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Did Dr. Richard Eby Lie About The Coming of YAHUSHUA?
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RAPTURE ALERT!!! -- Dr. Eby Update
Jim Bramlett
June 21, 2002

Dear friends:

Everyone has probably heard of Dr. Richard Eby, now 90 years old, who clinically died some 30-40 years ago, during which time he went to heaven and the Lord told him to go back and preach, and that he would still be alive at the rapture, which he was to proclaim.

Eby's health has deteriorated greatly during the past year, both physically and mentally,so much so that it was thought that he did have much longer. As did Dr. Eby himself, everyone saw this as a sign of the soon rapture.

However, today I am told by a reliable source that he suddenly has improved markedly, and that his mind is now much clearer, and he seems to be able to think much more clearly.

But there is one thing especially remarkable -- as his mind has come back, he is proclaiming the extreme nearness of the rapture with a new fervency and intensity, and he is warning people to be ready as never before -- still not physically up to par, but strong enough for this mission.

My source, who I must keep anonymous, gets the impression that the Lord has brought him out of it at this particular time for this final purpose.

I am told that Dr. Eby believes the rapture is so near that it could be today or tomorrow, and certainly not later than the next few months.

Let us hope. This is compatible with several biblical interpretations and personal revelations recently reported.

Let us be ready. Let us look for the Christ and not the antichrist. What a day of rejoicing that will be!

Dr Eby relates his amazing experience while speaking at a church.
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Read More About Dr. Eby

* * * * * * *

Warning: Do not pray for the death of Dr. Eby to expedite the Rapture, for his life and the time of the Rapture of the Bride is in YAHUVEH's hands.

Greetings Beloved of YAHUSHUA,

I have been saved for 26 years and when I first heard of Dr. Eby and how he died and went to Heaven and was sent back by YAHUSHUA with a message, Tell them ! Tell Them ! I am coming back so quickly ! He died once from a fall from a balcony where is brains were literally scooped up by paramedics to get off the sidewalk, and stuffed back into his head ! He was clinically and in all way dead ! he came back with a promise from YAHUSHUA, that he would not die anymore for the rapture would come before that time! I have always had this fleece before YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA I share it now.

Dr. Richard Eby is very close to death at last report. I was led of the Ruach Ha Kodesh to pray the spirit of death away, and for him to be healed again, IF this is the devil trying to take his life knowing that Richard Eby is a barometer of how close we are to the rapture. We don't need any counterfeit signs, we only want the truth. Please read below and IF anyone has any news about Richard Eby's present state of health please email me. Now I have always believed that the catching away will come on one of the Jewish Feasts, since none is in November I don't understand why this would be the time YAHUSHUA would return, when he is so symbolic of the Jewish Feasts in all ways.

Come YAHUSHUA come quickly is my prayer ! Until then we are to occupy and do the work that has been laid before us.

Love and Blessings in YAHUSHUA's name

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

* * * * * * *

Most of you know of retired medical doctor Dr. Richard Eby. Decades ago he had a clinical death experience when the Lord took him to heaven and showed him marvelous things beyond description. Then the Lord sent Eby back and told him to preach the gospel, and that he would not die before the rapture.

At that time, Eby was relatively young man. He is now about age 90, and in rapidly failing health. Because of his experience, many have been watching his health as a signpost for the rapture. It is now revealed that this is what the Lord intended.

I am acquainted with two people who know Dr. Eby personally and see him often. It has been reported to me several times that Eby cannot have much longer to live. His heart stopped beating 2-3 times this past July. He is in a wheelchair and cannot care for himself. Lately he has lost mental functioning and has not even recognized his wife.

Yesterday Rev. Ron Patterson left a message on my answering service at home and I was able to speak to him last night. Ron has been a close friend of Dr. Eby for many years. In fact, Eby flies Ron from Kentucky to California once a month to preach at his church.

Ron reports that he was at Dr. Eby's church this past Saturday and Eby was rolled in, in a wheel chair. He seemed greatly improved mentally, but physically just as bad. Ron reports that it was a greatly anointed service, one of the greatest he has ever seen. After the service, Dr. Eby grabbed Ron by the arm and said he had something important he had to tell him.

With great emotion, Dr. Eby shared that the Lord had visited him again that week, on about Tuesday or Wednesday, as Ron remembers. That would have made it October 30 or 31. Eby said, "I want to tell you because I know you will believe me." Eby said that He revealed several things to him:

1. The Lord affirmed what he previously told Eby, that he will not die before the rapture.

2. The Lord said he had not healed him because people all over the world know about his testimony and are watching, and the Lord wanted Eby's condition to clearly reveal to the world how close the rapture is.

3. The Lord told him, "It is too late now for your message. Your testimony is losing its effect. Your battle is all but over. I am ready to come."

4. The Lord ominously told him that things are closing so rapidly that the only message now to the people of the world is "repent or perish."

5. Eby said the Lord further told him, "In three weeks from now, something will happen that will change the course of history for the whole world." No further information on this was given. (Three weeks from October 30-31 would be Thanksgiving week, I believe. Three weeks exactly from October 30 is November 20.)

Dr. Eby personally believes that the rapture is so close that it may be in November and may be the event the Lord spoke about, but that is just his opinion.

On the way home, Ron picked up a USA Today newspaper in the seat next to him and his eyes fell on an article mentioning that on November 20 the United Nations will name ten members to the Security Council, and he wonders if this has anything to do with the word Eby received. Or could it be the rapture? Or a new terrorist strike with a weapon of mass destruction? Or a meteor hit upon the earth? Or a sudden war and nuclear exchange in the Middle East? No one knows.

Whichever, let us keep short, short accounts with the Lord, pray for others, witness, and pray that we will be counted worthy to escape the things coming upon the earth and to stand before the Son of Man.

* * * * * * *

Please pray that Dr. Eby will be healed and raised up. We rebuke the spirit of death in the mighty Name of YAHUSHUA Messiah off of Dr. Eby.


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