Time Is Shorter Than We Think: Amazing Wide-Awake Visions


As Elisabeth was reading Larry's open visions before she even found out what he was seeing she started getting what she calls "strong Holy Ghost goose bumps." This means she gets a strong witness Larry is telling the truth.

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From Larry B.


I would like to tell you about a vision that I had about six months ago. I am also looking for input...good or bad.

Well, this is hard for me because I have only talked to two people about this.

About six months ago i had a very strong vision. Four in all, that lasted over four nights.

First let me tell you a little about myself. I am 46 yrs. old, didn't know God and, was not looking to know God. I was just going about my life. Never read the Bible. Didn't go to church. Like I said, I was just minding my own business. One night while I was at work (I work nights...alone) I started having very vivid visions. The visions were very horrible. Fire and destruction on earth. People were screaming and sliding into a fiery pit with looks of horror on their faces.

Every night the visions were of different things like this...none of them looked good. I thought that I was losing my mind. I really believed that I was going crazy. I called out and asked what is happening to me! A voice said "Just watch" "Take notice". I was quite upset as you can imagine. I knew that this was coming from God. I don't know how, I just knew. On the fourth night, I just watched. I asked why are you showing this to me? I could hear a voice. Not with my ears, but in the front of my forehead. Clear as day. It said that I have been chosen by God to do a job.

I asked ,what job? I was told that I was to lead people to a safe place for the end of times. I asked what people and what is the end of times. I had no idea. The people were shown to me and the place was shown also. I was told that i will be shown. I asked why? It was said that the things that I have been shown are what is to come. The people, I will keep safe until the time for them to come out is safe and I would know the time. I asked why I did not see my wife and girl with the people? It said, they will be taken up. I asked, what am I seeing? I was told to read Revelation in the Bible.

Now it gets really strange.

I was really upset and thinking that I had gone mad. Walking around talking to myself I said out loud, God if this is true and this is from you then I need to be shown! "I didn't know that I was not suppose to do this"! I started to ask to see things but, I didn't know what to ask to see. First I said, I want to see a bird fly at night, then I said that I want to see a halo around the moon (it was a clear night with no halo), then I said that I want to see a meteor when I walk outside. I watch the night sky allot and sometimes I go days without seeing a meteor.

I said that when I walk outside, I am not going to look up, and when I do, I want to see it then. Thinking about what I had asked to see, I felt foolish. I thought that these things could happen at any time. So I asked to be given a cross. In my hand, so I have no doubt. I then walked outside, holding my head down so not to see the sky. I said when I lift my head, if i see a meteor I will know that it is from you "God". I looked up and at that exact time a meteor that lit the ground shot from one horizon to the other. My heart seemed to stop! I ran inside and tried to calm myself.

After a few minuets a loud bang came from the window. I thought that someone was playing a joke on me. I crept outside and looked around the corner of the building. No one was there. I looked all over the place. No one! Just before I went in I looked up and an owl was sitting just over my head on a peace of iron. He took to the air and I watched him fly. He crossed the moon and a halo was around the moon. I could not believe my eyes. In ten min. 3 of the 4 things that I asked to see, "I saw".

I was a wreck. When I went home and went to bed I set my glasses on the stand next to the bed as I always do and, went to sleep. I woke in about an hour (I never wake that soon) reached for my glasses an froze. A cross was setting with them. No one else was in the house and I didn't know of any cross's in the house. I received the fourth thing that I had asked for. Now I have no doubt that God has given me my instructions. I know what I am to do.

"It gets more unbelievable". I prayed that my wife would know God. The next night I walked into the bedroom when she was going to bed and she was reading a Bible.

"I didn't know that we had one". I asked her why she was reading it? She said that she didn't know. She said that she just got it and started to read. My girl started asking questions about the Lord. This has never happened in my house. I sat on the bed with my wife and said "you want to see something cool?" she asked what? I handed her the Bible and told her to open to the book of Revelation. When she opened it I said read to yourself. I started to quote it out loud as she read. We went through the hole thing . I had never read it before then.

She is the only one that I have told about what had happened to me. "Until now". More visions have come to me since that first time and, "I know" that what he has told me is true. I don't question it now. They (the visions) come often and, are more clear every day.


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