Jesus, Our Passover....

    Oh dear children whom my delight is to

come and hear a message of Christ
Jesus the sacrificial lamb who was

slain for the sins of the World.  Blessed
is the man who confesses the

Lord Jesus as their Lord, and whom believeth in
the resurrection of the beloved

Son of God.  Who came and spilt his innocent
blood upon Calvary's

cross for the remission of sins past, for all those who
believeth on his Name. 

The name above all names and King and Priest after
the order of Melchisedec. 

A Preacher and Prophet who declared the day of the
Lordand his goodness and power, t

he expressed person of God.  Whom the
forefathers of Israel the covenant people

followed after and that by the Mighty Jehovah,
who was and is and is to come, the same Lord today.

  Blessed shall all those who

partake of the sufferings of Christ Jesus and
whotake upon them the cross to

bear in his stead.  Blessed are they who are
persecuted as the saints before

them as they stood for righteousness.  Come
one come all was the cry

before all the nations to partake of the blessings
of God, to be enjoined in the

Spirit of Righteousness and be a partaker of the
inheritance of Christ the Messiah. 

Our sacrificial lamb who took our place

upon the cross and suffered shame and

reproach for his stand for the Father Abba, in whom we cry to.
  Straighten your thoughts and mind

to subject to the Lordship of Jesus, who
has given His all for the

kingdom that is prepared for you.  For he gave of
himself every fiber of His being to

redeem mankind who was lost in sins, and
subject to the powers of evil from

and uncircumcised heart of unbelief.  But
God be praised that

while we were dead in sins and aliens from the
commonwealth of God, we who were

evil in mind and reprobate according to
works, for well did the prophets

speak that there is none that doeth good no
not one, while we being dead in our sins,

Christ Jesus the Messiah and
messenger to the people, was

slain and was sent to the depths of Hell and
tasted death for all mankind, that t

hrough the completion of his works and
that without sin, a perfect

sacrifice unto God, a lamb without blemish, an
eternal sacrifce for eternal

rewards for them that believe on his name are
now fellow saints and citizens

of the household of God.  May Glory, Might,
Dominion be his forever

and ever.  Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to
receive all manner of praise and honor

and glory for he was and always shall be
obedient unto the Father's perfect will.

  Likewise govern yourselves to

be likeminded, to take upon you the form of
a servant, and give unto

mankind your best.  Though we be sinners yet strive
for perfection unto the obtaining

of God's high calling in each of your lives.
Lay aside all manner of

evil that you may obtain all the blessings of
promise and to inheirit the earnest of

the inheritance, the comforter which was and
is the gift and promise of the

Father unto all that believe.  For there is
no difference between the Jew,

the Gentile and the Church of God, that we all
have access into this grace by the

atoning work of Christ Jesus, through
faith in his name.

  Rest Ye in him, for he is the

Passover lamb to atone for the sins of the
world and redeemer of mankind. 

Cling unto the lamb and Lord over all, for
in him is rest and peace, and a shelter from the storms. 

Blessed is the man in
whom Jesus is the foundation,

wherein the Apostles and Prophets, Evangelist,
Pastors and Teachers are built upon. 

Come Ye this day and hour in reverence
for the sacrifice and the receiving

of life from Him.  Blessed be the Lord
amen and amen.

  Received from him,

  Jeff Rodrick
  Heart-Life Ministries

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