October 1, 2005

Open Apology To The SDA Churches, From Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah, Mandated By YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA!

I AM SORRY THAT I, Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah, offended you and rejected you. Said with a sincere humble heart. You also get persecuted for honoring the Sabbath Day and keeping it Holy.

Please forgive me, I don't have time now to write a long apology, but if any of you are reading this and are Seventh Day Adventist, I have been told by YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA that I am to write an open apology to those who have written me in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and tried to tell me that they were not saying by not keeping the SABBATH HOLY means everyone would go to hell. They know its through the blood of YAHUSHUA whom they call JESUS CHRIST. This is also what I am trying to say, and get accused of the same thing! Someone sure did alot of praying that YAHUVEH would have me repent for not understanding.

The SDA Churches already keep the Sabbath Holy for the same reason we teach out of obedience to our Creator and Messiah because we love and want to please our YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. I now realize after YAHUVEH told me, "Take what you have in common with the Seventh Day Adventist Church and unite with the love they have for YAHUSHUA and how they are willing to be persecuted for honoring and defending my 4th commandment and living Holy lives. The differences of doctrines they have with what you believe will not keep them out of Heaven! They believe in being obedient to my commandments, and they believe in living Holy. Pray that the Seventh Day Adventist will embrace the Jewishness of this Ministry and the truths in it. Pray that the Seventh Day Adventist will lay down all man-made doctrines just as you and others who now know the truth have done. Pray that you will be united as one and they will embrace the Jewishness of the Messiah. Pray they will use Prophecy 79 to warn those who refuse to listen of the consequences, for they have not recognized any prophet since Ellen G.White. This is why they are pursuing this Ministry."

YAHUSHUA told me a secret that blew me away! Some of you reading this now are part of the members of the Bride of YAHUSHUA and you have stayed in the SDA Churches because you didn't know where else you belonged. You tried to come to me and I am so sorry I rebuked you for doctrines that we don't agree with, instead of embracing the truths we do agree with. Please forgive me, Over the years, multitudes of you told me that you would pray for me to see the truth. After being attacked in the way I have been attacked for Prophecy 79 I now understand how you feel. You are right about the SABBATH. Please write me back and tell me you forgive me. Let us stand united and please take Prophecy 79 to your SDA Pastors and USE it and let me know what happens.

SDA Churches are world-wide and although they believe that they will go through the entire tribulation and where their faith is their passover will be, but I do believe YAHUSHUA will protect and hide multitudes of you.

On a personal note, my beloved husband Niko had a dream a few days ago. Oh why don't we keep track of dates! I would guess September 28, 2005.

Niko use to have a girlfriend that was Seventh Day Adventist before I came into his life. For that matter before I married and met Niko I also was engaged to a SDA member also. He is now a Messianic Jew. In fact my beloved Niko was a SDA before he met me.

Niko was hesitant to tell me the dream but as soon as he started telling me I discerned what it meant immidiatly. The ex-girlfriend was pursuing him and kept following him where ever he went. End of dream....

My husband didn't know it but I was waiting for further confirmation that I was to make this open apology to the SDA Church that I offended. The SDA church members have been pursuing this ministry since it came on the Internet. They write all the time and some come to me in love others come in anger because I didn't receive them in love.

I tested the Spirit that spoke and asked YAHUVEH to send me a sign if HE really gave me the message to unite with the SDA Church and share Prophecy 79 with them, unite with the truths we can agree with and in the love of YAHUSHUA agree that we disagree with some of the doctrines we don't agree with. I had not done this yet for I didn't get a confirmation yet, and thought aha I am off the hook I don't have to do this. Two days later Niko has that dream and right away YAHUVEH said, "I have sent you the confirmation. Now obey me for there are members of the Bride of YAHUSHUA that need to be loved, encouraged and mentored by you and welcomed. I was told other things that I will reveal in YAHUSHUA'S timing.

I am now obeying YAHUVEH and I am looking forward to hearing from Pastors of the SDA Churches around the world and also members of the SDA Churches. I come to you in the love of YAHUSHUA and ask your forgiveness. I had to feel the pain of the hatred and persecution for Prophecy 79 before I could understand what you daily go through. Another good thing came from this and that was it.

Now to reach those members of the BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA read Prophecy 79 and Prophecy 76 and in 76 I don't have to tell you if you are part of the Bride as in Revelation 14 but you will know, for you will know that you were not meant to be martyred neither were you meant to die, or go through the great Tribulation. Even though your Pastors may teach against the catching away, Revelation 14 says that the 144,000 were redeemed from the earth. In fact I have been given brand new revelations during this time of persecution about how many will actually be caught away in the air, and people its not that many. I got off the subject sorry.

SDA members some of you always felt that you would be caught up with YAHUSHUA and keep looking for the return of YAHUSHUA. Please contact me ASAP If you read Prophecy 76 and hear that you are part of the Bride. Even if you don't hear this, please contact me if you would be willing to share Prophecy 79 with your church. It was prophecied long ago I would be ministering to the SDA Churches as a Prophet, but I didn't believe it, partially because I was predjudiced because of the wounds I recieved from a SDA member and deacon. I believe this prophecy is for you also SDA Churches! In fact I know it is. Also I look forward to hearing from the Pastors of SDA Churches.

Lets take what we have that we do agree with and agree that in the love of YAHUSHUA we can disagree on somethings until YAHUVEH settles it for all of us.


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