Word Of The Lord, The
Head Of His House

This word concerning the transgression of Jacob in idol
worship; And the high place of Judah being idolatry.

The Lord spoke to me and asked me, "What do you see?"
I said, Lord. I see a house being build in the soul of man.
The Lord said,"These are the houses of idols."
The Lord asked me again, "What do you see?"
I see demons building a house in the soul to live in it and to
defile that soul by the nature of it.
"My people live in idolatry. They have defiled My house with
making houses for demons to live in."

This is what the Lord God of Heaven and earth has to say to His
House. "You have defiled My House with your idols, you have swept and
cleaned the house, even have cast the demon out, but you have left the
house of sin nature, and it's foundation, idolatry standing. When I have
sent My Spirit to destroy it's foundation and it's very nature, you rejected Him.
When I caused My River to flow you sent to take hold of My Presence to bring it back to your house of idols, and worship Me in the house of your gods.  For I do not live in sin! But My House is a House of Prayer!

Why would I have separated Jerusalem, and made her to fall, if My House was pure and the priest hands clean? You have rejected Me, by rejecting Truth, you have rejected holiness and knowledge of My ways. You have turned to the house of demons, the house of your idols. Those who say they worship in My House, are in the synagogue of Satan! For he has come and build his house with evil thoughts and vain imaginations coming against My knowledge. He has build it on adultery, stealing, murder, hate, greed, all kinds of wickedness. He has build on sander, accusing falsely, pride, thoughtlessness of My precepts. Unless you repent and tare down this house, and destroy it's foundation, I will remove your lampstand and not tarry with My sword. To those who have not defiled their garments, the garment of their soul, I will come with the Light of My Glory, to carry them to Me."
Paula Askew
servant of the Most High God,
and Jesus Christ His Son
Romans Chapter 8: Mark 7:20-23; 2Chr. 7:19; Rev.2 and 3.


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