Miraculous Escape From Car Accident

Revised August 24, 2013

Please note that the picture used is NOT a picture of Elisabeth's car accident. This is a well known picture on the internet as well as seen on TV. We used this picture to encourage people that indeed there are angels out there looking over us.

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The people in this car walked away without so much as a single scratch. They were not even shaken up.
Could that shadowy figure in the photograph be an...

Beloved family of mine in YAHUSHUA,

I am posting this picture sent to me today because the next time you see a car accident and wonder how they walked away think of me and how Jesus protects those that are HIS. Think of this picture.

I am asking our site manager to please POST this letter as well as the picture. I have not mentioned this accident yet to the congregation. To Give GOD the GLORY I shall now!

My car was a red Monte Carlo and not damaged quite this bad but bad enough. Unrepairable like the one attached to this email.

I think my angels Protected me the same only stood between the car and the truck that hit me. Not to mention others cars from hitting US! As you know it was a Head on collision and even spun my car into another side road. "The angels of the LORD encampeth around about them that love and fear the LORD and will deliver them" memorized that. :)

As some know my son, dog, and I also walked away...to the GLORY OF YAHUSHUA! Nov. 4, 1999 was the car accident and still have bruises from the airbag Dec. 2, 1999

Praise GOD for the airbags! Most of all for OUR angels that protect US from the evil the devil seeks to do to us. My son and dog were not harmed again the angels were guarding and protecting. I pray over my dog and anointed him asking YAHUSHUA for protection and long life for him so you see the devil had no right to him! My son is always covered in prayer.

Interesting enough another Brother, David Penick wrote me and said at 3:30 p.m. Nov.4, 1999 He had a vision of me at the throne of GOD and I was standing there transparent and innocent and clean from sin. He did NOT know about the accident for he had only days earlier written me and said he found the site and felt led to pray for me for many hours! He wrote me to tell me though he didn't know me 7 hrs. He prayed! Now here is this same man with a vision of the most frightening time in my life.

Praise the LORD! 15 minutes earlier before the accident I had been praying in the spirit and covering myself and son with the shed blood of our YAHUSHUA! The LORD had just spoken a private word to me something that had been confusing me, harming my faith, and causing MUCH pain for I had received conflicting messages about someone. I had PEACE on what I know that I know was the Holy Spirit speaking and settling this issue at last. While driving and praying I did something I suggest ALL do.

I always ask forgiveness of my sins for any known or unknown ones. "For all have sinned and fell short of the glory of GOD." Only YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, HOLY SPIRIT, ARE PERFECT! When the accident happened I had just picked up my son from school. I don't want to dwell on the accident only to say at the time of the crash I screamed "Jesus Help me!" There was NO time for anything else then the sound of crushing metal. I must have passed out for a few seconds. Don't remember air bag in face. My young son said he was praying in tongues! Usually that is what I do!

Smoke filled the car and our car doors were jammed shut. I must admit I am the one that panicked and my 11-year-old son stayed calm even breaking the glass of the window so he could get the car door open. YAHUSHUA had to have one of us calm at least and sad to say it wasn't this handmaiden. Even the dog was licking my son's face and was calm! The other man in the truck escaped without injury also. Praise the LORD YAHUSHUA! He also was a Christian.

When I got out of car everyone looking and no one helping it was this man that held me in his arms as I was badly shaken up and bruised and limping my arms were cut but PRAISE YAHUSHUA the devil must have been angry for the GOD we serve had said once again to me,  "You shall not die but live to declare the works of the LORD!"

Another Brother Scott blessed me today with sending this picture of what appears to be an angel in front of a totaled car wreck! Where would I be without the prayer warriors YAHUSHUA has raised up? Some don't even write me to let me know they are praying.

YAHUSHUA will reward you one day for covering this minister and ministry. David Penick is my new blessing in life he has an anointing like the true Warrior King David of Old. He is humble, and a Psalmist and prophet. The mightiest and gifted man of GOD I have met thus far. I don't say this to build him up but to give all GLORY to YAHUSHUA and the Holy Spirit for bringing him in my life when I needed the mighty anointed spirit of David of Old manifesting through this Brother in YAHUSHUA!

As the LORD leads we will be posting some of his anointed teaching on spiritual warfare of a King David and the prophecies given to him. MORE will be written and posted what he saw that day he interceded for me at the time of the accident when I must have said the most POWERFUL prayer I ever said "JESUS HELP ME!"

David intercedes for me like no one has ever done before. David prays the Goliaths will FALL in the spiritual realm that encircle me! Pastor Harry Regan had just called me maybe half hour to hour earlier and prayed the most POWERFUL anointed protecting prayer around me posting huge angels from Heaven around me and my son! I wondered why at the time for I didn't sense the danger yet as he was praying the Holy Spirit prayed through him the protection needed.

Be assured we have angels that protect US! Check out this photo and tell me what you see after you pray.

READ FIRST!!!! Then take a look at the picture below.

The picture of a car accident is one of several that were taken by a professional police photographer. After developing the pictures of this accident scene, the officer found what looked like to be some type of a figure? in one particular picture. Thinking it was a problem with his camera or its film, he performed tests on both. They checked out PERFECTLY!

Thank you for your Prayers and Love,

Elisabeth Elijah

* * * * * * *
Email From Bud...

Honorable Pastor, teacher and prophet:

Yes I believe in angels. One night I was awakened by God and told to pray. It was about 3 AM. I didn't want to and went back to sleep. He awoke me again. I went back to sleep. The third time I awake, I was rocking back and forth. I looked up, and a huge being was standing at the foot of my bed shaking it. I rebuked him, but God said, "This is My Holy Angel, GET UP AND PRAY! NOW!" So I prayed in tongues for about 20 minutes or so, the power of God seemed to leave so I went back to bed.

That Sunday, I learned the VERY HOUR I was praying the assistant pastor of my church was in a car wreck. A tractor trailer hit him head on. His car was totaled! He and his wife walked away. He had a broken ankle. That was it. He testified all the paramedics and police on the scene kept shaking their heads and saying, "This is a miracle of God. There is no way anyone in your car should even be ALIVE; yet you walked away! This is impossible!" God spoke to me and said, "If you got up and prayed WHEN I FIRST TOLD YOU TO, THE ACCIDENT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! Be diligent, therefore, and pray, especially when I tell you to, no matter what time it is or how inconvenient."

Years later, I was in a car driven by a friend. My girlfriend was with me. The driver wasn't paying attention. A white Cadillac was sitting at the red light, and my friend was so busy talking he ran right into the back of the Caddy. But just before impact, I CLEARLY saw an angel standing in front of us with his hands outstretched to stop our car. I also saw what I can only describe as a "wrinkle in time." With no sensation of slowing, suddenly we were in the middle of the road, in neutral, SITTING PERFECTLY STILL, the light was green and the Cadillac was gone. My buddy SWEARS he never took his foot off the gas or touched the brake. My girlfriend also testified she noticed no slowing down whatsoever.

I am persuaded God instantly removed all momentum and bumped us into the future to maintain some kind of balance and harmony between physical laws. Beats me; ask a physicist! I don't understand it, but I have had several experiences in which God has manipulated time. As such, I believe John, Daniel and others did in fact time travel to the future to see their revelations, but that is another story. I most DEFINITELY believe in angels. Doyle H. Millington Friends call me "Bud."

Love and keep up the good work! Amen, God bless!

P.S. God suddenly spoke to me and said, "Don't let anyone condemn you because you are a women! I have most assuredly called you. I called men, but they wouldn't answer the call. So I took the anointing away from them, and gave it to you. So learn a valuable lesson in the Kingdom of God: I reward on the basis of faithfulness, not on the basis of original call, for many are called but few are chosen. 

In modern words, many are called but the ones originally called aren't always the ones that stand up and make themselves available. So often, the ones I choose to fill a spot were never originally called, because the called ones wouldn't obey me, so I called another, and another and another, until I found one that would. You weren't originally called, but you were obedient, so I set you in a man's place. If the men don't like it; they should have taken their place. They didn't. So I chose you. That's their problem. 

Be glad and rejoice, for some have much and it is taken away because of disobedience and given to those that have little, but obey. You are the latter. Rejoice in it! Your detractors are angry because they have not paid the price. Until they DO, they still will NOT be chosen. YOU obeyed. You are chosen. Your place WILL NOT be taken from you. Your accusers are NOT from Me. I reject and abhor them, for they say I, God, have made a mistake! They attack Me when they attack you. 

Always remember that. You are my chosen. They could have been, but rejected it. I say, "Tough tueggies" on them. You are My chosen and I love you. I hate their accusing words. Their accusations make Me want to vomit. Ignore them. Seek ever more so to be familiar with Me and My Love for You. Seek My Love, for it will cure all loneliness. Never fear, I am with you. They are not from Me, I DID NOT send them. Don't look at your mistakes and shortcomings, for theirs are greater. How dare they accuse you whom I have not accused? Satan brings up pictures of your failings to weaken your desire to be in My Arms and to freely allow yourself to be loved by Me. Don't let Satan do it! (Hence, your accusers are being motivated by Satan!) 

I love you! Flee to Me! I DON'T CARE about your past sins. I care about, I love YOU! Come unto Me, and receive My Love by basking in the Son Light of My Holy Spirit, who heals ALL wounds, physical, mental, and spiritual. Be firmly rooted and grounded in faith that I love you. NEVER fear to come before Me. My Arms of Love are the ONLY safe place for a sinner to be! Satan is the one who uses sin to DESTROY, not Me! 

Have you never read that Jesus triumphed over them (demons) in it; by blotting out the handwritings of ordinances against you? Satan held you captive by your sin. I set you free by burning up the list of your transgressions. Jesus paid them FOR you. THEY ARE PAID! It IS settled FOREVER! I did it because I wanted you to have the RIGHT to come into My presence to be loved by Me! Don't deny the Husband His Rights! It is My Right to Love My Bride. I am not talking about sex, I mean by pouring out my Spirit upon you and letting you get to KNOW Me as a Father, Best Friend, and Trusted Loyal Companion. 

So few know Me this way. You are on the verge of it. Seek to know Me. I will visit you to prove this Word is of God. Look for the confirmation. Confirmation of what? This singular point: I LOVE you, and want to fellowship with you. The accusers want you to be afraid of Me, to feel "unworthy" and to fear coming into My Presence! So how they want to keep us apart. Oh, how I LONG for us to be together! But I have triumphed over them! How? BY ERASING YOUR SINS! ERASED sins cannot keep us apart! I cannot look upon sin, but I CAN look upon you, for My triumph is setting you free from your prison of sins past SO you CAN be with Me! So enter BOLDLY unto the throne of Grace to find help in the time of need. And believe ME, you NEED to be Loved an Adored by ME VERY, VERY BADLY! 

Shall a man come between a Husband and His Bride? Yet they seek to do so to you and I. Can't you not see they are NOT of Me? I would never do this...separate Myself. I would NEVER leave you...even to the end of the age. I love you. Be My friend. You are, but be so even more so, even intimately. I LONG to be alone with you, to be your Best Friend. I really, really, do. I love you. Let Me be. Even more so than you have. Love, Jesus." 

I didn't mean to write all that, but there it is. Keep up the good work. Your site has ministered to me in a tremendous way. You even prophesied words GOD spoke to me years ago (sometimes, word for word) that I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT! I have often been severely discouraged over the years because I knew only ONE other person that was hearing God. But now I (via internet) I am finding many! AND WE ARE ALL PRETTY MUCH SAYING THE SAME THINGS! God wants me to add, "Yeah, and the MAINSTREAM CHURCHES AREN'T saying the same things...AS GOD IS!" HE is the one saying them. He is "one of us" for lack of a better way of putting it.

Love, Bud


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