Crossbow Dream
Isaiah 54:17 - "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper"

Anonymous, 12.06.04

Found myself in a room of some sort, being shown a very unusual looking, very powerful crossbow sitting on a table. The person showing the bow was a pleasant looking middle-aged man who I did not recognize [Satan]. He cocked the bow by pressing down on a lever behind the weapon which then clicked into place when it was ready to shoot.

I was then told to sit down on a chair in direct line of the arrow in the crossbow. I did so. I was not forced into the chair nor chained or secured in the chair in any way. I knew there was a reason for me to do this, so I did so.

As I sat in front of the bow, the man, sitting 45 degrees to my right at the table, joked around, letting me know that he had every intention of firing that crossbow at me. I had no idea when he planned on shooting me, but I knew he would do so shortly. The arrow was pointed directly at my throat, which started hurting because I imagined what it would feel like when the arrow hit me there. Now I was growing anxious.

Suddenly, the crossbow slowing began turning around on the table until it was pointed directly at the man. He laughed nervously, saying, in effect, "What is this? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?"

I then reached over to the crossbow, touching the trigger lever, and the arrow was fired into the man. While pointed at him, the arrow was aimed directly at his head. But when the bow fired, I didn't see where the arrow struck him.

Suddenly, the man was standing in front of a door. I was several feet in front of him. He was mortally wounded. I could not see where the arrow had struck him. He looked like someone after they had been beaten up. He could barely stand and was still in amazement at what had transpired. His hair was mused up and he had very dark shadows under his eyes.

I knew there was a Bowie knife in my left hand. I started stabbing the man furiously on the left side of his body. After six or seven strokes, he fell to the ground dead.

* * * * * * *

Special meaning here, I think, in that the two weapons in the dream were a crossBOW and a BOWie knife. Don't know what it is supposed to mean.

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