Twenty Minutes In The Lake of Fire

I have just come across your site when I was searching for the "sounds of hell". I looked at some of the testimonies and read what YAHUSHUA showed you. God did not show me hell but He showed me the lake of fire. Due to circumstances that happened after this, I am just starting to share this with more people and do what YAHUSHUA told me to do, " Tell them about the lake of fire".

This is something that happened to me in May 1997 at a sectional rally that our church was hosting. At the time I was attending another church in the same town and was the unofficial youth leader. I met our young people at the service and due to work was ten minutes late. I walked in the sanctuary through the main doors in the back and went to sit with my step mom on the back row to the left of the main isle. The service had begun and the worship was wonderful. The place was full and everybody was worshipping and you could feel the presence of the Lord was in the place. As the service went on I felt in my spirit that the Lord was going to move in a mighty way that night. I did not know what He was going to do but you could tell something was going to happen.

Bro. Sharp announced that Bro. Chance, who was preaching that night, was running late due to bad weather and traffic on the way there. Since it was a sectional meeting that night, they took care of some minor business after offering. During this time I could not stop praying and continue to seek God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA also called (JESUS CHRIST'S) presence. This is when Bro Chance walked into the sanctuary. He was asked to come straight to the platform and the service was turned over to him.

He began his sermon by telling a story about Hollywood. He stated that when you go there they give you a tour of a town that they use to make movies. He said that you get on a train that takes you down Main Street and there are buildings on either side of you. There is a courthouse, barbershop, different kinds of stores and shops. When the train gets to the end of the road you have to turn to the left or the right. When the train made the turn to the right, you could see behind the buildings and notice that the buildings were not real. They have some floors behind them but there is no walls or roofs to the buildings. There is only the front of the building. The word he used was that the town was just a "facade". The buildings were fake.

Then he jumped in the story to a time when he was at a youth camp. He was walking into an afternoon church service and was seeking the Lord on what to preach that night. As he sat in the back of the church, the Lord spoke to him and said," That He had turned the corner on the youth in the Pentecostal movement. The young people were fake. They know how to talk. They know how to dress. They know how to act when they are around they're parents and other people in there church. When you get them in the world, there is no difference in speech, look, and attitude from the world."

This is when something happened to me that was hard to comprehend at first. I began to rise above the congregation and could see everybody. I went through the roof and continued to rise above the city. I could see the lights from buildings, cars, and streets. I went higher and could see lights from towns that are around us. I eventually went through some thin clouds and could still see the earth but it was still dark. Everything was getting smaller as I was getting higher and this is when it hit me that this must be the rapture and I had made it. I was so happy and excited but it did not last long. As the earth was getting as small as a golf ball, I noticed that I was by myself. Looking around I could not see anybody. My next thought was that I had died and was on my way to heaven.

The next thing I felt was somebody putting they're arm around me. This person was larger than me. The only comparison I can make is that I felt like a child in His arms. His arm completely went around me and His hand covered my chest and stomach area. I looked up at His face but knew that I was not going to see him. I knew I was in God's hands. It was a feeling I cannot describe. It seemed that no matter what happened, I was going to be all right. I could tell we were moving through space. I could see the stars in the distance moving by and we began to slow down. I was curious why and ask the Lord YAHUSHUA what was happening and He told me to look down. I had no clue what to expect.

For as long as the eye could see in any direction was sea. This sea was like nothing I had ever seen. It was a sea of fire and there were waves like you would see in the ocean. Wave upon wave of fire but from where we were at, I could feel no heat. I asked the Lord why we were there. He told me that He wanted me to experience this. I told Him He had the wrong person. There was no way I was the person for this. He insisted that everything would be all right but I did not agree. I knew that this was the lake of fire and this is where final judgment would be and in my mind, if I went there, I was lost forever.

The Lord YAHUSHUA let me go. I began falling into the lake of fire. I looked up to the Lord and saw Him standing there watching me fall. I still could not see His face but all at once He turned His back to me and He disappeared. I could not believe that the Lord just turned His back on me. The Lord never, never, never turns His back on anyone or so that was what I was taught. I know that people turn they're backs on God but He doesn't. I felt so lonely. The emptiness in my soul was unbearable and I still could not believe He did that to me.

I was still falling and was getting close to the lake of fire. I positioned myself in what we used to call a " preachers seat". We did this as a kid to make big splashes off the diving board or cliff when swimming. I do not know why but this is what I did. I hit the "firewater"(for lack of a better term) and watched the water begin to make a splash. I put my hands over my face and waited till the last minute to close my eyes so I could see if the Lord was going to help. I instantly began to swim so I could get to the top so I could get a breath of air. The harder I swam the lower I got. I knew that if I did not get to the top that I was going to drown.

I swam harder and harder. I started to panic and loose control. I had the feeling that I could not hold my breath any longer and had to breath. I knew I did not want to suffer so I decided to take a big deep breath and hope I would die quick and painless. Out of anger I screamed GOD as loud as I could and inhaled deeply. I knew I wasn't dead when I felt intense heat in my mouth, throat, and lungs. I immediately exhaled and that is when I felt the burning in my lungs.

It felt as if I was being cooked. My chest was hurting badly and I thought it was going to explode or something. I next felt my throat was dry and constricted and raw. My tongue swelled in my mouth and I heard the moisture in my mouth sizzle and evaporate. My lips swelled and cracked and as my lips busted I could hear more sizzling like something being cooked in a frying pan. My hands were over my face again and I slowly tried to open my eye. Instantly the water in my eyes evaporated and my eyes were stuck in my sockets. I could not move them or close my eyelids. They were stuck. I saw my fingers and the tips were burnt off and my fingernails were gone. The hair was burnt off and the flesh was cooked. My fingers looked like burnt hotdogs that were cooked on an open fire. As I turned my hands to see my arms, the skin would tear open and I could feel the flesh cooking and hear it sizzling.

The skin would not tear in the same place but seemed to tear very close to the spot and you would feel the pain and the heat over and over. The heat was cooking my whole body and what came to mind was these are the worst deaths a person could experience, being burned alive and drowning.

Something caught my eye in the distance. I could see that there were people here with me.

Some were standing as if they were leaning on a wall for support. Some were in a kneeling position and some were laying in a fetal position. They're body was in the same burned condition as mine. There was something that stood out more than anything else at that time. The white in the eyes showed brightly. They looked at me and they're eyes told me many stories. Each of them without saying a word told me that they were not supposed to be there. They lived a life that they're parents told them to live. They prayed when told to pray. They raised they're hands when they were told to. They dressed the way they should. Every story was the same. None of them did anything from the heart. None of them did the things because they loved the Lord.

Instantly I was taking out of this place and again I was with YAHUSHUA above the lake of fire. His hands were around me, patting me as if to comfort me. He kept telling me that everything was going to be ok and He was not going to leave me there. I asked Him why, why did I have to go through this and who were the people there. We began to move back the way we came from. We were going back through space and the stars became visible again.

I could see that we were getting close to the earth. It began to get larger and I could see the clouds. I could see the lights of the major cities. I could feel the wind in my face. I went through the clouds and saw that I was above the United States. I saw the lights of Dallas, Austin, Houston, and then could see the Temple area.

I saw my church and knew I was going to go back through the roof. At that moment, I flinched and that's when I came back in my body. My step mom was shaking my arm and asked me what was wrong. I had tears in my eyes. I could not speak but was just able to stare at her. She looked at me and said," you have been with YAHUSHUA".

Bro. Chance asked if everybody would stand. I have missed his whole sermon. When I stood I asked the Lord to show me who were the people in the lake of fire. I saw a large hand come out of the ceiling with the index finger pointing to several young people in the church. Some were kids that I didn't know and some were from my own youth group. I couldn't take it any more and I ran out of the building.

This is something I'm not proud of but it was so overwhelming. I t leaned up against the building and asked YAHUSHUA what He wanted me to do. He told me that He wanted me to tell the young people about this experience and warn them to keep them from going there. I told the Lord YAHUSHUA, that I was not good at speaking in front of people and that I took zeros in school for those projects. He wasn't looking for me to speak; He needed a vessel to speak through. I told Him I would be His hands, legs, and feet but He would have to speak for me. He confirmed that He would.

I preached this message for the first time two weeks later to my church. The young people responded and there was a great move of the Spirit.