led of YAHUSHUA that I needed pampering and the spiritual warfare on all fronts has been intense especially lately! YAHUSHUA let me know the reason why he led my sister to send these expensive presents is because I have to battle so hard with the men who fight against me being an apostle the calling on my life because I am a woman, I have to say ignore the fact I am a woman and only see the anointing in this minister! I try and only let people see the calling and not the woman! 

But YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA said NO you are not going to be say this anymore , for the office of the apostle put on me GOD was well aware of he chose a woman and no longer will I apologize for that fact any longer! When my sister sent me this gift I was so overwhelmed and thought I wasn't worth this and yet YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA said YES you are worth it ! Only YAHUSHUA knows the price I have paid and it all has been worth it ! I am learning alot since a certain brother has been brought into my life to teach me as a mentor and spiritual head of this household and Yes that includes this ministry ! The Nikomia anointing came to this ministry YESTERDAY ! The anointed words said the two anointings came together and it is VICTORY !

The congregation hasn't seen much victory in this handmaidens life although the victory is in each word YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH have spoken through me and the people have Victory ! Nikomia is the name of a unique anointing and it is VICTORY ! In greek the name means " VICTORY BELONGS TO ME !" So at last I can say it has come ! Now watch where this new powerful anointing will take this ministry ! The name of NIKOMIA is a spiritual name for a man with faith like an anointed SPIRITUAL GIANT and he does not accept defeat! I thought I had faith but compared to what this brother has I feel like mine has been like a grain of musturd seed ! But it is growing as I am spiritually and learning so I can pass the teachings onto the people.

I share this open email with the people and I am asking the site manager to post this asap in a beautiful background fitting for such a beautiful anointed blessing in a poem. For those reading it who want the same blessings as you are reading it claim them for yourselves ! YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are no respectors of persons! I openly ask the men reading this who have written me and although you have attacked me I ask your forgiveness for the way I responded to you, for I had no trust in a man until first with my site manager and then with my new mentor who is a man unlike any man I have yet met.

Kevin , this poem will be framed and hung on the wall for it means so much to me, more then words can ever say! I again thank you for not being like the 9 lepers that never came back to say Thank you to YAHUSHUA! You are so precious to me and this ministry. I ask all those filled with the Holy Ghost to say a prayer of blessing for you ! YAHUVEH told me where other servants he put on their hearts to help support this ministry and minister and they did not obey when they were tested, he will remember in the day of lack when they cry out for mercy. YAHUVEH told me last night not to fret because he always has a servant that will hear his voice and they will help sustain this "Elijah of new" This ministry is fertile ground and not named after a man or woman, and it does nothing but lift up the name of YAHUVEH , YAHUSHUA, RUACH HA KODESH ! I am accused of being a sacred name user! I PLEAD GUILTY !

I am not ashamed of using the sacred names of GOD the FATHER, his SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT ! I encourage everyone in prayer to call upon the sacred names ! Satan hates it ! he knows the anointing power is in their names as well as YAHUSHUA's blood and the HOLY SCRIPTURES !

I love you my brother in YAHUSHUA! in the time of famine you will not be in lack! Multiplications of blessings will be given to you! not only in the physical realm but spiritual realm! I am so blessed lately and that is because the NIKOMIA anointing has come to this minister and minstry and all those that want it recieve it in the name of YAHUSHUA!

Love and blessings and may YAHUVEH grant you the desires of your heart he gives you. You are one of those we prayed for " a laborer in this harvest field" You shall share in every reward I do in Heaven ! Thank you for I can prepay the sites and not have to be concerned about paying them monthly.

Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah

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