God's Judgment Upon London

By Rev. Jonathan Hansen

On Tuesday, August 18, 1998 at 0720 hours the Lord gave me this prophecy for London.

* * * * * * *

London, oh London, a land, a city of murderers. You have courted the witch of Endor, a people of idolatry and might. You have persecuted my people who are called by my name and made them vagabonds, nomads, strangers in their own land.

Now I will visit you with plagues and pestilence and mass destruction. You will learn that I the Lord your true God am one in the person of God, Jesus Christ. I am not the God of the unknown name. My name is Jesus who you are trying to conceal. Why are you ashamed of my name?

Is it because you are courting the world and its whore. The whore will rule and reign only a short time, for a short season. And I will tear the clothes off the whore for the world to see her evil plagues that she has brought into the nations for her sins of idolatry. Yes, the whore shall be overcome by her own drunkenness and the blood of the true church shall judge this false religion that you are courting.

You, my people of London, will suffer much for your idolatry with the whore and her future Pimp.

The New World Order will fall. But before it does the whore will die by her masters! The dragon, the pimp, the nations and London will fall from the face of the world, as if she never was. For she has courted the whore, the pimp led by the dragon and all will be judged by the Lord Jesus Christ, whose name you are trying to forget.

There will come a time when God will lead his true servants before the hour of destruction out of the city London. As He led Lot out, so He will warn each one of you individually when to leave. When He does, do not hesitate and say, Well others are not leaving now. But go yourself and let Me lead others at their appointed time of departure.

As with Lot's wife, so will some people fall due to lack of discernment and love of this world.

The Lord's Servant

Rev. Jonathan Hansen
P. O. Box 8650
Kirkland, WA
98034, USA


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