Judging Christian Rock Music is not a mandate of 
this ministry, the opinions that were voiced were 
not of this ministry.

Below is Anne's letter emailed to this ministry in response to a survey asking about Christian Rock Music. Links on that page (now removed) put ALL Christian Rock Music in a negative light. Elisabeth's return email to Anne follows below.

From Anne:

If a Rock song with 'Christian lyrics' is not good doctrine, then it IS just as evil as the false prophets Christ warned us about. (Those who will come, saying I am the Christ and will deceive many.) I believe Christ was speaking of those who say 'Jesus is the Christ', then add their own doctrine to deceive. However, you are coming against Christ when you flatly condemn Christian Rock music. 

What if people didn't go to church or listen to preachers because the experiences they've had with churches and preachers thus far were negative ones....oh, wait...that's not a 'what if', that's a reality. Oh well, if you say Christian Rock is bad, then churches and preachers must be bad too. Whatever happens we should protect everyone and make sure they don't listen to Christian Rock, go to church or listen to preachers who just might be having affairs with the church secretary and the choir leader. Dig a hole and put your head in it. That might be safe. Either that or get out on the edge and start doing some good. 

* * * * * * *

Elisabeth's response to Anne:

Beloved Sister in YAHUSHUA,

Shalom in the name of YAHUSHUA

Anne, This letter will be a open letter also as directed by the Ruach ha Kodesh. It will be posted in What's New as well as at and also on the Nav Bar. I am asking the site manager, under my husbands direction and mandate of YAHUSHUA to post this immediately. I am asking him please put a graphic that goes with this topic to get the attention of the people

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah wrote this under the anointing. Please feel free to copy and post to others as you are led.

This goes for everything at this Ministry site.

I want to thank you and all who wrote for writing and voicing your opinion about and and the page against Christian rock music and survey. Truly the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) used you Anne to call to mine and my husband Apostle Nikomia's attention what was posted without us having looked it over or praying on or IF this is a wall we were to go on. During prayer I received the words from YAHUSHUA that this is NOT a wall we were to be on, and he did not give us permission to do so. This is the convictions of our Site Manager and he has since written an apology to that effect. Everyone has different convictions and he feels strongly against certain music.

My husband and I appreciate Christian music and yes that includes Michael W. Smith, Stephen Curtis Chapman, some of Carman's music among other groups. Our site manager might consider what we enjoy to be Christian rock music. Our main concern is can you understand the lyrics? Does it uplift the name of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ)? Does the anointing in the music draw you closer to YAHUSHUA? We do know that some music is labeled Christian and has nothing to do with Christianity. My husband and I take the responsibility of not viewing the pages regarding objections against Christian rock music that was posted . The site manager thought it was alright for we hadn't protested against it. He did not know we had not viewed the pages, nor had we prayed on this or even knew about the Christian rock survey.

Anne, your letter must have had prayer behind it for it is the only one that was forwarded to us from Chad and when we read it we took this issue to prayer and the anointing came upon me and immediately the page was removed. Only left standing is an apology to the congregation and all those it offended for as you said there is good and bad in everything even in music. I know our young son listens to Christian Rock music and it has a slight drum beat, but every lyric clearly lifts up the name of YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) Why should drums only be used for the devil? I am asking for the Site Manager to post your email along with this response. At times this ministry as well as I try to go on more walls than what we are ordained and given the mandate to do by YAHUVEH.

This ministry is to speak forth the visions, dreams, audible words from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to share the Prophecies given to me and other guest prophets that encourage, teach and warn the People with spiritual ears to hear and listen. Most of all to bring souls to the only GOOD SHEPHERD the ONLY MESSIAH his name is YAHUSHUA some call him (JESUS CHRIST). We are to be the finger that points the way to Heaven, and warns of Hell being a reality. This ministry is to preach the good news to both Jews/Israelites/Gentiles so the truths in the Torah and the entire bible will set people free.

I speak to the parents that follow this ministry and IF you have read what was written against Christian Rock Music and taken the music away from your children, I remind you of the above questions you should ask yourself first. If the answer is YES it draws your children closer to JESUS CHRIST our YAHUSHUA. YES the music and lyrics lifts up and praises JESUS CHRIST our YAHUSHUA. YES the lyrics are clearly heard and the beat doesn't cover up the words. Then Please reconsider and remember this was the opinion of another brother in YAHUSHUA this is his convictions not this ministries , and not my husband Apostle Nikomia's or mine. I speak what I have written under the anointing of the Ruach Ha Kodesh. Opinions are a dime a dozen but the only true opinion is what does YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA say about the music and lyrics in a song?

This ministry now knows someone else has the mandate to be the judge of Christian rock Music. I was given the audible Words from YAHUVEH years ago now with a dream back to back . "assemble the troops on the wall" We are endeavoring to do this mandate but as YAHUVEH clearly spoke to me under the anointing he said " this is NOT one of those walls I and this ministry are only to be guarding ONE wall, someone else has the other 3 walls.

Anne, I don't know you but the HOLY SPIRIT (Ruach ha Kodesh) does and you were used to open our eyes to the above fact . Please pray we can discern what wall to stay on and guard and not try to cover all 4 walls.

Thank you so much! Please email back and tell us more about yourself. How can I object to Christian music when I also have been given the anointing of a Christian music ministry.

Love and blessings in YAHUSHUA's name,
Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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