Earthquake Vision
And A Tsunami Linked Prophecy

Susan Cummings, 11.27.04

IMPORTANT: At the bottom of this vision is another Susan received which is dated 2/27/04 and was posted shortly after that. This appears to be a foretelling of the of the 9.0 earthquake in the Indian Ocean on 12/26/04 and the resulting tsumnamis that have killed over 100,000 people in eight Asian countries.

Just after midnight, I had a very profound and unsettling experience. I will attempt to write it out so that everyone can clearly understand it.

I am lying in bed, and am dreaming. The power of God begins to hit me very strongly and the lightning begins to crack through me. I am jerking strongly and my husband attempts to sleep through thisÖ.sorry honeyÖÖsmileÖ.. this was a very strong and real experience, and I was crying out in the experience, my husband said I moaned through itÖ.. there is truly great changes coming to us.

There was so much happening at once in the experience, but I will break it down into each thing, so that each will be clear, but not all occurred separately, but most was all at one time or so close together that it was hard to tell what occurred first or next.

I enter the vision:

I am standing and underneath my feet, the ground below, begins to sink. It is a sudden violent sinking feeling, like the bottom of the earth is falling or caving in. Everything under your feet sinks while a bright light suddenly flashes all around and a "click" sound in the spirit. This "click" is a dull click sound like a light switch was turned on, and it signaled something, while the flash occurred and exploded in a great light all around us.

Then, this great roar began to slowly grow and increase as the falling ground gave way to a shaking from up and down, to side to side, at the same time. It seemed like the earth is coming apart. The earth violently quakes and breaks up all around. The side to side motion, the up and down, and now forwards and backwards motion.

The land breaks open as it is sinking underneath and quaking in all directions. The middle of the USA breaks open, and splits down the middle, as I stand there, the land masses move. I understand in the vision, that I am not harmed as I watch this, and God's people will not be harmed either, but multitudes will perish in this sudden, great, explosive quake.

There was no warning. Just the sinking ground, the light, the "click", and the then explosion into a huge quake. The USA is split apart, and the dividing and the exposing the heartland of the land, the heart of America. The land masses and the topography are altered. There is a great silence afterwards. All is quiet.

I did not know where I was standing in the middle of the US, as this experience happened, nor was I told when it would occur, only that it would, and that the heart was being torn open and exposed, and divided.

There was about a 45 minute time period in this experience.

Some scriptures I looked up afterwards were:

Proverbs 1 + 2 Isaiah 1+ 2 Isaiah 24 Jeremiah 4:22-26 Daniel 12


This experience is in no way declaring a definite, irreversible event, or releasing it as such, as the Lord has only told me to share it as it occurred and as He showed me. We all need to seek the Lord for our part in this, and for His Wisdom and Will for the days ahead.

I pray that we can avoid this great loss of life and catastrophic event, but I also pray to embrace His Will, and for His Purposes to be established in the earth. May all men seek Him, and draw near while our time of grace is given to us.

-Susan Cummings
12:45 am

Reply on Message Board:

Hello Susan,

Sis 3 days ago the spirit of the Lord came upon me, I saw myself being shaken violently like you said up, down, and side to side. I was shifting and rocking from this POWERFUL shaking. I did ALL I could do to stand in the end of this shaking I was ok but felt the enormous intensity that this shaking is going to bring. I did not see anything else. I have been seeking the Lord about this. The moment I read this is agreed with my spirit as I saw the shaking occur as well. I just wanted to share this with you. This was confirmation for me. I thank the Lord for your obedience in sharing this. May the Lord bless you and keep you always.

Sherry Walter

* * * * * * *

Chris Mulder (29 Dec 2004)
A Tsunami Linked Prophecy

I was looking through older prophecies that I had saved and I found another prophecy that appears to be a shadow of this horrendous tsunami disaster.  It was from Susan Cummings and I saved it on 3/25/04.  It was dated 2/27/04.  If you have seen any of the videos from Thailand vacationers, the vision Susan describes is a very similar picture to what is captured on those videos.  Susan's vision is associated with the rise of the beast and a quickening of the times.  I had also saved the Timothy Snodgrass prophecy as well.  That's 2 documented prophetic precursors of this event.  Jim Bramlett posted the Timothy Snodgrass vision here at the Doves on 11/13/04.

Here is Susan's prophecy.

Vision of the Cresting Waves

Tonight as I was sitting at my computer, the Lord flashed a vision of cresting waves before me.

The waves were coming in rapid succession, one right after another, following closely behind the next one. Each wave was rising up higher and higher, and they were cresting as they came closer. There was not a lot of noticeable distance between the waves that I could see.

They seemed to be riding upon each otherís flow, and were timed just exactly in sequence with the others rise and fall. They had a strip of shiny lining at the crest of the wave. The waters of the ocean were blue, and not dark at all. They were relatively calm, except for the incoming waves.

There was no storm that could form these waves, nor was there a noticeable wind that drove them. It seemed that they came in on their own volition, as they were brought forth by the Lord.

The next scene:

People were scattered among the beach, and some began to notice the waves coming in from afar. They began to gather, and to watch, as these waves were not normal. They were not moved by the seasons or weather. So many, were just standing and watching.

Others, picked up their belongings and began to leave or change their places on the beach frontage. You could see that those who were moving seemed to be making speedy changes to their positions. They did not wait for the others, but quietly moved away.

I watched as the people lingered and chatted easily about the waves with each other, and commented on their meaning. But they did not seem to care about their course or their coming in. They only wanted to watch the scene.

The next scene:

I watched, as the waves began to rise up further, and become more beautiful as the sun began to shine upon them. The glittering lining atop of each crest glowed in the bright light of the sunlight. It seemed to mesmerize all who watched.

I noticed a shadow under the waves as it came closer to the shore. I did not see it before, as it was not close enough to see, and no one was paying attention. The shadow underneath the waves was very large, and the waves seemed to be on top of the shadow, riding upon it.

Then, as it got close to the shore, a huge beast rose up out of the water. The waves had only been a glittering trail left by the beasts underwater motions, as he swam for shore. The people who had been watching were totally unable to move, as it came to shore. They were mesmerized by itís fierceness and itís beauty. They were not discerning of itís evil.

The Lord then said to me, this is the beast that sits upon the waters. It will rise up, as you have seen it. Those who are mine, know the signs of itís coming, and will move to where I lead them to. Many will be caught unawares and not see the true form of the beast, and will not escape itís trap. It will be too late.

The hour is come, for the beast to soon rise and to sit upon his seat for a time. I have repeatedly told My People to prepare themselves, but few believe that they will live in that hour, or see it.

They have become conditioned by the world and itís enticements and have not remained separated from its deceptions. So they will perish from their lack of knowledge.

But Mine know Me, and know the hour that is come, and are not partakers of the world or itís mindsets. They have remained pure and close to Me. They will see the false, and know itís coming. They will help many to see the Truth.

My Word has proclaimed the hour, and few can see the lateness or the signs, for many look for another, but they do not yet see that it has already came and gone. So few truly read My Word or study it, if they had, they would have oil in their lamps and they would see.

The waves are now moving upon the waters in rapid succession, and now will the events come rapidly and in succession, as My Word has said.

Who will stand when they come in, and who will found in Me?

- Susan Cummings   2-27-04   1:36 am

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