Dear Beloved and Greatly Blessed Almightywind/Amightywind, YAHUVEH's OWN Ministry,

After reading the "Memorial of Billy Lively" I was Greatly Blessed. I am so glad he is in Heaven with YAHUSHUA and what he did for Almightywind.

I reflected on him this afternoon and what came into my mind is that Billy hit a Grand Slam (a based loaded home run) for Us on that day with such a Tremendous Gift to YAHUVEH's Almightywind.

To a lot of us growing up in the simpler times of the 70s, baseball was more than just a game it was kind of a part of our lives.

The way I see it is that We were in the bottom of the ninth inning, behind a number of runs, it was Blazing outside in the heat, a long grueling ball game. Things were quite rough and it looked kind of bleak. A ton of Pressure was on our Beloved Brother Billy. But, I think the opposition's ace pitcher who was a very proud buffoon, made a drastic error underestimating him. He tried to mow down Our Brother with his best pitch. But Beloved Billy Crushed the Ball like a Rocket, giving Us the Victory. Shout! Praise! Rejoice! And He Gave All the Credit and Glory to YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH! Praise YAHUSHUA for Our Brother Billy. With much love we will see you soon!

We Pray YAHUSHUA please bring us Translators, Bring Peace to Jersusalem,
YAHUSHUA, Please Come Quickly!

with much love and hope in YAHUSHUA, David : )

Aug. 22, 2005

As long as we are on the Internet this will be posted in a special place for people who touch our lives in a unique way.

IN MEMORY OF BILL LIVELY, 47 years he lived on this earth and we got to call him a Partner, Brother and friend for 5 years of that time. He wanted to fly out to meet us while we were in Idaho 2005 and he lived outside of Macon, Georgia. The one regret I have is that we didnít say "Yes, now is the time please come" We would have laid all our work aside if we had only known we would never meet him on this earth other than a phone call, postal mail, or email.

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Bill went to be with the lord on August 22th 2005. He was on a sand bar with our daughter and he was pulled under by the tide. He was concerned the night about a Tsunami. Not really sure why because there was none or what that meant. His funeral was one of praise. My oldest son said that if you could enjoy a funeral then he enjoyed his.

In Christ,

Ginger Lively

YAHUSHUA spoke to me while I was sleeping on 8/16/07 HE reminded me of the scripture how our rewards follow us to Heaven when we leave this earth. (Of course this only applies to the Holy who will enter Heaven, people who live their lives to please YAHUVEH and not man, putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first In their life and love and striving to obey Them, rebuking sin.) Bill lively did all of this.

YAHUSHUA told me that HE wanted to surprise Bill as part of HIS rewards in Heaven and show Bill that he has not been forgotten by this Ministry for all he sacrificed and did. I am obeying YAHUSHUA so HE can surprise Bill.

We call Bill Lively not only a faithful partner in this Ministry, but friend and Brother in YAHUSHUA since 2000. If you wonder why we did not put up this Memorial page sooner, it is because his widow did not let us know when this happened. I grieve it took her until Feb.4 2007. I kept hearing to write Bill again even though our email had been bouncing back. I was shocked when I read his widows letter to me. We would have been honored to speak at what the world calls a funeral. The last time we had heard from him was nearly 5 months before he died and went to Heaven. Our emails to him would just bounce back and I thought his inbox was overflowed. I always wondered why we didnít hear from him about prophecy 76, Bill always let me know how blessed he was with each prophecy or teaching.

We truly miss our beloved friend Bill Lively and look forward to seeing him in Heaven. YAHUSHUA wants me to introduce you to our friend Bill Lively and why there are certain people brought to us through the Internet that will always be remembered with love and gratitude. So if you get to Heaven before us you can look for him and tell him that Elisabeth (Elisheva) sends her love. Now Bill lively will have his name in the Search engine and hopefully souls will get saved because of this. Bill Lively is beholding YAHUSHUAíS face daily now in Heaven. What a day of rejoicing that will be, when we can see HIM face to face and sit at our Abba YAHUVEHíS knees and behold HIS Glory! Bill is able to do that now. PRAISE YAHUSHUA! He is more alive than we are here on earth!

Bill Lively is one of our blessings who wrote us and truly encouraged us and put action behind the words of encouragement by financially supporting this ministry. Now that may seem like a small thing but when you see how he sacrificed to do this, even against his wifeís objections you will understand.

I tried to find a picture (we had one on another computer that crashed) to put up on this Memorial page of him. I wrote his widow Ginger but she did not reply back. This doesnít surprise me, Ginger didnít approve of this Messianic Hebrew Pentecostal Ministry, because she is Baptist, but Bill supported it and encouraged us anyway. I am honored that I was able to be called one of his mentors. He did all he could to send all the Prophecies to everyone he could and lead souls to YAHUSHUA and to the Ministry where they also could be taught.

After I found out he was in Heaven, when I am going through a crisis I think of him in Heaven and realize I donít weep for him I weep for me, because Bill Lively is home in Heaven again, his suffering and pain of rejection is over. Bill Livelyís job on earth is done, although I am sure his widow wouldnít agree to that, because now his widow is responsible for raising the children as he departed to Heaven. I will never know if he got to read Prophecy 76 because he died so soon after it was released. I have my own opinions why YAHUVEH took Bill to Heaven, and I truly believe it has to do with Prophecy 76 and the arguments of his loved ones concerning this.

Bill was a man torn in half, and he also was a man that refused to compromise what he knew to be true. Because we travel so much we donít have one building we can call a Church. Bill was blessed to find a Messianic Jewish Temple he attended and it was his hearts desire that I and his other spiritual leader meet. Bill called him Rabbi Greg. I wrote Greg and introduced myself but he did not write back either. Oh well at least I tried. When the book is released that we are writing Bill lively will be part of a chapter. Many of you now reading this have also become a blessing we will never forget. So when we honor Bill Lively this way, just remember we also treasure your friendship and loyalty, prayers, love and support. Only in Heaven will you realize how much you mean to this Ministry. Only in Heaven now, does Bill Lively know how much he means to this Ministry.

I have decided to share Billís emails he sent to us. Just some of them. So you will see the fruit of his spirit and why he meant so much to us. If you look up Bill Lively in the search engine there is nothing about him except the RUACH ha KODESH did lead me to his death notice, which took days of prayer to find in fireman news of all places. There are plenty of Livelyís on the Internet and even another Bill Lively, but after searching the web site out I realized this wasnít our friend Bill.

It all started with an email Saturday, December 21, 2002 1:42 AM

In relations to Prophecy 66 and 67

Astonishing prophecy, and convicting. And puzzling, I always pray "LORD what do you want 'Bill' to do?" I go to the messianic church in Macon (looked for one due to your website of 2 years ago) but my family simply isn't interested. My wife works many weekends (children's home) so I take the kids where they grew up, the primitive Babtist church near us and teach the sunday school class my wife ordinarily has -4's & 5's year olds. At least I have a little fun, put away the coloring books and trying to teach them some Hebrew letters.

But other than that it is a quandry, I'd leave tomorrow, but puzzled as to how to interact with my family. (Kid's are 10 12 14) ps daughter 10 saved recently at a fundamentalist Babtist camp so naturally she's fond of the Babtist's ps 2 I'm not the only one thats puzzeled -the guys in the primitive babtist church beginning to wonder why I dont show up for workdays (Sat of course)

Love to both of ya

Bill Lively


The first thing I would like to share is after the email the next time we heard from him was through a postal letter. It was a small manila envelope that contained a musical tape cassette. Inside the plastic case was a $5.00 dollar bill, Billís first donation. Bill Lively had a surprise for me for a Hanukkah gift and it was a beautiful inscribed black leather bible with my full name on it. Bill kept asking me in the email if I got the bible yet. The mail was delayed because we traveled so much in the Shkhinah glory bus ministering. Bill made me promise I would call him when we got the bible.

I wrote him instead a email letting him know that the bible came and I thanked him and treasured it as a gift, my first inscribed bible it meant a lot to me. It was Hanukkah and our finances many times drop off as people care more about the wants and desires of their families at Christmas time and yes even Hanukkah. We were traveling all over the USA and one thing after another went wrong with the 40 foot Bus Conversion even the generator went out. Money was tight and we kept praying for a financial miracle at that time our postal mail was not reaching us.

We had a unexpected cell phone message and it was from Bill lively. I answered it and again thanked him for the Bible as well as other pictures of the Holy land, map, small things he tucked in the package when he sent the bible. Bill said" Elisabeth (Elisheva) I want you to look inside the binder of the bible". I did but couldnít see anything cause it was so tight. He than said take a knife and gently open the binder a bit. My Son gently took a knife and did what Bill said to do. I said "Bill why are we doing this?" He said "because I have a surprise tucked in there for you." My Son stuck a table knife in the binder and pushed out a piece of paper. When he handed the folded up piece of paper to me I opened it and shouted so loud I think the world could have heard me, I know the camp ground did!

That paper turned out to be a check in the amount of $5000.00 ! I praised YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA we all started shouting with joy, and Bill Lively got the biggest kick out of us that day ! He said he was frantic to let us know YAHUSHUA heard our prayers, and he was told to send this before we were cut off from our finances! PRAISE YAHUSHUA! Because of this miracle I am never without my bible. It is my most treasured earthly possession, and the Bride of YAHUSHUA ring I wear for the entire Bride. Oh and also a 18 Karat gold Messianic Jewish star with a cross in the center given to me by someone I once called a friend, her name is Monique. However although her gift never leaves my neck it is sad to say she turned into an orthodox Jew because of her husband Charles and now denies YAHUSHUA is Messiah. Yet still her gift is one I treasure and will wear around my neck until I leave for Heaven.

This bible that Bill gave me, if I could I would take to Heaven with me, it means that much to me. It is a reminder of the goodness of YAHUSHUA and how even though Bill says he couldnít hear from YAHUSHUA very well, he proved he did by sending this gift that turned out to be more than just a bible. I donít believe Bill ever told Ginger his wife that he had sent a $5000.00 check.

One more reason I treasure it is because this was the Bible that Bill had taken to Israel with him on a tour. This was the bible that Bill called Rabbi Greg read from and Bill made personal notes in it as they toured the Holy Land. This bible has been to the places I have not been allowed to go yet for it is not yet the timing. I donít know what Bill had to sell, or how he got the money to send, but I know that in Heaven and especially this day as YAHUSHUA will show him what I have written just how much he means to us and this Ministry. He will never be forgotten.

Because of Bill we were able to go to the grocery store and stock the bus cabinets and had money to buy a new generator and get other things fixed on the bus so we could continue our travels from one end of USA to another ministering.

After that whenever Bill could get money without his wife knowing it he would send love donations to this Ministry. He said he felt convicted daily because this was the Ministry that fed him fresh manna from Heaven and through the prophesies and teachings he received living water of the RUACH ha KODESH. We treasure this man because he sincerely cared about our needs and covered us in prayers. Bill went from a gift of $5.00 to leaving this earth knowing he sacrificed a gift of $5000.00 ! Plus he sent other offerings but this was the largest.

Monday, January 20, 2003 12:29 AM Bill writes below.

You guys snag a bus? The one pictured?. Will you be in Ga sometime? When I told the wife I thought the Lord wanted me to send money, she thought it funny, never even discussed a figure. (She is in substantial control of our money) I have more like petty cash. Later on if I figure out a way to raise the amount I have in mind, or the Lord gives me whichever it is (ps you guys hear from Him really impressive, I'm deaf but trying) I received a digital camera for xmas so i'd like to try to sell some unwanted stuff around the house on ebay to raise some discretionary funds. Favorite Site is your Ministry Site and than Ebay buses & motorcoachs (always wanted a bus conversion but no can afford) . Ps 2 Godspeed in your travels assuming you got a bus conversion-much superior to a ordinary rv especially for all the miles you are contemplating!


Great bus, busses are usually sturdier than RV's, a conversion with diesel generator may be preferable- one always has an ample supply of fuel, especially if tied in with the main diesel tank. I've heard of people camping in the summer having to get lp gas every few days running their lp generators for Air condition. On the other hand lp will have less exhaust odor. Anyway bye was just checking every day or three for a new prophecy or item of interest; they are coming quicker! Shalom -Bill


Dear Elisabeth (Elisheva)

Very glad to hear from you, my family is doing fine!(just wish they'd do Shabbat)?! Would you like the Bible imprinted (with your name)? If so, how shall it read? Thanks Bill. ps Shabbat Shalom. Its Fri evening! and I learned this from you!
Sent : Saturday, December 4, 2004 8:30 AM To : Subject : Bible & inscription



Hi Elisabeth (Elisheva)

Hello My guess was close. Trying to get this out the door, in the mail I went ahead and had 'Elizabeth Elijah" put. Only 2 out of 6 or 7 styles of available lettering they had would fit as it was. By the way adding the 'apostle' wouldn't work on their lettering thing. I've also added a few things within the Bible almost like scrap booking to tell a few things about the trip, my family and the like. Anyway intend to send to the website address 26 Kislev (Dec 9) Shalom, off to synagogue! Play practice today Chanukah play. This is NOT me but I will try!! Pray!

Dear YAHUSHUA , we request to see Bill lively in that Chankkah play. Please can there be a recording of it in Heaven when we get there.


Hello Elisabeth (Elisheva), Friday, February 18, 2005 7:00 PM

I am so excited about you being on the radio program and ministering.

I fasted equivalent of 2 days this week for your upcoming interview. Hope this encourages you ps personal communion everyday is a BLESSING!! Thanks for sharing this secret with me. love Bill

March 6, 2005 Sad to say below is the last email we received from Bill Lively. Little did we know 5 months later he would be drowned in a ocean. In the email his widow wrote me when she finally told us, she says the night before Bill was worried about a Tsunami and she didnít know why. If I could have spoken to him I would have warned him not to go to the ocean because it was a warning that a huge wave would unexpectantly drown him. This is what happened. You can read what happened for yourself after the few email samples below.

I just want to show his fruit. When I wept daily for a woman I did not know personally named Terri Shindler Shavio, and yet I have never prayed so hard for a person in my life as I did for her, he prayed with us and fasted and took communion for her with us. I know she also will be in Heaven. It is not because Terri was Catholic she will be in Heaven, but because she really did have a relationship with our loving Messiah and how do I know that? YAHUSHUA told me so. I will meet her in Heaven and Bill already has met her. He writes the below. The letter below is so sad because the bad connection is because we will never see him on earth again, but the good news is we will see him in Heaven.

In closing I would like to add one last thing, Bill Lively was used to save the life of his only daughter Sarah age 14 at the time. They were alone. Please pray for her because he told her to lay on her back and float and by doing this I donít see how she could not have seen her dad drown before her eyes. Sarah is now 16 years old. It is said if it had not of been for 2 strangers on the beach who went into the ocean to pull her out, she might have drowned also. I will always believe those 2 strangers are angels in disguise. I feel led to share one more email. How many of you reading this have a struggle in your own families when it comes to attending a Sunday Church or even if it means assembling yourselves together or alone, honoring the True Shabbat? I believe Bill was taken early to Heaven because of prophecy 79 strong warning.

Hi Elisabeth (Elisheva),
Very glad to hear from you. I do not hear 1/10th of 1
>percent as well as you, pray I hear HIM better, but I
>AM seeking. I'm at the public library. Our computer
>died completely last night, it had been getting very
>difficult to boot; symetec revealed we had 101 virus
>infected files, deleted all manually, emptied recycle,
>rebooted, but they had all renamed themselves into some
>thing new! Oh well... I thought about you reading
>Matthew -I think, (since I'm at library I can't
>reference)but I read something to the effect Elijah
>will restore all things. I thought to my self Wow! for
>YHVH made reference to you as "my Elijah of new". Wow-
>you are restoring things, like Shabbat and  Holy Feasts,
and importance of living Holy and obeying the Ten Commandments, l
earning the Sacred Hebrew names for our Creator and Messiah.
>My rabbi is preaching on these things. I go to a
>messianic church in Macon Georgia, and I knew I had to find one,
since I canít be with you, after learning about sabbath
>couple of years ago from you. My wife and kids still
>don't dig the sabbath thing, so I go alone, but it's
>OK! She still demands I go with them to the Baptist
>church so I'm grappling with this. However-the folks
>there have always thought I was weird. Anyway-there is
>a young married couple whom I was talking to prior to
>27 Sept telling them about the Rosh/rapture
>possibility. The young man heard things (this is
>awkward I'm having trouble relating the story
>logicly)that I don't remember saying- something like a
>word or prophecy, but the result is he really focused
>his life toward the Lord.- Perhaps having a plausible
>date really locks in the notion of how soon the rapture
>is. the second result is he and his family are visiting
>the messianic church, and seem really  interested and
>now they are praying over where they should be. Anyway
>thanks for writing. Well gtg almost time for messianic church,
>can't wait to get back to a computer  to read #71! Love
>and Blessings, Bill ps looking foward to your call



Hi Elisabeth (Elisheva), I am In personal communion and it is a blessing to remember Terri Shindler also the way you asked us to do. Ps dreamed you called but again had a bad connection .

How am I? 'fine' there are more things I could say if I knew how to express them. I am going to the messianic church in Macon regularly, wife and youngin's dont like it. I do go with her Sunday; we teach the preschool, and I've been teaching them Hebrew letters while I learn them myself-they learn much faster than I! Thank you so much for writing, I was feeling 'mopey'? (don't know the right word). Later

Kinda 'heads up' this morn as I read a five dove post-several things included Taliban going for political control of Pakistan and their supply of nukes-I remembered your prophecy "beware Pakistan hand of the executioner" love your friend Bill

GOOD BYE BILL LIVELY UNTIL WE MEET IN HEAVEN ! We will always treasure knowing you here on earth, we will always love and miss you until we see you face to face in Heaven! I am giving you our RSVP now make room for us at your dining room table in your mansion in Heaven. When our job is done here on earth PRAISE YAHUSHUA we will be rejoicing together at a job well done for the Glory of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the Precious RUACH HA KODESH. Your Sister in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH

Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah



Monday, August 22, 2005 Ė Reprinted from the Brunswick News (article on-line

Rescuers safely pulled a teen-aged girl from the St. Simons Island surf Saturday afternoon, but were unable to save the girlís father. Bill Lively, 47, of Culloden, was pronounced dead, but his daughter, Sarah, 14, is OK, police said. Attempt to revive Lively at the beach were unsuccessful.

Police said Bill Lively and his daughter had walked down the beach to the St. Simons Pier from the King and Prince Resort, where they were staying for a religious retreat. The two began walking back and waded out onto the sandbar around 3 p.m. When they attempted to return to shore near the Sea Gate Inn on Beachview Drive, Lively, who was wearing jeans and a T- shirt, told his daughter he could not swim and told her to lie on her back so she would float into shore. Police said bystanders on the beach saw the two were in trouble and were able to swim out and get Sarah to shore.

" I really believe that if it wasnít for them, weíd have two drownings," Glynn County Police Beach Patrol Sgt. Kevin Wilborn said. "They truly saved Sarah." Wilborn arrived at the scene and was able to find Lively, who had gone under. Wilborn said he began CPR, but was unsuccessful. Lively was transported to the Brunswick hospital. He was pronounced dead in the emergency room at 3:43 p.m. An autopsy was to be conducted today at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab in Savannah to determine the exact cause of death.

Although sandbars are exciting to beachgoers, they have proven to be dangerous and fatal. In 2001, two people drowned after being caught by the incoming tide on the sandbar at Jekyll Island. The danger is that the rising tide makes it difficult for people to walk back to shore and the fast-moving rip currents can be overwhelming to the inexperienced swimmers. "The water is always moving," Wilborn said. "Youíve got to know the environment youíre in." Wilborn said people who want to go to the sandbars should take some type of flotation device to help them
get back to shore.

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By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5

By Faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death: and was not found, because YAHUVEH had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased YAHUVEH. Hebrews 11:5