Satan's Claws (Santa Claus)

by Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

What Would YAHUSHUA Do...Celebrate Chanukah (Hanukkah) or Xmas?
(Why Would Satan Be Spelled Out In The Name of Santa?)

What Would YAHUSHUA Want Us To Do, Celebrate Chanukah Like Him Or Xmas?
Why Celebrate Chanukah?
What Is Chanukah?
My Ideas How To Celebrate Chanukah.
We Have Believed A Lie and Must Repent.
Who Was Born On December 25 and Why It Wasn't YAHUSHUA but Nimrod?
Who Was King Nimrod and His Mother?
What Is A Dreidel? Why Is This Toy Used On Chanukah?

Oil Burning Menorah

WHEN YOU USE THE MENORAH FOR CHANUKAH consider USING OIL INSTEAD OF CANDLES. Also consider using oil wicks to welcome in the Shabbat for the same reasons. OIL represents the RUACH ha KODESH, not candle wax!

Remember, the 5 wise virgins were not carrying candles but oil lamps. Actually, it is even better to use olive oil -- since the miracle of the Maccabees [Book 1 Book 2] occurred with olive oil. Many Jewish bookstores even sell kits of pre-measured oil portions in disposable cups. These cups can simply be placed in the candle holders of any standard menorah. If you can't find these, USE the candles, I may be forced to do the same. We are going out looking today but the chances of finding this in the mountains are slim.

I have a grieving in my spirit as I study and compare other translations to the King James Bible. I have always relied on this version for the truth and it does contain the truth but why were books purposely omitted from the KJV Bible?

For instance in the New Jerusalem Bible you will read the missing Psalms as well as read the book of Maccabees and Judith, to just name a few. Isn't it ironic that the Greeks who are also called Romans were the ones that actually crucified and tortured our Messiah YAHUSHUA also called by the name JESUS CHRIST. It is the Greeks that tried to take the Jewish peoples freedom of worship away. Now we rely on King James to teach us the truth about the Jewish people and of course who YAHUSHUA is. It is proven King James refused to allow some books like Enoch in the KJV bible.

When I was pondering about this and wondering on why King James would purposely censor the prophets of the Bible, I heard the HOLY SPIRIT say to me "What is the name of this Bible?" I said aloud for I knew I was getting a new revelation..."King James!" On November 19, 2002 all of a sudden it hit me! The audacity of King James to name a bible after himself, a mere man and a sinner who may or may not have been saved by grace! The word that was made flesh should never have been enclosed by a book with a mans name on it!

How many bibles have covers that are black. This has always grieved the Ruach in me for there is no darkness to the Holy Scriptures. I wonder if King James will pay a price on Judgment day for omitting the missing books and sacred names of our Creator and Messiah. I encourage you to read the missing books of King James and ask why they were not included. I have only just begun.

I encourage you to study Hebrew translations and Aramaic for these were the languages spoken in Israel and especially by YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. YAHUSHUA is a JEW why would HE have spoken Greek in Jerusalem or Israel? Why did King James give a Greek name of JESUS to a Hebrew baby? The actual name given in the bible of KJV is Immanuel which means God (YAHUVEH) is with us. Has anyone else pondered how that name got changed to JESUS or JESUS CHRIST? I know CHRIST means anointed but that still doesn't explain to me why King James did this in his translation.

Also why were the transcribers ordered to remove the sacred names of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA? How many times does it say in the Bible "those who are called by my name" and yet KJV has taken the sacred names out of the bible 7,000 times and replaced them with generic words like Lord and God. Please don't think the NIV is acceptable for it has been more altered than the KJV. Has anyone else ever questioned why would Sarah call Abraham lord? The word Lord to me means ownership having full rights in all ways that's my only Lord and SAVIOUR who's name is YAHUSHUA which means YAH SAVES or YAHUVEH saves! The saving and delivering power is even in his Hebrew name and the name YAH, the name of our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH is in YAHUSHUA'S name. That is why YAHUSHUA taught, The father is in me and we are one.

Well now I have done it, the very thing I asked YAHUVEH not to have me teach the people, for those that will misinterpret what I am saying, or the enemies of mine and this ministry will slander me and tell all manner of lies. Proof again that I speak and teach what YAHUVEH tells me to say under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH even if it means more enemies will come. I must remember the battle is YAHUSHUA'S not mine! I have the office of an Apostle and that encompasses all 5 fold offices including teacher and now I must teach you the truth, what you do with it is up to you. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't true.

Before I get an onslaught of email let me answer the question," Do I use the KJV" and the answer is yes. I do use the KJV but I also compare it with other translations that have not only the Greek but Hebrew and Aramaic that are translated in English. If anyone can tell me where I can find a Study Bible in large print with all of these translations I would consider this a gift from Heaven! If anyone wants to give me this as a gift I would treasure it and use it to not only study and show myself approved but to teach others. I had no intentions of writing any of this, but since I am writing under the anointing of the Ruach ha Kodesh the truth is out once again. Please just remember I am just the handmaiden bringing you the message.

What Would YAHUSHUA Want Us To Do, Celebrate Chanukah Like Him Or Xmas?

Read this and let the truth set you free! Many of you have written and asked me when I would be writing if we are to celebrate Xmas. I have stalled as long as I can knowing how angry this would make even our partners. I will not lie to you this isn't pleasant for me either for I also miss the old Xmas customs.

On November 21, 2002 at 4:00 a.m., the anointing hit me and a peace that passes all understanding came upon me. NOW I am free to share with you and teach you what I have learned. If you still love me after you read this will you please drop me an email ? How about a Happy Chanukah email card? If you want to send a letter by postal I will understand when its late.

Rejoice for YAHUVEH is our provider and the one whom all blessings flow in the Name of YAHUSHUA. I can hear the groans now, for I know those that hear the voice of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH and our beloved partners will obey, but they will say "What about all the Christmas gifts we bought the kids and others?" Here is the good news! Give the presents to them on Chanukah and teach others the true story of Chanukah! You have 8 days to plan, instead of one Christmas dinner have a CHANUKAH feast or a Party!

For our beloved friends of this ministry who want to send us Xmas gifts I know its short notice but how about CHANUKAH gifts? Since I am giving you late notice it doesn't matter if it doesn't arrive on CHANUKAH just so we know you meant it for that day. We will be posting more on how to celebrate CHANUKAH in the coming days ahead as our CHANUKAH present to you.

One thing more my son already has what is called Xmas lights up in his bedroom but we call them CHANUKAH lights and guess what they stay up ALL year long! The lights remind us who is the most beautiful guiding light in the world. YAHUSHUA is his name! Since this is the festival of lights we decorate with lights! Now I can't help it if the world calls them Xmas lights, we call them CHANUKAH lights! So those of you who want to do the same feel free and decorate with colorful lights and Jewish decorations.

Instead of playing Xmas music like 'Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer,' 'Jingle Bells,' or 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,' etc., play Messianic Jewish music and Christian Holiday music glorifying YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! Make that homemade chicken soup and buy or make potato pancakes topped with sour cream, apple sauce or butter. YUM! Fix that special Christmas dinner early and invite the relatives for CHANUKAH!

Tell them to come get their presents early if you want to exchange gifts. Just let them know you no longer take part in XMAS for you found out that it has nothing to do with YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH for that is not his birthday! King Nimrod is in hell and that is who's birthday that is really being celebrated, King Nimrod is the babe in the manger! OUCH, that hurts but I will prove to you its true.

I spoke with a man recently that was born an orthodox Jew but because of a life saving miracle his mother gave her life to YAHUSHUA days after Sean's birth. You will read his testimony very shortly. Sean taught me we really should be lighting oil lamps not candles on Shabbat. The Oil represents the RUACH ha KODESH, what does the wax of a candle represent? I got to thinking about the 10 virgins and how they had OIL in their lamps although 5 ran out of oil and missed the coming of the bridegroom.

We will not be celebrating Xmas but we do celebrate Chanukah and when we light that first candle [Shamish] that lights the rest what it reminds us should be how YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is the only guiding light that lights our path. The Chanukah story should be told to the Children not 'Twas The Night Before Xmas.'

Parents you are teaching your children to distrust you when they find out there is no Santa Claus! My son found out at the age of 10 and the first words out of his mouth was,
"Mom you're a prophet and you lied to me!" That was my first lie I told my children and from there how many of us were exposed. These are the only lies I told my children and how many of us are exposed. And the next words he said rang true."I suppose there is no Easter bunny either or tooth fairy"? (My son will shortly be turning 18 and he has not forgotten that day.) OUCH, that hurts. Parents, I know this sin is washed away with the shed blood of YAHUSHUA for I have asked for forgiveness but how sad for we followed the customs of the heathens and fell into the trap of satan by doing so. Parents, what we see as a harmless lie, trust me, it is NOT harmless. The child will never forget this.

The last thing my son said to me hurt so bad. "I suppose God isn't real either?" "Of course YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are real," I said! He looked at me and said "I know that mom, but you lied all those years about Santa Claus and the other parents are doing the same." Then our son had a revelation, he said Santa Claus is "satan's claws"! Out of the mouth of babes this prophet boy Elijah spoke the truth! How many of us have satan's claws in us by speaking these lies to innocent children that trust us?

I know I used to say God YAHUVEH gave his best gift YAHUSHUA to come to earth to be our Saviour and so now YAHUSHUA sends Santa Claus to bring them gifts. What a lie! I am so ashamed of myself but grateful I am forgiven.

It is not a lie! It is a story of how the Greeks forced the Jews to conform to their ways. The Greeks forbid them their freedom of worshipping on the Shabbat. The Greeks forbid them to study and read the Torah. The Greeks defiled the Temple by sacrificing a pig thus defiling the Temple and mocking all that is holy, for that is an unclean animal according to the scriptures.

When the Jews were able to get back their freedom to worship in the temple they only had enough oil to light the oil lamp for one day in the Temple, they had no time to make more oil. The miracle is YAHUVEH multiplied that oil to last for 8 days instead of 1 day! YAHUVEH is our provider and how much more will He do for us when we come to Him in the righteousness of his Son YAHUSHUA!

Please consider celebrating Chanukah this year and shun the pagan lies. YAHUSHUA was not born on Dec. 25 for the shepherds would not be tending their flocks in the winter! YAHUSHUA was born on what is called Sukkot and the manger was a Lean-to. Why celebrate His birthday on the wrong day? When you do this you are celebrating Nimrods birthday! One who others called a king. Christians have been tricked into believing and promoting a lie.

Even the trimming of the tree is forbidden in Jeremiah. We will be posting more proof of this. For now please rejoice and celebrate Chanukah with us! Yes you can even exchange presents as long as you remember your doing this in remembrance of the gift YAHUVEH gave the Jews that day as he multiplied the Oil. May the RUACH ha KODESH anointing be multiplied and stirred up within each of you who celebrate Chuanukah. May the blessings of YAHUVEH in Deut. 28 for those that obey be yours and multiplied.

Use Oil not Candles in the Menorah if at all possible and for welcoming in the Shabbat! To get the finest oil from an olive, you've got to press it very hard. So too, the Jewish people are at their best when they are under pressure. I admit there is something pretty about the tiny colored candles, However colored candles are not scripturally correct. Olive oil was the fuel that was used.

Olive Oil was used in the original Menorah in Jerusalem because it produces a beautiful flame, olive oil is the best choice for the Chanukah menorah. We are commanded to remember this miracle when the Jews recaptured the Holy Temple from the Greeks, the first thing they did was light the golden Menorah. They had only enough oil to last for one day, and new oil would take seven days to prepare.

But a miracle happened. Instead of burning for one day, the Menorah stayed lit for eight days. Today we light our menorahs for eight days to recall this miracle and to remember that YAHUSHUA represents the eternal light that was sent from Heaven to light our path. Also we remember that through YAHUSHUA'S name all of our needs will be supplied according to His riches in glory. We will be protected and are blessed as in the days of old, having Victory over all of YAHUVEH'S and YAHUSHUA'S enemies...if we can have faith to believe.

This ministry, my husband and I and our site manager have come under vicious attacks from our enemies. Attacking this ministry, for it stands for holiness and obedience to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. We are believing for TOTAL VICTORY during this time of Hanukkah, just as surely as He gave victory to the Maccabees during the time the enemies defiled the temple and put a pig on the alter. Today, on November 27th, 2005, YAHUVEH spoke forth a word through me during anointed prayer with my husband.

The enemy seeks to defile this ministry again. Read Maccabees about the descrecation of the altar with a pig. He sent the first 'swine' to do this against this Ministry, Tari DeMario. The rest followed, attempting to do the same. YAHUVEH is exposing them for the swine they are. Just like those filthy animals, they eat garbage (false doctrine) and spew it out in the form of lies and blasphemies. YAHUVEH will soon silence them once and for all and take them off the air permanently.

The Hebrew word Chanukah means "dedication". In the 2nd century B.C. the Syrian-Greek regime of Antiochus (pictured) sought to pull Jews away from Judaism, with the hopes of assimilating them into Hellenism and Greek culture. Antiochus outlawed aspects of Jewish observance, including the study of the Torah which began to decay the foundation of Jewish life and practice. During this period, many of the Jews began to assimilate into Greek culture, taking on Greek names and marrying non-Jews also observing and keeping the pagan customs.

In response, a band of Jewish settlers took to the hills of Judea in open revolt against this threat to Jewish life. Led by Matitiyahu, and later his son Judah the Maccabee ("The Hammer"), this small band of pious Jews led guerrilla warfare against the Syrian army. Antiochus sent thousands of well armed troops to crush the rebellion but the Maccabees succeeded in driving the foreigners from their land.

Jewish fighters entered Jerusalem in December, 164 B.C. The Holy Temple was in shambles, defiled and desecrated by foreign soldiers. They cleansed the Temple and re-dedicated it on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev. When it came time to relight the Menorah, they searched the entire Temple, but only one small jar of oil bearing the pure seal of the High Priest could be found. Miraculously, the small jar of oil burned for eight days, until a new supply of oil could be brought.

From then on, Jews have observed a holiday for eight days in honor of this historic victory and the miracle of the oil. Today, the observance of Chanukah features the lighting of a special Chanukah menorah with eight branches plus the Shamish [center] candle used to light them all, adding one new candle each night. Other customs include spinning the dreidel (a top with Hebrew letters on the sides), eating "oily" foods like potato latkes (pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), and giving Chanukah gelt (coins) to children. Christmas is only one day but Chanukah the celebration goes on for 8 days!

Is it really too much to ask for us as parents and worshippers of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to teach this world the truth and flee from the pagan rituals of the heathen? The heathen taught us that Xmas was honoring YAHUSHUA our Lord JESUS CHRIST when really how many of those Christian songs sung at Christmas even have the name of JESUS in it?

I started feeling the grieving of the RUACH ha KODESH also called the HOLY SPIRIT when XMAS started being written and taking out the name of CHRIST in CHRISTMAS! When I read how I had copied the heathens customs by decorating a tree with gold and silver that was cut down, again I felt shame. I know I am forgiven and so will you be, IF you read the below and repent as I have done. Follow not the ways of the heathen!

I also loved Xmas and like my husband Apostle Nikomia says, I have struggled with giving up December 25 but I know what is right and I know what is wrong. Now you also are held accountable for what you now know and read.

How can we deny this any longer for Jeremiah warned us in the scriptures.

Jeremiah 10
1 HEAR THE word which the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel.
2 Thus says the Lord: Learn not the way of the [heathen] nations and be not dismayed at the signs of the heavens, though they are dismayed at them,
3 For the customs and ordinances of the peoples are false, empty, and futile; it is but a tree which one cuts out of the forest [to make for himself a god], the work of the hands of the craftsman with the ax or other tool.
4 They deck [the idol] with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers so it will not fall apart or move around.
5 [Their idols] are like pillars of turned work [as upright and stationary and immobile as a palm tree], like scarecrows in a cucumber field; they cannot speak; they have to be carried, for they cannot walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, neither is it possible for them to do good [and it is not in them].

Ok my beloved sisters and brothers in YAHUSHUA lets take the verses one at a time above.

1. These are the words for the house of Israel and WE are the house of Israel for we belong to YAHUSHUA and are grafted into the branch as his vines.

2. LEARN not the ways of the heathen! OUCH! none of us can say we learned about Santa Claus from the RUACH ha KODESH also called the HOLY SPIRIT now can we? We can't say this is biblical or in the Torah or Tanakh now can we? Where does it say the date of YAHUSHUA'S birthday was December 25 in the Holy scriptures? It doesn't because it is not there. We have believed and promoted a lie! Satan is the father of liars so REPENT as my husband and I have done and turn away from promoting or taking part in this lie anymore for your souls sake!

3. I use to go and let my kids pick out the Christmas tree, haven't you also done that? I didn't think it was a god but took pride in its beauty as it was all decked out in gold and silver ornaments especially the gold and silver tinsel on the Christmas tree. How many of us put an angel atop the tree? We thought it meant the Holy angels right? But the truth is when we do this and we are following a heathen custom we were pleasing satan who once was the most beautiful angel of all! Worst of all we slowly killed the tree the minute we had it cut down although we tried to keep it alive with water in the pot knowing it was dying.

Ok, you may say you used an artificial tree so your not killing a tree. Lets examine this for I did the same thing, besides the stepping on the pine needles in bare feet or the pain of sweeping them up wasn't worth the pine smell, now was it? Why would satan have us cut down a live tree? Who is the tree of Life? Why YAHUSHUA is the branch of the tree and we are the vines right? What was YAHUSHUA crucified on, a tree! Why would satan want us to decorate a tree that symbolizes the cross our beloved Messiah hung on, was tortured on and died on ? Oh how we grieve YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA when we did these things and did not know better.

4. Remember that green or red tree stand? How many of you have the same tree stand? We don't have to fasten the tree down with nails, we use the bolt to screw the tree so it won't topple and it will die standing up straight, right? We don't want the Christmas tree to move, do we? Especially when our children greedily grab for their Christmas presents excitedly on December 25, Nimrods birthday! Who is Nimrod you ask? I will get to that later.

Here is a revelation given to me while going over this page with my site manager. The Christmas tree is a MOCKERY of the death of YAHUSHUA on the cross, because both use nails (or a stand in the case of the tree) to hold them up. Both are held upright. YAHUSHUA died with nails in his hands. Perhaps, before the stand, trees were nailed down so they would stand up. Neither the tree, nor YAHUSHUA when He was on the cross, are allowed to move. Satan mocks the crucifixion. Now, knowing that, do you STILL want to have a tree in your living room and decorate it?

5. The only one that will be angry that you have forsaken this pagan celebration of Xmas will be satan. I will not put the name of CHRIST in this pagan celebration for it is a lie it is not about the CHRIST we serve our YAHUSHUA!

Have you ever noticed even the stock markets is gauged on how many toys and presents you bought that day? Have you noticed suicidal spirits hit people and more commit suicide and are depressed on that day then any other time of the year? Maybe now you will understand these people are being tormented by satan and he is trying to sacrifice them just like the evil king Nimrod killed.
If you are contemplating suicide, please read Ted's Story.

Now I will tell you who Nimrod is and what that babe in the manger on December 25 really is all about as well as who Nimrod's mother is and how even she is connected to December 25.

Jeremiah 2:20
For of old thou hast broken thy yoke, [and] burst thy bands; and thou saidst, I will not serve. For upon every high hill, and under every green tree, thou bowest down, playing the harlot.

I know that many Christians reading this will be alarmed that I will dare to write against this. However, study your facts. Babylon worshiped the child-king. The great king Nimrod in his mother's arms was center to their celebration at the solstice. Now it is true that YAHUVEH loves us so much that He gave the gift of His beloved son our Messiah named YAHUSHUA also called Jesus Christ and that we are thankful for that. However, if YAHUSHUA also called Jesus Christ were born and never died, what profit would it be to us? If he had not resurrected, would we still be redeemed?

What I am saying is his birth itself was the beginning not the end. We rate it higher than His death and that is just plain wrong. It is by his dying and being raised that we have eternal life. Remember this truth it was not the babe in the manger that was tortured and nailed to the cross it was a 33 year old Jewish man that was born from a virgin named Mary and HE is also the only begotten SON of YAHUVEH our Creator and Heavenly Father.

The only reason that we celebrate His birth so highly is because the Catholics in an effort to elevate Mary as the mother of God, adopted the pagan tradition to worship the baby to further their agenda as to dare to put Mary as part of the GODHEAD, the HOLY TRINITY elevating her to a place where she is worshipped by Catholics and prayed to as the intercessor before YAHUVEH.

Mary herself the Bible tells us called YAHUSHUA, her Lord. Mary also needed a SAVIOUR she also fell short of YAHUVEH's glory otherwise it would have been Mary that was crucified as that spotless lamb of YAHUVEH for the remission of our sins. Mary never intended to be worshipped. Nowhere in the bible does it state that she thought of herself any higher than being blessed to have given birth to YAHUSHUA. The Bible clearly states there is but one way to our ONLY HOLY FATHER GOD YAHUVEH and that is through the name of YAHUSHUA and the BLOOD of YAHUSHUA, HE is our only intercessor!

CHANUKAH is 8 days of Praise, Worship, Feasting and FUN!

Lighting the Menorah, exchanging presents, feasting and best of all sharing the TORAH and TANAKH we call it the old testament. Especially the first 5 books in the Bible. This is a day both adults and children can share in and the adult doesn't have to lie and pretend there is a Santa Claus.

Buy yourselves some dreidels and start having fun spinning them like tops. Now it isn't that easy to find Dreidels, if you don't have a messianic Jewish shop near you try a Christian bookstore. I still haven't bought any for us. I am going to ask Sean who lives in New York if he can get us some. Have contests and see who's top spins the longest but realize when your doing this the history of the dreidel.

In Judaism, even something as simple as "spinning a top is really not a child's game. During the time of the Maccabees, Jews were imprisoned for the "crime" of studying the Torah. While in jail, these Jews would gather together to play dreidel. Under the pretense of wasting away their time, they would have Torah discussions and thus defy the enemies of Judaism defy the enemies as the name of our Creator YAHUVEH was lifted up and praised!

Every dreidel has four sides with one Hebrew letter on each side. Each of these letters begins a word. The four letters are: - Nun - the first letter of the word nes, which means "miracle" - Gimmel - the first letter of gadol, which means "great" - Hey - the first letter of haya, which means "was" and - Shin - the first letter of sham, which means "there" When taken together, these letters proclaim "A great miracle happened there." The "game of dreidel" reminds us of our eternal defiance of anyone who tries to stand between a Jew and the Torah as well as stands between the God of our Creation who is YAHUVEH and his Son the God of our SALVATION who is YAHUSHUA.

On Chanukah, everyone loves spinning the dreidel. Have contests to see who can spin it the longest or who can get the most dreidels spinning simultaneously. And of course, there's the famous dreidel game played for Chanukah "gelt:" if you don't have monopoly money use pennies or anything else. Nun - no one wins Gimmel - spinner takes the pot Hey - spinner get half the pot Shin - spinner matches the pot.

When giving presents you can give a present for eight days instead of one day! When you explain all of this to your children you will find they really won't think they are sacrificing that much. Use this time to teach the Torah for every child will benefit from this as well as the adults and yes even your unsaved relatives! This may be the only time you can witness to them in this way.

What spiritual lesson can we learn from CHANUKAH besides YAHUVEH will provide for all of our needs and multiplies blessings? Morals and ethics is the Jewish legacy, and that is the reason we do not celebrate Chanukah with a military parade. We esteem King David not because he was a warrior, but in spite of it. He could not build the Temple even though he desired to because his hands were bloodied. And this even though he fought only at the command of YAHUVEH.

His son Solomon, the man of peace, was fitting to build the Temple. The Midrash (Parshat Be'halo'secha) quotes YAHUVEH telling Aaron the High Priest: "Lighting the Menorah will be your eternal contribution to the Jewish People." We ask "Lighting the Menorah was done only while the Temple was standing. So what does it mean for us today that "lighting the Menorah is eternal?!"

The answer is that the truths we learn from Torah are eternal. Particularly as society grows increasingly desperate for direction on ethical issues, the truth of Torah is precious today more than ever. On a world full of issues like cloning, euthanasia, the homeless, abortion, homosexuality, the death penalty, poverty, and sexual morality, the Torah shows the thin line of balancing wisdom and revelation from YAHUVEH through His Holy Scriptures and realizing when what the world teaches us in educated knowledge can be wrong . The Torah teaches wisdom is YAHUVEH's way and not the world's way proving we cannot serve two masters for we would hate one and love the other.

As King Solomon says in Proverbs 6:23, and this is our message for Chanukah. KJV says 23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.

Cookies were left for the hearth god to appease him. This tradition goes back to the days of Jeremiah. "The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger." Jeremiah 7:18

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5