Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.  The lion has roared - - who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken - - who can but prophesy? Amos 3:7-8 

Do Not Be Distracted 

Word given by: William Gilligan Sunday, September 13, 1998

The Lord led me this morning to 1 Kings 13 and the story of the Prophet that was distracted. After reading the scripture, the Spirit of God came upon me and said that this was a Word to the Body of Christ. He said to put it on the Internet and that He would bring those that needed to see it - internationally - to our site.

"Do not be distracted says the Lord. Even as the prophet of old was distracted, so am I telling you this day, do not be distracted. For the time has come for the man of God to rise up and be made known.

The time has come for the dawning of a new day. The time has come for the anointing to fall in a new way says the Lord. And Even as you have expected the sun to rise from the east and set in the west and that which you did yesterday to be that which you'll do
tomorrow, so shall you see a new day and a new way for the sun to arise. That which you have expected, the same old thing, is about to change says the Lord. That which you have expected will now change.

Don't be distracted from the path that I have called you to walk says the Lord. Many have tried to deceive you says the Lord. Be not deceived.

And the Spirit of the Lord says that there are many things about to be fall this earth. Be not afraid or dismayed. BE NOT DISTRACTED from the work I have called you to. Fulfill those things I have put in your heart says the Lord, for now is the time for your joy to be made complete and for those dreams and desires stored up within your heart to come to pass in mighty ways says the Lord.

I am about to speak to my people - all my people - through dreams and visions, through desires and hopes, through ministers of the Gospel and men of God, I am about to speak to my people says the Lord that they are to fulfill those things I have given them to do. They are to begin to walk them out and to fulfill the Word of the Lord over their lives. Says the Lord.

I am about to give them clear direction says the Lord for the things they are to do says the Lord. Tell them: Do NOT be distracted for this is the time I have called you to. A time to be fulfilled.

And where you have had your hands bound in the past says the Lord, they shall no longer be bound. And where you have found yourself hindered says the Lord, you shall no longer be hindered. And where you have found yourself held back says the Lord, you shall no longer find yourself held back. For this is a time and a season where I shall pour out my Spirit on all flesh says the Lord. Stay on the path I have called you to says the Lord. Stay the course. Many winds shall blow says the Lord. They shall blow from the east and from the west. But the Lord says you stay the course. When no wind blows, stay the course. When many winds blow, stay the course. When the way is difficult and the storms arise - stay the course. Stay the course for many winds shall blow in this day.

 William M. Gilligan

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