CHAD'S DREAM 9/26/01
"Are You A Wing Builder?"

with Interpretation and Comments

I was walking around what looked like a dock, with sailors meandering around. I was carrying a big rock in my right hand, down by my side. There was a walkway going around a court-like area, but I cut straight across to the other side and walked into a small work area. Someone there said to another as I walked into the area, "He's here to build wings while we sleep." End of dream.

The moment I woke up, I thought what a strange dream. Then I got up to go to the bathroom and I was given the meaning:

This is concerning an event or events that will be taking place near or over water and involving our seamen and seawomen. They will be wandering around and confused because of engagement with the enemy. At that time, our prayers will be necessary to help guide and protect them.

The rock in my right hand is the Rock of My Salvation, YAHUSHUA. He took me off the prescribed course (the walkway) and directed me to the area where I would be building wings.

Building wings = praying for the intercession of YAHUVEH’s angels for our troops entering this war. I was told that our fervent prayers, unhindered without any sin or disobedience, go immediately to the Throne room, as if on wings (I’m getting this right now as I type) and move YAHUVEH to intervene to save lives/souls when they are needed. Then His Angels, ON WINGS, rush to the aid of those for whom we have been praying. "...while we sleep" refers to the many Christians who are not concerned enough about lives and souls to pray without ceasing for those who are now, or will shortly be, facing eternity. Hard to believe that some of our brothers and sisters are too busy with earthly concerns to realize the desperate need of souls--either for salvation or protection--who can be helped with PRAYER!!!

This is what happened to the police officer who survived when the first WTC tower collapsed. He was on the 86th floor. The moment the crash into the first tower was televised, MANY, MANY Christians immediately went into prayer for the safety of the people in both buildings. When the officer realized the building was on the verge of collapsing, he called to the Father, "Oh, God, please help me!" His prayers were answered as angels were sent to protect him and prevent the floor from crumbling underneath him.

"The fervent prayers of a righteous man [and woman] availeth MUCH". Yes America is under judgment, but we must continue praying for our military, our government leaders and all civilians for safety. YAHUVEH will use our prayers to save lives of many who will be given a ‘last chance’ for salvation, and He will also use our prayers to SAVE SOULS of those who stare death square in the face and believe they are about to die…and call upon the name of the L—d, YAHUSHUA. They WILL BE SAVED! Many others will ignore this ‘last chance’ and die cursing YAHUVEH with their final breath.


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