October 1, 2005 
Open Letter From Nikomia About Attacks
Against This Ministry


WOW, is the battle intense or what. As many of you know we are in the middle of a tremendous battle regarding the last prophecy given about the Sunday churches and the Mark of the Beast being tied together during the Great Tribulation. The enemy has really reared its ugly head on this one and the attacks have been fierce. PRAISE YAHUSHUA, we must be doing something right. I want to let everyone know that Elisabeth is alive and kicking and is doing well. There have been some rumors and comments made on the internet that maybe Elisabeth is dead and that is why she hasn't posted anything on the ministry site as of late. Well I will tell you this, Elisabeth will LIVE and not die to declare the works of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

Tell me what is wrong with this picture. My beloved wife Elisabeth and this ministry teaches that the only way to our heavenly Father YAHUVEH is through HIS beloved SON YAHUSHUA. We are to live holy as YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA are holy and sincerely repent of our sins when we fall short and then we are forgiven through the shed blood of YAHUSHUA. We are to obey the commandments given to us in the torah and we are to put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in our love, lives and in everything we do. Please tell me if any of this is unscriptual.

Yet, my beloved Elisabeth has been called everything from a witch, bitc_, Jezabel, whore of babylonan, cult leader, false prophet, YAHUVEHITE and many more and we even heard Zeph Daniel and Frankie on the radio call for Elisabeth's death and Frankie called her a bitc_ on the radio. These guys don't even hide the fact who they serve and yet they claim to follow YAHUSHUA. With friends who remain silent those blessed by this Ministry and Elisabeth all I have to say is with people like you who needs enemies. Repent today and don't be fooled. These guys Zeph E. Daniel, Frank Whalen, Rich Keltner, Hunter, Amos, and all the others that are speaking out against the truth and against my beloved Elisabeth whom they are not really attacking but it is YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA that they are attacking are really satantic plants that are out to take as many souls to hell as they can.

Watch what happens people because JUDGMENT has been set and you shall see YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA'S JUDGMENT come to pass and you will see the enemies destroyed for leading the people astray and attacking the truth. I have personally witnessed what happens to this Ministries enemies and it isn't pretty either. YAHUVEH is angry and wisdom says people should fear HIS anger.

Friends, you must understand what is happening here. This is not open for debate, this is not a theory, this is not our opinion. YAHUVEH is telling us what is going to happen during the Great Tribulation in Prophecy 79. After many great devastations on this earth there will be a law passed that everyone must go to church on Sunday to worship Jesus who will indeed be the son of satan (anti messiah) himself. All people who accept this and go to church on sunday are walking straight into the pit of hell. All people who accept this day of worship on sunday will receive the Mark of the Beast. Those who refuse to honor sunday and honor the true Sabbath are the ones who will be persecuted for their faith and their obedience to the commandments. The Sabbath is the sign that YAHUVEH uses to set HIS people apart. (Read Exodus 31:12-17) Not only does YAHUVEH use a day to set apart HIS people but satan counterfeits a day to set apart his people. This is why the Sabbath issue is so very important. YAHUVEH has tolerated the Sunday worship thus far because of HIS mercy but HE will not tolerate it during the soon coming Tribulation.

This is why the enemy says it doesn't matter what day you honor as the Sabbath. Do you now see why the enemy says this, because it will cost you your soul if you believe this and choose the wrong day during the Great Tribulation. This is why they are attacking this Ministry and my beloved Elisabeth so viscously. Satan knows the truth, shouldn't you.

I want to Thank all those who are defending the truth and have defended this Holy Ministry and my beloved Elisabeth. Elisabeth has had a increase of the anointing during this time of great stress. She will share many of the messages that were given to her.

We refuse to compromise and back down to the enemies that seek this Ministries destruction and the destruction of my beloved wife. A word was given to Elisabeth years ago, David didn't run from Goliath but towards Goliath, and thats exactly what we are doing to these enemies that attack this Messianic Jewish Pentecostal Ministry as well as YAHUSHUA'S Ring Maiden who has been entrusted to deliver these prophetic messages around the world. There is a price required to hear from Heaven like this, and Elisabeth is paying that price.

I have waited for the right time to speak forth, and now I speak forth in the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, Judgement is set for all those that touch the anointing in this Ministry and the anointing placed upon my beloved wife Elisabeth. YAHUVEH takes vengeance on HIS enemies. The so called Whammy's Zeph you and Frank tried to send to us, we render null and void against us but return unto you a thousand fold. We wear the full ephesian 6 full armor of YAHUVEH and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Amen, Amen, Amen

I am a man of few words, and thats all I have to say for now.

Apostle Nikomia


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