Turn In Believers...or Be Gassed!

Joy, 10.27.05

Dearest Elisabeth,

I had this dream last week, I had not been able to write it down, so this is what I remember.

I dont remember much about this dream, as I didn't get up and write it down. It was like I had no strength to get up.

I remember seeing myself, my husband, and a few others I knew being taken to this building. I just kept praying the entire time, while we were being tied up. I had noticed my husband, who did believe, but was such a lukewarm believer, praying fervently, like I had never seen before.

They asked us to turn in other believers that we knew, and when we would not answer and kept only praying...This man turned something on, and all the sudden the room filled with this smell, and I realized that we were in some sort of a gas chamber! I was terrified, for I knew this was it for us...but I kept praying and the gas smelled terrible and was thick, but yet never choked us up nor made us cough or anything.

We were left there to die, but the more prayer was said, the less the gas affected us. One of the others had gotten themselves untied and came and untied us, and we ran to find a way out and to warn others what was happening.

I woke up with that smell still fresh in my memory as if I had really been there!! Oh, I pray that I wasn't really meant to die that way, and am found worthy to escape these things.



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