Dream: Chemical Attack on America


Dream: Monday 1/14/02
Time: 12:33 PM

I was walking through a field at night and I looked over in the distance and I saw a figure and I was not sure what it was. It was a plane. It was like the plane was just nose diving and flipping. (like it was just thrown). It was just nose diving and flipping all over. Then the plane hit. When the plane hit it fell in a field and when the plane hit it caused a green mushroom cloud. In the dream I saw myself laying in the bed and I was just screaming. At the time I was saying no God, and why are you showing me this I believe.

Then, while I was still asleep I saw three planes. Each plane was a different color. I believe I remeber a red one. I assume the one plane was red, the other white and the last blue. The planes started out flying one on top of the other (like in a stack formation). Then the next moment they would start flying out of control like the plane in the first section of the dream (the one that caused the mushroom cloud). After the planes were flying in formation and got out of formation about three times I had woken up and saw that everything was normal.

In the dream I was screaming and waling after I saw the first plane hit. I was hoping that I would not wake up anyone. Even though it was day time. I guess I was thinking that someone was in the room with me. (I dont believe I actually yelled, I yelled while I was dreaming). When I started to dream about the three planes (red, white, and blue) I would wake up in the dream and be screaming again, and then I would close my eyes and there the planes were again flying in and then out of formation.

I have never been so fearful in my life. This fear was so real.

Then I was thinking about how mens hearts will fail them for the events that are about to happen.

The dream look place in a field and I was walking all alone. This field was a big field also.

Waymon 1/14/02

Interperataion by Shandra:

Dear all: Pleast test this, for this is the interpretation the Holy Spirit gave me. See you have a witness to this. Waymon, the plane crashing with the green mushroom cloud is a sign of a chemical attack. The plane colors of red, white and blue symbolizes who is doing the attack it is our own country. The military formation is staggard or stacked. The field represents the whole country. Waymon you just saw another plan for what may happen. Please we all must pray against this thing from happening but most importantly seek YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's will in this situation. Man's heart faint with fear...hmm? Will email to you later where that passage of scripture is at in the Bible. The fear you have felt is indicative of the emotions of the time to come. We must pray pray, pray and seek what is YAHUVEH's will for our lives and cram as many souls in the kingdom of Heaven as possible. A word was given to me earlier tonight while talking to another sister prophet, on Yahoo Messanger.

It will be a year of blessing and testing for the faithful...it is important to stay close to the Lord to survive. Even though there will be blessing, it will be refining for God's true children. Those who pass the test will stand, those who turn back will fall. So we've got to stay close to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to survive now. Our lives depend on our relationship with the Lord!!! Now it is a do or die situation.

Love you all, Shandra

* * * * * * *

Interpretation from Elisabeth:

My interpretation is a bit different. I believe the planes on top of each other symbolize the United Nations and America joining together and the mushroom cloud is the country they are using it on. Please add my interpetation and ask others if they have another discernment to email me.
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