I Have Only One Way

Spoken by God Thru J.G.
3-22-98, 4:30 p.m.

I AM the Resurrection, I AM the Life.

No man can come to my Father
     unless He calls him. Without me you are nothing, you have no life,
     your have artificial life, full of illusion. From beginning to the end

I know everything. What do you know?

What God do you call upon to save
     you? Every word I speak comes to pass. I answer to no one. You have
     been given a wondrous gift of life. You must find spiritual life,
     return to me. I Jehovah allow you to make decisions. Why do you
     continue to follow another way? You are lazy, so convinced you have
     the answers. your mind has been seared with this world. You do not
     blush at sin anymore, unwilling to listen. My appointed ones have been
     sent to you many times to explain my truth. Your heart of stone will
     not melt. Such sadness, such deception. Do my words make you angry? Do not shut out my words of life. Out of love for you I continue to warn.
     You must change, my warnings will soon stop,

I will turn my back on you lest you repent.

     I know your heart. Pray and ask for the testing of your faith before
     it is too late. I am looking for repentance, humility. You better wise
     up and take a stand for righteousness. Do not allow the enemy to
     deceive you any longer. Stop playing church, turn from all forms of
     sin, be holy as I am holy. Love one another, I AM Love. Do not allow
     this world to sweep away your soul. UNLESS you can declare that your
     faith is based purely on the Word of God; that you love the Lord with
     all your heart, mine, soul, and body; that you believe all doctrine
     comes from the Word of God....then you deceive yourself, your religion
     is in vain. Churches that are not mine declare that any teaching
     outside of their own religion is false. See my light. I have only one
     way sayeth the Creator of All.

     My bride makes up my church.

Not your church makes up my bride. Throw
     your religion away, Receive a relationship with the Father, Son and
     Holy Spirit. Anything less than my standard is false, not apart of me.
     Thousands and Thousands of my people are deceived in this manner. Many will lose their souls if they do not repent and return to the King of
     Kings, Lord of Lords. Read my letters to the churches in Revelations.
     My word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Allow these letters
     to speak to your heart, awaken your heart, reveal what you must do
     immediately before me. I did not give different pieces of my truth. My
     son Jesus spoke to the religous leader of their day to repent. This
     same rebellion has continued for two thousand years. only a small few
     have come out from among them.

What a shame, what a shame.

Are you willing to spend eternity in hell
     rather than confess your pride and spirit of religion to me? You may
     think your pretty prayers will get you to heaven, you may think
     saints, prists, Mary, the Pope, your pastor will get you to heaven,
     you may think going to church will get you to heaven, you may think
     being good will get you to heaven. Thus sayth the Lord of the Harvest,
     you have been grossly deceived by this way of thinking. Only by Jesus,
     only through Jesus, only with Jesus can you go to heaven, spend
     eternity with me. I am looking for the image of my son Jesus in every
     heart. Only by repenting with humility through my spirit will you ever
     have a chance.

Only by reading my Holy Word, for I AM the Word.

     Why do you continue to hold onto old wine, traditions, vessels with
     holes? Why do you continue to go to church without ever seeing a
     change in your heart? Why do you listen to the word of man and not the Word of God? Did I not explain how extremely important my word is? Did
     I Jehovah not explain that only my word is truth? Every holy word must
     be preached from beginning to the end.

Why do you hide?

Why do you reply to my truth with your excuses? I tell you, you are without
     excuse. I do not force my truth. Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is
     at hand. Turn back to the only truth. I have only one truth. It is my
     way or the byway, one truth or you have false truth, my word or the
     word of man.

It is that simple.

     Do not look to any person that has a form of godiliness but denies my
     power. These evil ones preach just enough light with darkness to
     deceive even the elect, even you. I Jehovah speak with authority, by
     the power of my word. My word can break the universe. If you will not
     listen, keep refusing to repent, not accept my correcion, than I have
     no choice.I will send my fires to consume you, lava will spit upon
     you, guns will aim at you, knives will point at your throat. I will
     pour out my wrath.

Do you think your faith will save you?

You think you know the Great I AM? I declare sayth the Lord of Eternity,
     wickedness in high places will soon be upon you. Evil will consume
     world leaders and governments with greater intensity. Without me you
     will be forced to partake in the discipleship with Satan. Are you
     hungry? How will you buy food tonight? Soon the time will arrive that
     you will be required to receive the mark for these purchases. No man
     or woman will be able to buy or sell unless he or she has the mark of
     the beast on the right forehand or forehead.

Warning! do not take the mark.

This blasphemous act will not be forgiven and will earn you the
     pit of hell. They will force you to conform to the image of the devil
     or be killed. Better to be killed for righteous sake than to lose your
     whole body in hell. Do not test the Great Jehovah, my word will surely
     come to pass. Realize your foolish ways now before it is too late. Those who are one with me and I in them will be protected from this evil time. Surrender to me now, yield all to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Choose today. I have only one way.

If you choose to be one
     with yourself, one with your church, you surely will be tested unto
     death. Do you hear me? Do you love me? Examine and judge yourself now before the world judges you. If you do not listen to my words of
     wisdom, words of warning, a gift from heaven, than you will pay a
     costly price. Yield to my son who paid your debt or try to get a
     installment plan with your life.

I have only one truth.

When sin entered into this world man fell. My
     lovely son Christ Jesus my lamb came to die for your sins. Through
     repentance, humility, belief my son died for your sins and rose from the
     grave, he brings real life. If you choose to willfully keep sinning after
     coming to the knowledge of my truth, there remains no more sacrifice for your sins. I have only one truth. You must RECEIVE IT. you must walk in my truth, seek my truth, cling to my truth, worship me in truth my children.

Be watchful I come soon sayeth the Lord of the Universe.


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