Earthquakes - Long Beach and San Francisco, California


At the end of October or beginning of November the first week I had a dream. I was standing in what I thought was a large building that resembled a theater and was dark. The building started rumbling and shaking around me and I ran outside without taking anything with me as I had left my purse inside. I then stood outside when I realized it was one of the largest earthquakes I had ever experienced. I turned around, looked at the building and it turned completely over and sunk into the ground about 25 ft into the ground. The top or side was still showing. I then was talking on the phone to who I think was my mother and said, "You'll never guess where I'm at." I was in Long Beach, California. Every building was shaking violently.

And then it was like I was somewhere else and realized that I was in San Francisco where it was also shaking violently but not as bad it seemed. I then woke up. I had no reason to think about Long Beach or San Francisco. I did not think to much more about this till I returned from a trip from another state and read then about the Prophecy given about The Crystal Cathedral but still since it had been 28 years since I had been to California I didn't realize how really close Long Beach was to this building. I do not claim that the Lord told me at anytime upon what time this was going to happen or would. But if anyone has had a similar experience it might be of help.

I pray that the Lord will watch over and keep people safe if this did happen.


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