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Dear Pastor Sherrie Once Again,

This has sure been a busy day for e-mails. The following is the Prophecy the Holy Spirit gave just this week. It was rather funny how it came to be. I had gone to bed, so tired about 11:00 PM. I pray in the Spirit when I am that tired, and all of a sudden, I heard the LORD say . . ."get up and write."

I replied, "Oh no, I'm too tired to move, can't it wait?" I lay there feeling bad, because I sure didn't FEEL like obeying. All of a sudden I heard hard raindrops against the side of my outdoor wall, and realized the noise was so loud I wouldn't be able to sleep after all. I drug myself from bed, went to the kitchen table, apologized to the LORD for not obeying right away, prayed, then wrote the following. After I returned to bed the raindrops stopped, and I fell asleep. Must have been Holy Ghost Raindrops, because they were designed to GET ME UP. Thank you Lord Jesus!!!


"My Daughter, I am pleased you are here writing, for I the Lord your God have something to say to you. I put you in touch with Sherrie Elijiah, and I want you to follow My instructions carefully. There is coming as you know, a great cloud of darkness over the entire earth before the return of My Son Jesus the Christ. In that cloud of darkness are the demon principalities and powers, bent on the destruction of mankind. Not only their mortal bodies, but more importantly their eternal souls. I, the Lord God, am calling forth My Prophets to fulfill their calling, and sound forth the end time warning, that I have prepared them of all the days of their lives. In the remainder of this year there will be unprecedented changes beginning to occur throughout the earth. 

You are not to fear, for I allow these things according to My Word. The fulfillment of Bible truth, via the vehicle of the Prophecies is coming to the fore. I desire you to be a part of the Army I am raising up in these last days. I see your heart, and I know that you are willing. You must not allow fear, or fear of your ill health to hold you back from obeying Me, as I have a healing for you If you obey. I desire you follow My instructions carefully in the days ahead, for I am going to do a new work in your life. Thus saith the Lord your God. Be at peace now and rest in Me. [Given June 23, 1999]

Will you be offended for YAHUSHUA's name sake?"

"In the days ahead many will be offended because of Me, saith the Lord God. They will not understand what I am doing in the earth. Many will cast stones against one another, and mercy will fail in many quarters. It is the responsibility of My true Blood washed children, to be on guard against offending others for the sake of personal pride. My cross was a point of offence to many in My earth days, saith the Eternal Lord God, Jesus the Christ. But on this cross, payment was made for the sins of all mankind . . .for all who come to Me in repentance and humility. I was a stumbling stone, rejected by most. 

Do not allow yourself to take it personally, when others deride you, or cast stones your way for speaking the truth. When I put MY WORDS into your mouth, you are to obey Me, and speak them faithfully regardless of the cost to you personally. If you are striving to look good unto men, you will fail in your mission for Me. If you strive to please Me, your rewards will be great in the Kingdom of Heaven. Be encouraged in this, saith God, the Eternal, for I will never leave or forsake you, thus saith the Lord."

Mankind will reap the whirlwind it has sown.

My Daughter, write as the Holy Spirit instructs you, for in the days ahead you will need to know what the Spirit saith to the Churches. There is coming a whirlwind, the likes of which mankind has not seen before. As mankind has sown to the wind, so shall he reap the whirlwind. I have turned aside in mercy, and given this nation time to repent of it's national sins . . .gross sins which are an abomination to Me. By and large, only small portions of the population have humbled themselves, repenting of such abomination. Do you not see, even the tip of the iceberg as mankind sinks deeper into depravity? You see only hints here and there, but I, Almighty God, see the entire picture. The days of My turning aside, and waiting in great patience, are soon coming to an end. 

Did I not tell you last autumn of the time coming, when all corners of your nation would experience a National Chastisement? This will surly come to pass. I longed for repentance. I longed for truth from your nations leaders. I longed for repentance from gross national sins, but found none. Still they go about with tinkling cymbals dangling from their nose, their eyes, their ears, their navel, and other body parts. THIS IS A NATIONAL SYMBOL OF REBELLION. I, Almighty God, see the entire picture, you see only the tip of the iceberg. I would say to you My Daughter . . .faint not, for I see you are becoming weary in well doing. 

But, I say unto you My Daughter . . .joy cometh in the morning. Your nation will soon pass through a very DARK NIGHT. For those who accept My Son, Jesus the Christ, and stay faithful unto Him, I saying to those . . .great joy cometh in the morning . . .after the dark night has passed.

Thus saith the LORD on the morning of June 26, 1999.

Linda C.

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