Dream From Jeff
"Trouble Is On The Way"
Posted 5/17/2001 with interpretation(s)

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To: Rev.E. Sherri Elijah
Subject: Dream
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 23:19:14 -0700

Sherrie I have a dream, and an interpretation you may want to post. So here it goes.

I was in the doorway of a house, a middle classed house. The man of the house was speaking with me. He was telling me of the people that lived in the house and were coming home to the house. People that were all dolled up in fancy pretty clothing, doing their own thing, doing what they want without a care. It appeared some of the people the person was speaking to me of were cross dressers, and upper middle class people. The person speaking to me referred to them as a kind of three ringed circus.

The next scene I was at work. Where I work there is a dispatch office, I work at a transportation company. The dispatcher, who is a British Citizen, and not a U.S. citizen said " That's it, they have done it, the missiles have been launched." I said "What do you mean the missiles have been launched?" He replied "They have no battlements". You have to understand that our dispatcher always refers to the USA as they, he being British.

The scene changed once more and I was out in some dark waters, it was night. I saw one row of war heads, one Large one and three smaller in a line going on top of the water. Then I saw this very small exact replica of a U.S. Coastal Guard ship with one red light flashing on top of it. But it looked so small and it seemed to be heading away from the missile heads all by itself. Then I saw as it were the ship without the insides, just a hollowed out hull and in the middle of it swimming away with a couple others with him was the male star of the Titanic movie. He was swimming away in the middle of the hollowed out hull of the Coastal Guard ship. As he was swimming away the men in the waters around the ship said "that's it, she's' gonna blow now." I then woke up.

Here is the interpretation I have, perhaps you may be shown more.

The person speaking to me is either God or a messenger of God. The house is the Western States (probably close to where I live, in the greater Seattle area.) The people are the people who live here going about there business doing whatever they want, indulging in whatever they want to, without fear of any judgment or loss of anything. They think they can do what they want without any consequences.

The second scene has to with what I believe will be a missile strike by some foreign power (represented by my dispatcher) who will strike because the USA has no defenses (no battlements). The attack will be by water as represented by the water. The small US Coastal Guard boat in comparison to the war heads represents the size of our US Coastal guard protecting our coasts. The reason why the hull is hollowed out where the engine should is that the Coast Guard has no power to protect the United States. The star of the titanic being in the hollowed hull represents the attitude of the United States as was the attitude on the titanic which was and is in the United States "nothing can fight against us. We can do what we want when we want and have no fear of war or destruction because of it. On the Titanic, the people had a false sense of security and indestructibility. They thought (at least one) thought that even God wouldn't be able to sink the titanic because it was built so well. But the Titanic did sink, and the United States can and will be attacked if she does not repent of that attitude.

The Larger warhead represents the first attack which will be the largest one, and smaller ones three more smaller attacks.

I do not believe the remaking of the Titanic movie was a mistake or an accident. I believe God is speaking to the United States and is warning "I can sink the Titanic, what makes you think you can stand against God and I cannot sink you? If I can sink the Titanic, I can raise up and army that can stand against your armies. For the Lord is not weak that he cannot raise up a standard against you. Beware and remember the Titanic and the attitude on the Titanic. Do not be as them. Turn to me in repentance says the Lord. You still have time to repent, but the day of judgment is at hand. Turn unto me while there is still time. Listen to my servants and understand that time is coming to a close and my grace is still with me. I am still willing to bring you into me. Therefore repent and I will save you.

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Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 10:07:36 -0700

Sherri, I also find it interesting that the dreamer was not part of the dream but an observer much as John was in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is also interesting that "they have no battlements" for in the spirit realm the Holy Spirit is the restrainer and the battlement we depend on. God is our fortress and our high tower and our very present help in time of need. In the physical sense we have lots of our own missiles if there is time to launch them. I believe however this dream was of a spiritual nature and the lack of embattlements referred to - no God and no Holy Spirit present to help. In short - the rapture had already taken place and there was no restrainer or defender - no embattlements - the man in the hulled out ship and the swimmers around it represent the masses - no engine, no safety, no getaway means, the hulled out church provides no safety, no power. And just as the star of the Titanic stayed with the ship until the last minute and still drowned, so will these who stayed with the lukewarm, hulled out, powerless compromising church until the last minute will find themselves struggling in the sea of humanity without any power or embattlements.

I agree with the dreamer in general except that I see the middle class "house" as not just the west coast but as all of America because America is made up of mostly middle class people who, in his own words, are as in the days of Noah, going about their materialistic ways and paying no mind to the dangers ahead. The "dressing up" is materialistic, and "crossing of dress" the abomination of homosexuality and sexual perversions, the "upper middle class house" the recent prosperity of the middle classes.

It is interesting that he saw the star of the Titanic swimming with "a few others with him" in the hull of the coast guard ship. Waters generally represent masses of people but in his dream there were only these few trying to swim away, but we have to remember that the star of the titanic did not survive. I believe the picture of no hope for the ship or the swimmers indicates the helplessness of the masses who are, by the way, asleep in their complacency for it is night, dark, and there is only one little red light on the ship that is hulled out over the dark waters.

Darkness covers this land but there is one small light shining in the night and the "hero" of the Titanic was staying with the light and with the ship (ark). He may drown (die) but he was inside the ship hollowed out by the apostasy of the church. I see the missiles as they are - but they will not only come to the west coast, but to the east coast as well and from the gulf. I do not believe they will be nuclear but will be chemical because the Ezekiel 38 war will begin with this attack when Russia decides to "go up to the unwalled villages that are at peace and dwell safely" to "take a prey, to pillage and plunder". They will have to disable America in order to march on Israel. They want our wealth and goods, so they will not be too quick to destroy it while destroying us with poisonous gases.

Then they can come in and plunder and take their prey. In addition, I have seen natural disasters hit this country hard this summer - devastating storms and earthquakes and a stock market crash in January 2002. I believe the rapture is at hand - possibly this Rosh Ha Shanah and the attack will usher in the AC just after the devastation of America and Israel. We will be out of here before the AC takes power but we could still be here for the attack - as the missiles come down, we will go up. The AC will use the devastation and chaos to rise to power. As you know, I am being sent to Washington state June 2 to the 16th and do not know if I will really be returning on the 16th, it depends on conditions here in Baltimore. I expect devastation here at some point this summer - as you know I have seen the tidal wave that will put Baltimore and part of the upper mid-Atlantic coast under water - I just don't know when it will happen. It is possibly a tribulation judgment event but I do not know for sure. In any case, I agree the saints are sealed but there is still room for more to come in and we must continue to compel them while we can. Chinese soldiers have been on this land for several years - thanks to the Clinton agreement to train Chinese soldiers here - and Bush is debating whether to stop this or not. We know that Clinton gave the Panama Canal to China and allowed them to build a base in the Bahamas just 80 miles off our coast. It is like sitting on a time bomb. Just stay close to the Savior and occupy - He is coming....


Thank you Joan for sending this!


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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5