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Sept. 15, 2000
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July 18, 2001
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Beware! All That Glitters Is NOT Gold!

All That Glitters:
Gold Fillings and Truth Decay Toronto

Prophecy 32 - "Beware The Gold Fever Revival!"
Prophecy 33 - "The Horror, The Horror, The Horror!"
Elisabeth's Response To A Supporter Of The
Gold Dust Revival

Excerpt from Prophecy 58 - "America, Repent or Perish!"

You don't want to invite an apostle like this one I am speaking through [Elisabeth], you prefer to invite the rich and famous puffed up with their own pride, and ego and their strange fire of fools GOLD. That’s what I call the Gold Dust Gold Teeth Laughing False Revival! For it takes FOOLS to believe that "I AM" would use the LUST of this world to prove My
anointing power! "I AM" a CREATOR not an IMITATOR! I have already JUDGED those that promote this LIE from the pit of HELL! And those that have NOT repented for PROMOTING this and continue to PROMOTE this FOOLS GOLD! I will JUDGE just as surely as I have JUDGED Ruth Heflin and Bob Shattles, who are no longer on the face of this earth, and others will follow them. For they are standing in lines like dominoes ready to fall!"

If you are part of this false revival, flee immediately!!!

The Gold Dust/Gold Teeth revival is nothing but Christian alchemy here. People are flocking to these churches to see the signs and wonders about the Gold teeth and gold dust all over their bodies. This movement is not of God for one of few reasons.

•  God doesn’t promote the metal that is one of the sources of greed in this world that are used for Heaven’s pavement.

•  In a true revival YAHUSHUA (Jesus) is glorified, in the Gold Fever Revival it is the revival promoters are glorified.

•  True revival brings repentance and humility this brings even more envy.

•  In the real Glory Cloud, no flesh is able to stand. In this obviously, some flesh was standing. Making Christian television and magazines that covered this like the Weekly World News or National Enquirer.

•  People came for the gold, not to repentance for their sins by YAHUSHUA (Jesus).

You know what this gold really is? This is not a sign from Heaven but another deception sent from the pits of Hell, to deceive the elect. I felt in my spirit prior to the gold dust hysteria that these promoters were true men and women of God at one time, but since they promoted this deception in the church, God took them out of the world, for more souls was being deceived and dragged to Hell.

By the way it is cancerous gold dust if you have been exposed to it for a long time. So both Heflin and Shattles died of cancer from this stuff. So if you are in a church that is promoting this, FLEE!! If you already had been exposed, repent and seek deliverance now!! If you desire for this false manifestation to come upon you, DO NOT for you are opening up yourself to demons to destroy you.

Now For The Additional Articles.

MARCH 1999 Update: Gold Dust Oozing From their Skin and all Over the Prophet

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 01:43:19 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Ruth Heflin's "Gold Dust" heresy

Dear Steve,

I just received an e-mail from the contenders website showing an occultic catholic like mystical heresy being propagated from a major player in the Brownsville movement...Ruth Heflin, who along with Brenda Kilpatrick will be speaking at the Dancing into Glory Conference in Ohio in March. It concerns what they term Gold Dust from heaven appearing on who Ruth Heflin calls a "holy woman" at her campground in Ashland Virginia.. [We are told that the "holy woman" is a Brazilian woman in residence there.] She also claims that gold oozes from [the woman's] pores and that this "holy woman" has seen visions of Benny Hinn with the gold dust appearing on him. I won't spoil anymore of the story go to the following website...

After the the bottom of the page you can click to her home page and see in her newsletters that the gold dust is "appearing" on people at meetings in her ministry in Jerusalem. In one newsletter she boasts she is getting ready to celebrate Holy obvious catholic tradition..but to no surprise she claims in her biography on her home page that she is" equally at home with well as being experienced in a wide spectrum of Jewish endeavors" you noted in your website that she is involved in the Hebrew Roots Movement...

One newsletter she said she is getting ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Israel and the JUBILEE..she says in her Jerusalem meetings they call the gold..."ANGEL DUST"..

AND FINALLY...please read some of the quotes from her two books revival and revival glory to see the heresy that Brownsville has embraced ..she has spoken there and they revere her 'DOCTRINES' in these books as blueprints for revival..and one pastor from a church trying to imitate Brownsville read the book from the pulpit instead of the Bible...she has become the new guru for many of the Brownsville groupies and when you read her quotes you can see this is clearly not biblical Christianity. But this gold story takes the cake....God Bless.....B*******.

The following email was received on April 20, 1999:

"This gold thing is spreading rapidly. It is a transference of spirits just like the laughing thing. I am thinking about going over to see if its acting like the Brunswick one. I believe it is mystism and music plays a great role in it. Ruth Heflin is from an Independent Pentecostal family. She attends a Catholic church in Jerusalem and is into something called Jewish Roots. She has been very actively involved with Brownsville [AOG in Pensacola, FL.] and the Vineyard movements. I see that the deliverance ministry is needed but ignored in these strange fire movements. I keep myself covered with blood of Jesus."


"A man in our ministry took the tiny little pieces [of gold dust] to a jeweler. He said it is of a high order of gold. He said it would take a bucketful for it to be of value.

It is my understanding that this thing has been going on for about two years. We are going over next week to see what is happening there. I want to make two trips. One covering ourselves with the blood of Jesus and then two doing intensive warfare of binding the spirits of mammon, alchemy, bewitching spirits, blinding spirits, false prophets, etc. before going the second time to see what happens when a group goes and does the warfare.

In Brunswick,Christian Center Church, the Pastor is William T. Lignon, Sr., P.O. Box 2400 Brunswick, Ga. 31521, the evangelist name is Bob Shattles of Douglas, Ga.

The gold just seems to appear from his pores and appears all over his clothes. It drops all over the floor. It looks like small pieces but you can see it. The things occurs down front in the well of the church when the people come up to praise and worship. It starts during the worship service.
When people are ministered to they fall out, slain on the floor. The spirit of divination, is working in conjunction with this phenomenon. It is during this time that people begin to manifest. One lady fell in front of us and began clutching her stomach with a look of pain on her face. She was groaning. We stretched our hands out and began to quietly take authority over these spirits, commanding them to go in the name of Jesus. In seconds, she got free. A peace came over her face and she when back to her seat.
Another young began to manifest. Her tongue kept darting out like a snake while she was down on the floor. 

A group of women were wailing. Some had the laughing spirit on them. I believe this is a strong delusion. The evangelist claimed that the gold thing happened in Finney's meetings and also A. A. Allen's meetings. I have never read anything about it in my life.

Chasing after gold instead of Jesus may bring a great crowd. They claim that people are getting healed.

Ruth Heflin is from an old time Pentecostal family. She went to China at age 16 years old. Then she went Jerusalem. Someone gave her a million dollar house there and Christians come to see her from all over the world.
She's written several books. She attends a Catholic Church where she developed her praise and dancing ministry. She prophesies. She sings for about three hours each time she ministers. She believes, first you praise God then you go into worship, then you go into glory. She claims to go into visions and goes to various capitals of the world and dances and prophesies God's glory to change the atmosphere over the cities. She has a web page and you can see the woman from Brazil that this gold thing started with. I believe these things to be Catholic mysticism and be witching spirits."

Received the following email on May 11, 1999

"It seems a couple of churches in these areas are networked with Burnswick. However, I am watching the effects on people that I personally know. They are drawn to it and are dropping out of their churches. We had one lady in our church that was a pretty good member until she visited this thing. She said the first night, something took a hold of her hands and squeezed them and that it hurt. Her hands stayed in a funny position and she was not able to move them for the rest of the night. Her hands were actually twisted, despite this, she has returned. She came to our church and I talked about bewitching, deceptive, religious spirits. We have not seen her since.

Another evangelist that I know, is driving over every time they open the church doors. She is having the gold dripping from her pores. No one sees anything. I have not been back and I think that I've seen enough. I feel so sorry for the church.

Witchcraft is everywhere.

We heard about a local church that puts two wash tubs in front of the altar. The people step into the first one to wash away their sicknesses and then they step into the second one to cleanse themselves. They have to pay the pastor 25.00 bucks to talk to him. They tie red cords around their wrist and neck to protect them from "evil spirits." They praise until they drop.
I weep for the people."

And yet another email on May 25, 1999 - Is this thing growing, or what?

"A pastor from St. Mary's Georgia, was on the radio saying, "I have 500 people in my church, I am praying about this gold dust revival because I am responsible for my people." Why does he have to pray? The bible does not say, "If gold dust be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me."
They are claiming that people are being healed of cancers by placing the gold dust on them. People are eating the stuff right off the floor. One local evangelist rented a limo and took a bunch of pastors to the gold mine. May
Jesus' people stay alert during these perilous times."

Email of June 15, 1999

"We lost another man to it this week. Funny thing, he tried to keep coming to our church after he attended and accepted the lie, his eyes immediately changed. Something would look out of his eyes at me and while his lips were saying one thing, his eyes were telling another story. He lasted under the Word of God for about two weeks before he took off.

This thing immediately separates people from the truth. The interesting thing is, that ordinary people are catching the alchemy spirit and the gold dust appears on their hands and starts rolling out of their pores. I believe it can be compared to the golden calf that God's people fell into worshipping. One woman evangelist says that she is taking this "blessing" to Africa. She says it is the "glory" of God. I told the person that related this too me that God's glory is far above gold dust. The blind are leading the blind and this material gospel is paying off now and stealing the souls of people."

Email of June 17, 1999

"This is really wild. My assistant and I went to this evangelist's house. The evangelist is not in the gold thing and believes that it is a bewitching spirit. The evangelist's daughter came into the room and joined the conversation. The daughter is not saved and was smoking a cigarette and drinking wine. Suddenly, gold dust began to appear on the unsaved daughter. It was on her face, hair, chest, shoulders and rounded her eyes as if she had put on gold dust eye-liner! Look, she's got that gold dust all over her, my assistant said. The girl said, What are you talking about. We took her to the mirror and she was shocked. No one had ever told her about the gold dust before. 

We took her to Ruth Heflin's page and showed her Silvania's gold falling out of her hair. This unsaved girl said, "Look, I am not a holy person and I do not want to be a kook, what can I do to get this stuff off me?" The Next day, I went to see her. "Is the gold still there?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but I've been as sick as a dog all night. My nose is stopped up and my throat is sore. Every time I move my head, it feels like my brain is floating." I asked her, "How did you get rid of the gold?" "I washed it off. That thing is not a holy thing from God." she said. I know this sound wild, but it really did happen."

Email of July 15, 1999 from London, England

"The gold dust phenomena has arrived here. I was just watching a news item on one of the main stations (ITV) with the most respected news reporter in the UK today, Trevor McDonald about the gold dust experience.

It seems people in one of the suburbs (Surrey) are experience their dental filings turning to gold. Others are experiencing the gold dust on their body.

What surprises me is that this report is in the charismatic churches where the congregation are white middle-class people who are living in the suburbs AND not in the inner city of London where there is a concentration of black Pentecostals/charismatic. The people who are going through this experience seem very excited and all but a Church of England Vicar thinks it is God and it is a miracle.

Now that it has been given such a widespread advert on one of the main TV channels, within a few weeks it will be all over London, I am sure, and everybody will be running for gold. The people they interviewed are not uneducated - one was a
teacher and studying psychology and she was "testifying"' that it is God. Her dental filings turned to gold."

Email of August 1999

"Jacksonville's secular news channel 4, CBS, covered the gold dust thing in Christian Renewal Church in Brunswick, Ga. During the interview, they asked Rev, Bob Shattles was it real gold. He said that they did not know. A testimony was given about someone being healed of a cancer.

Well, the newsman said that he was going to test the flakes. Several days latter he reported that the gold flakes were NOT---I repeat---NOT real gold. He said that the gold stuff was a reflected, golden, cellophane.

Channel 4 in Jacksonville is the largest station in this area and it does reach up to Brunswick Ga.

It is interesting that when I saw Ruth Heflin and Bob Shattles on the local Christian station, they both claimed that they had tested the gold flakes and it was found that one side was of the purest gold and the other side was platinum with an oil in the center.

You may remember that a man, who is no longer coming to our church, claimed that he took the gold dust to a local jeweler and was told that it was gold dust but that it would take a bucket full to have any value.

Some one is lying."

Another email reported:

We are seeing some very strange things here. Now they are coming from some of the big churches---totally crazy--and sick--The Lord told me that the work of the gold dust demon is cancer. Many are going to die. Silvanna appeared at the Brunswick church. Two women were talking in book store. They and many of their friends were going to see her. They said that her testimony was: That she had 4 cancers with a putrid pus coming out of her pores. She had to stay wrapped in bandages. SHE WENT TO A VOODOO HOSPITAL, they said, and there was told to GO TO A CHURCH AND WITHIN THREE DAYS SHE'D BE HEALED!

Unbelievable---and preachers and so-called Christians were running to let her lay their hands on them! It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better---if ever.

October 15, 2000 email:

I guess you know that Ruth Heflin died on Sept. 23, 2000. Died of CANCER. The Lord told me that there was CANCER in the gold dust.

When this thing first started, I have it on tape that there is CANCER in this deception. We had several ministers here that went and had heart attacks immediately. If you look on Heflin's web page, I don't see the gold dust splattered all over it. Sylvana has moved to Mehesh' page. You will see the link on Heflin's page.

MARCH 2001 issue of CHARISMA magazine reported that Bob Shattles has liver CANCER.

July 18, 2001 - I got an email that said Bob Shattles died this day.

* * * * * *


News Briefs for July 18, 2001: ‘GOLD DUST’ PASTOR DIES

A Georgia-based evangelist whose meetings were reportedly marked by the mysterious appearance of heavenly gold dust died of cancer yesterday. Bob Shattles, 66, was diagnosed in December after suddenly becoming ill.

The former Atlanta police officer received chemotherapy for the cancer that doctors discovered in his liver, but the disease spread to his colon. Shattles' daughter, Robyn Wray, said surgery successfully removed it from his colon this spring, but the cancer then spread to his stomach, back, brain and lungs. This weekend, Shattles - who was in his Powder Springs home -- contracted pneumonia.

"He couldn't talk, so he would just look at me and smile," said Wray, who turned 43 yesterday. "And he would look at the ceiling and smile. He did three times, as if he was trying to tell me something. I said, 'Daddy, if it's time, it's OK.' I believe he knew that God was fixing to call him home."

The pastor emeritus of Souls Harvest Worship Center in Douglasville, Ga., had experienced the gold flakes phenomenon for two years after attending a meeting led by revivalist Ruth Heflin. Heflin died of cancer in September at age 60. Wray said Shattles' meetings, which were booked through the middle of next year, will be filled by her brother and husband. "We're not going to close down his Revival Fires Ministry," she said. "We're going to seek God and see how he wants us to handle this. God gave him a special anointing."

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