Letter To Judge Greer

March 9, 2005

A copy of this letter was also sent to Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senate President Tom Lee and Florida Speaker Allan Bense.

Judge Greer:

Almighty God's wrath burns against the euphanizing (re: murdering!) of so-called useless human beings like Terri Schiavo.

It appears that you do not care in the slightest if this woman is cut off from food and water…and starves to death! Is human life that cheap to you, Judge Greer? What if you were lying in a hospital bed, still alive—as is Terri—and you knew that within days you would be deprived of food and water because you were not considered worth being kept alive. Have you even ever thought about what it must be like to waste away unto death? Euphanasia is demonic and is pure evil.

Is this really happening in the great America? When those practicing Islam—and others, no doubt--refer to the U.S. as the 'great Satan,' they can most assuredly look at what is happening with Mrs. Schiavo and say, "Only devils would condemn an innocent woman to death like this! The husband wants to kill her and he has gotten permission from a judge to kill her. These people are evil!" The husband, openly fornicating with another woman by whom he has had two children, can't get that feeding tube yanked out of his wife's body fast enough.

Watch what happens with this case as a result of MILLIONS of devout Christians around the world fervently praying for the life of Terri Schiavo. I am one of those Christians. Terri isn't going away, Judge Greer. Even if God Almighty allows her to die, the murder (that's what it is!) of Terri Sciavo will haunt you and Michael Schiavo for all of your days because you both defied the Giver of Life and decided to do what YOU wanted to do. It isn't surprising to see this happening in a country where another kind of murder—abortion—is covering this land with the blood of innocent, unborn children. The great land of America, where those human beings who are a bother or unwanted are simply PUT TO DEATH! We have assuredly become a nation of devils!

And if Michael Sciavo defies the most High God, our Creator, and does everything in his power to see his wife starved to death, woe unto him. The wrath of God Almighty will come down on him! And anyone who does not stand up against the attempt to put Terri Schiavo to death (an innocent human being) will taste the wrath of God Almighty as well. Read the Bible and see what it says about murder. And read what God Almighty decrees as the punishment for murder. Would our Creator impose such a punishment if human life were worthless to Him?

Judge Greer, STOP MICHAEL SCHIAVO FROM PULLING THE PLUG ON TERRI! Her family wants her to live. Millions of people around the world want her to live. God Almighty wants her to live. BECAUSE SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE!

I am nothing less than utterly ASHAMED to be a citizen of America where human life is so cheap and considered worthless. Of all places, America. We deserve the judgment from God Almighty that is coming.

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