David's Dream

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My name is David. I am eighteen years old.

"I was in a youth worship service, and the Spirit of God was moving in such  a comforting manner  that I simply soaked it up. Then, a vision, very similiar to Ezekial's  vision of the valley of dry bones, was revealed to me. Now, these bones had already been equipped with flesh and many stood with  battle armour ready. But, the figures had no life, just as in Ezekial's  vision in chapter 37.  The Lord then spoke to me the word "hunger". The soldiers had all the talents and were equipped,  ready for war, unfortunately they did not have the desire to fight the good  fight of faith. I believe this  vision alludes to the generation of current young people. We have been given  the gifts and the  talents to crush the enemy, but we do not have the hunger to seek the Lord  with all our might."

My current mission is to get the young people around me hungry for the Lord.

Thank your time and your love for God,
In the love of Jesus Christ,


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