All Things Shall Be Exposed


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I was awakened at 1:30 AM Monday night. The Holy Spirit told me three times to get up and write. After binding the evil forces of Satan's realm that might try to interject deception into the message, I began to write under the anointing of the true Lord God, YAHUVEH and Yeshua.

The Prophecy

"In three seasons you will know My daughter. As you have sought My face and My Holy Words saith your Lord and your God, I now honor your prayer. There is coming to your nation and to the world exactly what I, Yeshua Jesus Christ by My Holy Spirit, have prophesized to you, and to My other holy, faithful and true servants. Compare with them, and I will again, and again, and again, confirm it to you and to them, saith the Holy One of Israel.

War is determined among the nations in the last seconds of time. There is barely a nation that shall escape, as the wickedness of the world has become so great. This is nothing new to you or to My other prophets. The words that I anointed you to speak in the Assembly of God Church five years ago are holy and true. I want, and I desire that you proclaim them to the world. [I am interjecting here. After I spoke a powerful prophecy to the Assembly of God Church, the Senior Pastor forbade me to ever speak up in his church again.]  Let the righteous be righteous, let the dammed be dammed.   

I, the Lord God, no longer allow the playing of religious games among the people of the world. All things shall be exposed, and the hirelings and the false religious leaders will soon be exposed for who, and for what they are. However, ONLY My true Blood Washed and Holy Spirit filled children will be able to discern the true from the false. Religious deception will soon engulf the world, and even now is engulfing the world. Even the elect could be deceived if they do not remain in prayer and filled with My Holy Spirit daily.

SOON TO COME WILL BE THE MANIFESTATION OF THE EVIL ONE. You will see great things among my true people as HIS evil will be exposed by those filled with My Holy Spirit. They, My faithful people will be strong and do exploits each with the ability that I give them. Don't strive within yourself thinking you're of no value. Do what you can, compile the prophecies, and get them out to the people. [Time is quickly running out for the rule of man on this sin sick earth.]  I, Yeshua, will make the way for you. Be encouraged saith the Lord your God, this 29th day of October 2002.

Servant of The KING

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