Updated Info on Juanita Bynum From Elisabeth

What my young daughter in the LORD Prophetess Shandra warned about in her latest open vision is confirmation on what I have seen in the churches. I normally wouldn't want to post such a vision of the warning of Juanita Bynum without having a word myself and not even seeing her for years except when she prophecied falsely over Benny Hinn speaking blessings over him.

Today I saw Juanita Bynum unexpectantly on TV it was early this morning about dawn on TBN 11/15/02. YAHUVEH woke me up to see a sad sight that grieved the RUACH ha KODESH.

She was like a carnival barker raising money for TBN and what a shame for there was NO anointing I could discern in her at all ! For at least an hour or more all she did was raise money. Every time she said GOD said this or GOD says that but the name of JESUS was mentioned so rarely it was a shock! When she went out to the audience the horror of what happens when a prophet sells out for money was even worse. Juanita Bynum laid hands on people and they supposingly were touched by a supernatural power ..falling over, etc., and yet NEVER ONCE WAS THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST MENTIONED or SPOKEN only GOD if that much! 2 women started doing the weirdest contortions and so wildly that they appeared to be demon possessed as she touched them! I sat there feeling the grieving of the RUACH ha KODESH and grieved that Jan Crouch who was there weeping along with Karen Wheaton and Candi Staton would allow this and didn't discern what was going on! I used to support TBN and I believe Jan Crouch really does have a heart for YAHUSHUA. I don't know why she hasn't stopped what has been going on for years now as the satanic plants are right there in TBN.

After Juanita Bynum said she had to go PRAISE YAHUSHUA she did leave! It was like a breath of fresh air when Jan Crouch started praying for the salvation of souls and leading a prayer. I am so sorry to say in that prayer though she told people all they had to do was open their heart and ask JESUS to come in and he would forgive them of all of their sins and yet NO mention of what the people had to do and that was to stop sinning, repent and turn away from sin! To love and try and obey YAHUSHUA! Oh the lies people are believing for these ministers are not teaching "to be holy as I am holy" this is a requirement also the Bible says and that is our Heavenly Father speaking and saying what he expects!

Another scripture that ministers leading others to YAHUSHUA forget is "why do you call me LORD and not obey me?" We cannot live like the devils kids and think we will be saved from Hell.

The blood of so many people will be on the evangelists' hands and those leading souls to YAHUSHUA for not teaching them that salvation is a choice, not a right! Everyday we have a choice whether we want to serve YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. He doesn't force anyone to love and serve him. People must be told another scripture and that is "We work out our own salvation with fear and trembling."

Juanita Bynum was once a prophet I respected when she was humble and she did not have the spirits of false prophecy and showmanship among other evil spirits. Oh I hate to see another Sister in YAHUSHUA fall. If she still is one. My young daughter in the LORD age 20 and a prophet had a open vision of Juanita dying in a firey car crash a black mercedes. How sad even the color of the car she will be in is BLACK and that stands for the darkness she is in as she prophesies falsely for other top name ministers just to make them look good when they have gone astray such as Benny Hinn.

I can understand now why my young daughter in YAHUSHUA saw that open vision now and I pray that Jan Crouch is not in that fatal car crash for there are 3 women in the car that Shandra saw in that vision who the others are we don't know. Perhaps there is still time for Juanita Bynum to repent and stop selling the HOLY SPIRIT to the highest bidder! Perhaps her life will be spared if someone warns her. If someone reading this will tell her before it is too late. 

I remember listening to her years ago and discerned we would meet, but I sure didn't know it would be this way, pleading for her soul! She now worships money not JESUS CHRIST who I call YAHUSHUA! She now says GOD and shys away from the use of the Savior's name or the Heavenly Father's name. I was told to beware anyone that prophecies or preaches and only says the name of GOD, for GOD is a generic name nowadays and I shouted at the TV as I watched her and said "WHICH god ARE YOU SERVING? IS IT MOHAMMAD? ALLAH? BUDDAH?"

For me and this ministry There is but ONE GOD and that is the HOLY TRINITY they have sacred names and I am not in fear of calling on their names, for I worship, love, and serve my Heavenly Father YAHUVEH who is my creator, and YAHUSHUA who some call JESUS CHRIST. And I did use the name of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH for many years until I learned his Hebrew name is YAHUSHUA, for the name of YAH is the HEAVENLY FATHERS name short for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA'S name means YAHUVEH saves! Truely the anointing power comes forth even in greater measure when you speak their sacred names! The anointing flows forth from the HOLY SPIRIT called in Hebrew THE RUCH ha KODESH. The flaming wind of fire that lit above the apostles' heads on the day we call Pentecost.

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


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