He Is Coming Soon In All His Glory!

Sister Elisabeth, I wanted to share with you this Word the Lord gave me.
Blessings in the Name of YAHUSHUA the HOLY Messiah! He is coming SOON in ALL HIS GLORY! Bless the Lord, oh my soul...
Yours in the fellowship of His sufferings,


September 16/17, 2003

The Word of the Lord came unto me saying:

Who is He who has called you out from among them?
Is it not I?
Write and they will come...
Those of my choosing, says your God.

My anger is kindled against the nations,
and in My FURY I shall judge them.

My bride shall arise out of the dust of the earth.
The earth is Mine and the fullness thereof.

Anoint them with the oil
That I shall pour upon your hands.
Have I not said that you
are My body...My hands?

Rest and receive revelation knowledge and understanding.

As in the days of Noah...WARN them!

Speak to My apostles and prophets who no longer hear Me.
Woe unto them who say "God says"when I have not spoken.
Call them unto repentance.

The rocks shall cry out,
"Lord, have MERCY!"


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