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Vision Concerning Prophetess Juanita Bynum

Updated Info on Juanita Bynum From Elisabeth

Open Vision of Prophetess Juanita Bynum (pictured left) dying in a fiery car crash.

Prophetess Shandra Koger

NOVEMBER 10,2002

Earlier today I had a vision while talking to another prophetess on the phone. It was a detailed vision like I was actually there. There was a tunnel that looked like a city tunnel, and there was a black Mercedes that was mangled and crumpled beyond recognition. I saw there were 3 ladies in the car in the mangled metal and they were severely burned.

Then the vision turned to a newspaper headline and people were crying nearby. The headline said Juanita Bynum was killed in a car crash.

This vision is what the Lord shown me. I choose to obey God, if led to, I will email it to Prophetess Bynum herself for I believe now that she is 1 step before reprobate. Love you all, I don't care what flack I will get I know that I would rather please the Lord than man.

This is a vision the Lord gave me today concerning Juanita Bynum. I know my black brothers and sisters will grill me alive, but I am only the messenger and I only choose to obey what YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus) wants me to do. This 'once was woman of God' now fallen away, let fame and money seduced her. And the whole nine yards. I was once reluctant to put up this vision on another e post but I have it for you in its entirety.

Prophetess Shandra Koger

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