"San Diego Nuked!"

Dream 10.20.2002

I found myself back in my hometown of San Diego, California. San Diego is a big Navy town. Lots of military, Naval Training Center, aircraft carriers, et al. I was outside in the downtown area listening to two men talking with each other. I didn't recognize either of them. I knew they were leaders of countries, one of a large country (U.S.) and the other of a small country.

The leader of the large country was telling the other leader something to the effect, "You don't have to worry about us attacking you. Why would we? There's no reason to do it." At about that moment, a nuclear bomb exploded in the background. I knew it was an attack from the leader of the small country. He wasn't waiting for the large country to attack. He was going to strike first while he had the chance.

I started running for cover with lots of other people. I entered a large office building and ran to the far corner. There were already people in there taking shelter. The floor was covered with mattresses. I could see no ceiling and it looked like the whole first floor was one room.

I got down in the far corner of the room up against a wall of thick concrete. As I looked up, about twenty feet from the floor was a window. I watched as the first shock wave from the blast blew out the glass. If you've seen movies of structures being destroyed by shock waves from atomic bombs, first there's a small wave going in one direction, then a violent second wave going in the opposite direction which pulls structures apart. After the window was knocked out, I felt the second shock wave pulling on the wall in slow motion. The wall was shaking and weakening as if a giant vacuum cleaner was sucking it away from the building.

Suddenly the wall literally disappeared and I was looking out into what I remember looked like the alley behind the building next door. Just as I started to run in that direction…end of dream. I awoke with a start.


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